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The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 21 “Better late than Never”

Thank you for tuning into another episode of the Playeressence Vidcast Episode 21. Furious Francis goes solo in this episode for the first time ever, but that doesn’t mean the show is any less awesome! Check out the vidcast as Furious Francis discusses the most recent Nintendo Direct, NPD data, Watch Dogs, The Last Guardian on PS4 and much more. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all of our video content first.

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  • kneehighspy

    I'd like to see a universal achievement system across all next gen systems, whereas you have single console points and then a combined console point system. a system that would track all single console achievements then there is a combined console point system.

    if you have a 720, you get those points. if you also own a ps4, you get those points. but say you own both, then there is a combined console achievement points. that would make gamers want to own multiple systems for the extra points.

    • Furious Francis

      I agree, but sadly that would never happen. We might get that in a online website like Xbox360achievements.org with PS3trophies.com. Something like that will never be integrated in each system with other systems in mind. It would be really really cool though. I love your idea.