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The Playeressence Vidcast Episode 22 ‘The PlayStation U is for Hipsters’

Welcome to the Playeressence Vidcast! Furious Francis breaks down all the weeks hottest gaming news in….HD! This week, its the PS4 extravaganza! Furious Francis discusses Sony’s big reveal, the games, functionality, and much more. Is Microsoft in trouble next gen? Can the Wii U keep up? Is the PlayStation 4 going to dominate? Watch the Vidcast to get Francis’ take.

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  • gameflow

    This is the first time I watched one of your videos. Really well done and a great analysis of the toppic. What I am curious about the PS4 is of course the price. I actually assume, that we dont see a high price for the console, but Sony will probablly charge extra for all the additional features with Sony Network Plus. And this could be quiet anoying. You buy a console for great features, but if you want to use them, you have to pay extra. The other things that made me thinking was the dual shock controller. We know that it has a touchpad on it and a sensor bar (or something), but sony didn't show what to do with this features. It looks like Sony is buiding in popular features just for being there and not having a clear vision in mind. Something we've already seen with the six-axis 🙂 The streaming concept with gaikai sounds amazing at first, but if you listend carefully to what was said, I fear we wont see this at launch. In the conference they said, that streaming technology is the future but needs a really strong infrastructure to support this (of course). But Sony just gave the "green light" of building up this enormous structure. This sounds to me they are still in the beginning of it and I fear it will take some time to have a stable streaming network. But overall I was happy with the press conference. As you said the games looked amazing, but I wasn't convinced by most of the gameplay. At this stage it's like: "the package looks better than ever, but the content is the same like 6 years ago" -> But of course this will change…especially when we gonna see more games.
    What does this mean to Nintendo and MS? Sony did a strong presentation that suprisingly stood up to all the hype that was build up long before the conference. They gave a clear statement what they think the next generation should be like. If they dont mess up the pricing ot the console Sony could have a good start.
    I am sorry for my english, but I hope I could somehow get my thoughts trough. Keep up the great work, I will visit your page more often 🙂

    • Furious Francis

      Thanks for your comment! And your English is good! Yeah I agree with you. All of this content is not going to be on day one, nor is it going to come cheap. You basically have to pay extra for everything you went. Want to have remote play? Buya $250 Vita, Want Cloud saves with game downloads? Buy PS Plus. Gaikai steaming will not be free. I can see them adding that into a PS Plus subscription model.

      Yeah great analysis on your part. Were just going to have to wait and see how Sony charges. And what MS does.

  • Paladin

    Amazing video Francis!

    I really enjoy reading your articles and your personal opinions on video games. Keep it up man. Hope everything is going well for you and this site.

    I'm very excited for PS4 as a gamer. I won't get it day one but I will get one eventually. And E3 will be a very important event this year. I can't wait to see what games Nintendo will show and how Sony will step up in the competition.

  • Stealth20k

    I didnt think what they showed was amazing at all. The games, didnt speak to me at all.

    Nintendo is in by far the best position for a potential holiday lineup of a zelda, 3d mario, mario kart, a retro game, ect

    • I have to agree with both since i also have a pretty good pc rig for gaming, yet i feel as stealth said, nintendo is in the best spot to impress with their second gen of games this holiday (hopefully).
      yet i need to ask Francis, i notice a tendency from you post ps4 unveal, that is inclining towards nintendo bashing…this without knowing pricepoint, blocking used games, how will we BC etc. disturbing indeed, anyways you guys seem like open minded chaps so i invite you to my blog (in progress) http://htaed77gaming.blogspot.com/
      hopefully here we (the "old timers"that have no corporate investment in things can get together and remember the good old days and make sense of the silliness thats going on with our industry..have a good one

      • Furious Francis

        Yeah I was quick to jump on the PS4 hype train without thinking about all the fine details. I still think Nintendo is in the prime spot this holiday with games. I was just a little upset with Nintendo and the features of the Wii U out of the box. I am a Nintendo fan no doubt about it though.

  • kneehighspy

    what amazes me is that before the ps4 announcement and over the last 7 years, all playstation fans always tried to put down the original Xbox and the 360 because they were based off of PC based components and that why buy Xbox when they could get the same game on PC.

    now here we are, the ps4 is based on PC components and now everything is awesome. but now what stops someone from buying ps4 and just get the same game on PC, but with better graphics, etc. I'll own both new consoles (720 and ps4) this year cause I love console gaming, no matter the system.

    just amazing how things always seem to come back around.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, true. I always buy all the systems so im in the same boat as you. However, I have a good PC, I got a Wii U for Nintendo's first party stuff, and I'll get a PS4. I'm not sure If I want to get a Xbox 720. Microsoft burned me bad last gen with the RROD and I don't really trust them. They don't have a lot of exclusive IPs either.