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The PS4 Doesn’t have to be the most Powerful System on the Market to Succeed


By Furious Francis 

Sony has an incredible burden on them for the next generation. Sony’s fans are expecting the PS4 to be the most powerful system at launch like the PS3 was. Equipped with a blue ray player, SD memory card slots, wi-fi, four usb slots, 60 GB HDD, and the cell processor, Sony looked to take advantage of all the capital built up with the PS2. However, it didn’t go as Sony planned. With all that technology came a massive price tag of $599 for the high-end model. Many gamers could not afford one or were not willing to spend that amount of money. Sony eventually released good games and reduced the price, but all that tech built into the PS3 might have not been worth it because a large majority of 3rd party games look identical to the Xbox 360 versions. Sony needs to be reasonable with the PS4, it doesn’t have to be the best graphically, it just needs good games.

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Sony, let your Games be the Showcase

While I do care more about gameplay than graphics. I honesty feel Sony should focus on how to make their games more fun to play, than how many polygons Kratos’ bald head is made out of. Uncharted 3 already looks stunning. If Sony could up the textures, make the AI more advanced, and run it in 60 FPS, a large majority of PS4 owners would be happy. Some of my favorite PlayStation franchises are the ones that don’t even take advantage of the PS3’s graphical capabilities. PlayStation All Stars Battle Royal, Sly Cooper, and Ratchet and Clank all play great and don’t need a super powerful system to be spectacular.

Gamers Don’t want a $499+ System

Sony built too much expensive tech into the PS3 and was forced into charging the price they did. Even at $599 Sony was still losing money on each PS3 sold. It would be wise for Sony to not to make the same mistake again. Don’t make the PS4 components super expensive to produce. Sell your system to break even or at a minimal lose. If the graphics aren’t cutting edge, then so be it. The majority of gamers want good games, and will forgive Sony if the next Uncharted, Killzone, and God of War are amazing.

The PS3 is more than Capable 

The PS3 is capable of a lot. Look at the exclusives for the system like Beyond Two Souls, The Last Guardian, God of War Ascension, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Developers are finally starting to squeeze the last bit of juice out of the PS3. It takes time to fully take advantage of a system. The PS4 can be a moderate step up, with a reasonable price tag, and still produce games that look and play better than PS3 games!

The Competition is getting Fierce

There will be five different consoles gamers will be able to choose from within the next year or two. Sony needs to have an affordable price. Maybe the PS4 won’t be as strong as the Valve box or Xbox 720. But it’s almost guaranteed to have more first party support. In these hard economic times, price is key. When was the last time the most power console or handheld sold the most units? Sony used to beat the competition with their affordable price and top notch games. The PS1 and PS2 were not the most graphically capable systems in their generations, but that didn’t stop Sony from stomping the N64, Jaguar, 3DO, Sega Saturn, Sega 32X, Sega CD, DreamCast, GameCube, Xbox, and any other random system on the market from 1994-2006.

How do you guys think Sony should handle the PS4? Should it be the cutting edge beast the PS3 was when released in 2006? Or should they play the safe route and make an affordable yet powerful system? Please put your comments below.

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  • I think PS4 had always brought the best gaming system into the world and i think they need not supply the best powerful system inorder to succeed. They have their brand name itself to do the business please do keep posting such articles often.

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though
    you relied on the video to make your point.
    You obviously know what youre talking about, why throw away your intelligence on just posting videos to your weblog when you could be giving us something informative to read?


    A solid system with good games and features offline and on is all you need huh, Well there are already two of them on the Market called the PS3 and 360 why don't you stick with them then. Price does not equal everything. I would gladly play premium price for a system that provides advanced tech and premium content. Especially when I know I will only shell out that money once every 5-6 years. For all the price complainers, just play your current consoles, they are still fun and wait until the next gen come down in price because they all do. Just stop wanting the tech to be dumbed down becuas you feel left out when your to cheap buy quality.

    • Furious Francis

      Obviously I want better graphics too, It just doesn\’t have to be mind blowing. I got a PC for ubber high graphics. The PS3 and 360 both needs more RAM. I would love for the systems to do 1080p 60 FPS for every game. Which is easily attainable without having the best graphics.

  • BC20FLY

    Price pretty much = everything. A solid system with good games and good features online and offline is all I need. Doesn't have to be the most powerful.

    • Furious Francis

      Couldn\’t have said it better myself.

  • mike888

    I want a 800$ ps4 system that will grant me great games, 4k video playback and many other cools features, from the day its released until 2020.

    People know there will be 2 new systems in 2013 or 2014, since at least 3 years. If you save like 20 miserable $ or € each month, in 2 years you have enough cash to buy an expensive and great system. For all those who whine, and want a 299$ system, instead of buying your cigarettes or beer, try putting some coins inside a small box. You will see, soon, you will have a lot cash.

    For those who want a system built with 10 years old tech, with colorful games, with no textures, just plain colors, a la mario, get another Wii, and have fun with Mario this and Mario that, and thousands of shovelware.

    But if you want a system with graphics 5 times better than uncharted 3, stop saying next ps4 shouldn't cost more than 299$, or 399$. For those who think like that, do a search on google, and you will realize an average cheap graphic card, with average graphics will cost at least 200$. And with that piece of hardware, you're far from having highend graphics. Now, add an average processor, and you can add 150-200$ to the bill. Now, add some ram.add all those card readers. Add a 500gb hard drive.add a bluray player. And so on. With only that, you already pay +600$, for average technology. BUT a new console, unless you are called Nintendo don't use average technology. The Xbox720 or ps4 will sport some new highend processors, that are still prototypes, today. They will use graphic cards with expensive tech inside, with ultra fast video memory.they will use 2-4-8 gb of system ram, wich will have to be fast, like current DDR3 2400. They will use a new bluray player,at least, the ps4, which can read xl blurays, much faster than the one used on the ps3. They will also sport a big harddrive, which comes with its price. And there's all the other tech used, card readers, video displays, maybe thunderbolt ports, etc. Maybe some hardware decoders for 4k content. Etc etc. And let's not forget te manufacturers may want to earn some cash on each sold console, which is normal.

    So how can people want such systems(a console isn't a pc, which can be upgraded: when the console is out, its out for at least 5 years, or 10, if its a Sony) to only cost 299$, otherwise, they will not buy it. Even a 3 yo kid knows its impossible to release a console, that is supposed to be future proof, with next gen hardware, for such a low price. It's NOT possible.

    So , no, I don't want Sony or Xbox720 to cost 299$. It would mean they are barely faster and more powerful than the current consoles. NO, I want them to cost 600,700,800$, but I want a system that will give me graphics like 5-6 times bigger,better,longer,crispier than for example, god of war 3 or uncharted 3. I want my tv to show billions of colors, perfect clear textures, with no aliasing, with clever enemies, perfect songs and effects, on 30-50 hour long games. I want a killzone 4 game with a 30 hour campaign, with out of this world graphics. I want a little big planet game with 50 times more tools, that will let me build an fps, a skyrim, a mass effect game, a Rahman game, with a level, character, song,textures,cities, enemies,ai,houses,furnitures,etc editor, that will let people create huge games.

    So please, guys, start saving some cash, every month, so you can buy a console like that, instead of the gimmick Mario games machine, that will only rely on Mario, super Mario, Mario kart, Mario etc, pokemon, Zelda. Think about the future, future isn't a 10 years old tech like Wii u. Future is next 720 or ps4. They will be expensive, but they will be great. Until at least 2018-2020.

    • John

      Then you'll be the only one. Nobody is going to fall for the Sony overhype and underdeliver $599 moneytrap ever again. The next gen needs to be affordable and Sony isn't in a position to make such high risks and demands on the industry anymore.

      • Furious Francis

        Yeah I have to agree with John. If the PS4 is $800 you will be the only one to buy it and Sony\’s gaming division will fold. That\’s an absurd price to pay for a console. A PC is respectable, but a console? No way man.

        • Whatup3

          I don't think so, the only people who buy system on release dates are the hard core gamers and even if the system was 1000 dollars or more people would pay it. Look at what happens when stores run out and they pop up on eBay. When the PS3 came out I got 2 for $1,400 and sold one on eBay for $1,625.

          • John

            No they won't, because for that kind of money they can buy a PC for the same price that is a LOT more powerful and does a lot more too. That you found a N4Gtard from some sh*thole that just had to buy it at that price says more about you and makes you a advantageous retard IMHO and a black spot on the industry.

    • Guest

      OK, pay $800+ for the new sony ps4 or xbox720, with 5x the graphics, ultra hi-res textures, crystal clear sound, 30-50hr game play and 4k res. How much will the games cost? $100+ cause of your 5x the graphics, ultra hi-res textures, crystal clear sound, 30-50hr game play and 4k res will have an insane development cost, which only Capcom, Sony, Microsoft, EA and a handful can afford to pay. So yes, lets make it more expensive cause everyone can afford $100+ for games.