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The Wii U is no Longer Selling at a loss for Nintendo, Plenty of Games to Show at E3 2014


Nintendo has announced in an investor meeting that the Wii U is no longer being sold at a loss. In addition to that, they are targeting 3.6 million Wii U’s sold for the fiscal year.

Source: David Gibson


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  • On topic, don't you guys think it's actually a great idea to have your sales trail when the console is sold at a loss and then to prepare for explosion when you actually make profits from it? At least that's how I see it. 😉

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Yeah, I agree. The more I think about it it seems that the slow Wii U sales were too a certain degree intentional which I why they had so little marketing beyond the Directs. It makes more sense to entice people to buy your system when it is at a profitable level so that you don't sell every system at a loss.

      • Indeed. They had no reason to "save" a platform that was actually making them lose money. Why sacrifice quality on your titles at that stage to release them early when you can take that time to make your AAA games as perfect as can be and then release them when the platform is actually profitable. Factor in total net assets of over 1,000,000 million yen and that's an affordable strategy. http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/2013_04.h

  • I was so busy running my website I missed all the juicy stuff, and it's not even over yet… 🙁

  • Espeonic

    I really hate not having the Internet. I mean, I have my phone, but it's a flip phone, so getting to see all of this awesomeness from yesterday was not easy, and I don't get to comment until I get to the library. 🙁

    That being said, this is fantastic. Nintendo is making money off of the Wii U despite how the other consoles are selling better (based on a weekly basis for the Xbox One, since it still has a lower install base). That should be sign for those who thinks just having the most consoles sold makes them the best company. That right there should tell you that Nintendo is nowhere near doomed! Keyword: "Should".

  • DigitalGreenTea

    Fantastic news! 😀

  • King_Sparkticle



    WHO WANTS SOME?! WHO WANTS SOME OF THIS? Reggie and Iwata are just FENDING off every single brat that dares to defy them right now. Holy sh*t is this amazing news. They are re-assuring everyone that they have games to show. That they have games that will focus on Wii U features. They will show how easy it is for them to take away the stage when they are NOT depending on dumbass ditching third parties to save the day.

    So far, they have the following potential items to show at this year's E3:
    The new Zelda which in itself is already mass hype train.
    Bayonetta 2 and X, which will get a release date quite close to E3.
    SMTxFE and Yarn Yoshi, which will be revamped and which will have a lot of featured gameplay to be shown.
    Hyrule Warriors, which will be looking amazing with the next showcase.
    Fatal Frame, with its mass reveal and use of the Wii U gamepad and beautiful atmosphere.
    Smash Bros with a new mode announcement for Wii U.
    Sonic Boom and a new little showcase trailer.
    Games that use both NFP and the Gamepad (both are VERY nice to hear that Nintendo is finally focusing on showcasing what they can do with their hardware).
    Miyamoto's new IP.
    Unannounced Mistwalker title.
    Potential unannounced KOEI title (although I have suspicion it is Fatal Frame).
    Unannounced Intelligent Systems title.
    French Journalist's Action Adventure game (like Bayonetta).
    Port from "Top Notch" developers.
    VC approval of N64 and Gamecube.
    System improvements.

    …and even more potential hidden secrets and hype! Now I completely understand why they decided to hope a digital event instead, followed by the all-day Treehouse live at E3 game demos and such. It's simply because they have WAY too much to show to be hosting a regular live E3 presentation party.

    Nintendo is really preparing HARD for this E3, and they're already busy throwing all types of bombs around.

    Let us all share a minute of silence and acknowledge how much kicking ass Nintendo is about to do at E3.

    • titangamecube

      Ahem, Like I said, Let Nintendo do what they have to do and they go on with this news. G freaking G Nintendo.

    • alex9234

      I really hope SMT x FE gets a release date because I really want to play it. The reason why I'm excited for SMT x FE is because both Nintendo and Atlus have been singled out by the media for their games, when they are actually game geniuses, and to see them both working together on a new game is just f**king amazing!

    • rubix8702

      "Haters everywhere we go! Haters everywhere we go!"

      That's what Reggie and Iwata are saying lol.

  • MortyF1

    Fantastic. ;D

  • MeekMeek93

    YES!!!! This is amazing news!!!! With Mario Kart 8 releasing at the end of the month, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U releasing this holiday, along with Bayonetta 2, Monolith Soft, and Hyrule Warriors releasing sometime within 2014, WII U WILL RISE TO GLORY.
    Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the 3DS making an even larger leap to glory with Tomodachi Life coming this June, Smash Bros. for 3DS releasing this summer, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire releasing WORLDWIDE (again) this November, and plenty of other surprising titles.

    Also, I'm hoping Nintendo actually unveils some of their titles that they have been hiding (i.e. Yarn Yoshi, SMTxFE, and Legend of Zelda U) at E3. I'm not saying it will happen, but I expect it to happen.

    Oh and if the last two statements are the exact same, then just replace "expect" with hope (i.e. "I hope it will happen…")

  • Shadowkirby12

    YES! This is good news for Ninty! Now they can finally make some money of the U! The Wii U isn't a financial failure anymore 😀 Or at least WON'T be!

  • timg57867

    This is marvelous news. Even after cutting the price by $50 just last holiday, Nintendo was still able to get Wii U hardware profitable. Now, even if a person buys it with one game (say Smash Bros U) and doesn't touch it again, Nintendo won't be hurt. As others have stated, with games like Mario Kart 8 on the way and a greater chance of the Wii U expanding in the future, not taking a hit on hardware sales will just make it that much easier to return to profitability. This bodes well for Wii U being able to maintain the trend of mainline Nintendo hardware pulling a net profit for Nintendo once their lifecycles are over. This is also a huge blow for Nintendoomers everywhere!

  • Marsega

    Wii u is no longer selling at a loss?? That´s crazy… crazy Awesome. Nice one Nintendo.

  • alex9234

    This is some great news. Now we can sit back, crack open a can of Coke and relax. And hopefully those Hippy-crites from the "Nintendo Re-Direct" movement will shut up now. And if anyone is wondering what a Hippy-crite is, here's the definition, the word was created by the famous YouTube user A Dose of Buckley:

    Hippy-crite (noun) – A person who will take up a cause, but only take it as far as it can be taken without the cause interfering with their own personal comfort and enjoyment of life.

  • SortableShelf19

    Yes! The Wii U is finally profitable! This is easily the best news I've heard all week. =D

    • Last_gamer

      It looks that way. It's so sad that the 3DS is doing lower than projections. Basically, the profit margin for Nintendo looks bleak regardless. If that wasn't bad enough, most of the true next gen games aren't being ported to the Wii U. So I'm glad you're happy, but I am not.

  • wataio


    • King_Sparkticle

      What are you trying to prove?

      • He's upping his user score by spamming the upvotes for "positive" ratings.

  • wataio


  • wataio


  • hardensoul72

    X is world wide release for 2014, hhmm! http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=111035

    • PrimusOrion

      Am about to cry tears of joy.

      • hardensoul72

        So much info today and it's not E3 yet!!!

        • PrimusOrion

          talk about out of left field hype, from no where Boom! great news.

        • RicardJulianti

          According to that link…it looks like they plan to release 5 games over the next 8 months. Of course this is not accounting for unannounced titles that may come out this year as well. For instance….I don't recall there being a "3D Mario Game" listed in last year's briefing….yet we got 3D World. It's possible WWHD wasn't in there either, but I can't remember and I'm having a hard time finding it with all the new info out.

          Still, that's quite the output. How many 1st party games does Sony have? MS? Somewhere in the ballpark of….3?

  • deax2er

    Man! Nintendo, sure is smart!

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    It's official… the Wii U is back with a vengeance!

  • hardin25

    Imagine Iwata as Eggman and other guy as…Reggie or Miyamoto

    • Rpx

      Thumbs Up for that video posting.

  • Emufred

    all the nintendo haters and sony fanboys

  • Starchaser02

    such great timing does mean we will get more variety in games?

    • JTurner82

      I know. The "new games for WiiU" thing has me intrigued. I wonder what they'll be?

  • *NormalGamer*

    So now the Wii U has joined the 3DS in starting to sell at a profit just from one price cut; just in time for MK8 as well many more games, exclusive or otherwise, to be revealed at E3 2014.

    Could this be the year that Nintendo will finally go ‘all out’? Guess we’ll have to find out, next month. ^_^

    • PrimusOrion

      Printing, even if it sells two to ten consoles, money it is printing.

  • CilverKid456

    After watching that horrible Nintendo vidcast from IGN, this is a relief

    • RicardJulianti

      Yeah…..don't watch/read IGN things regarding Nintendo. That's one way to guarantee yourself a bad time.

      • timg57867

        I wouldn't really watch anything Nintendo related from any major site not called NintendoEnthusiast…

        • RicardJulianti

          I don't watch anything Nintendo related from any site not called PlayerEssence…

          • timg57867

            Same here. That's just advice for the good public who regularly uses other sites. =P

          • nooblet68

            GameXplain is pretty good when it comes to Nintendo related stuff. As is the Official Nintendo Magazine's website, but that is sort of a given.

  • Rpx

    Finally, best news regarding Nintendo all day.

    This should ease the pressure on the company from the investors & shareholders, a little bit.

  • DCBlackbird

    Those are some big numbers. Impress me Nintendo

  • Etermal7


  • PrimusOrion

    Thank you Jesus, now we can buy and play our games without drones, xbots, hating media and pretendos spewing nonsense.

    • RicardJulianti

      If only…

      • PrimusOrion

        lol we can pray and dream. Those haters don't stop like team rocket.

        • Francis@PE

          Ricard Julianti is know for blasting off haters

          • PrimusOrion

            LOL Francis

        • JTurner82

          Augh, I KNOW. I think they're still going to look for something to hate on from this latest update no matter what.

      • TwinTails100

        Oh don't think like that, there is a such thing as fate. -_^

  • Mario_U

    YES! Finally, they can make some money with Wii U, especially with Mario Kart 8 in just a few weeks.

    • Francis@PE

      Perfect timing for the Wii U to be selling at a profit or break even

      • RicardJulianti

        Exactly what I was about to say. It probably has been profitable for them for a few months now but they haven't had the opportunity to talk about it. Nintendo isn't the type of company that blasts sales stuff at random times right when it becomes available. They wait…..bide their time….and talk about it when it is appropriate.

        Profit off of every Wii U right before Mario Kart? $$$$

        • Francis@PE

          Profit off of every Wii U right before Mario Kart? $$$$

          – LOL, just what I was thinking but like this: $$$$$

          gotta add one more dollar sign in there for E3 hype!

          • PrimusOrion

            Hype has reached King_Spartikle levels. He shall type paragraphs when he awakens lol.

          • Francis@PE

            LOLOLOL! I'm soooooo looking forward to what King S has to say on all this news.

            I bet you anything he has like a sixth Nintendo sense, he's probably smiling right now while he is asleep…..lol

          • hardin25

            He's probably sleep writing.

          • PrimusOrion

            Lord have mercy hahahahahaha Francis will have to write a summary article just for King_spartikle

          • hardin25


  • PrimusOrion

    I am break dancing and doing the Francis boogie.

    Like i said Popcorn Nintendo News today keeps getting better and better.

  • JTurner82

    That is MUSIC to my ears!

    • PrimusOrion

      Skyward Sword overworld theme on repeat, beautiful music.

      • Syrek

        I'm playing the Staff Roll music from Skyward Sword. Seems fitting enough given all the amazing news we've gotten today, both good and bad, but mostly good. 🙂 The Wii U still has a lot of fight left in it and it;s going to show everybody why Nintendo is one the best companies out there, even when the chips are down they won't ever give up.