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The Wii U will be Getting a “Remastered” game in 2015


The same guy who leaked Devil’s Thrid and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is at it again. Nico. A has stated on Twitter that the Wii U is getting a big “remastered” game in 2015.


If I can get a correct translation from one of our French-speaking users that would be great.

Thanks to hiddenbytes for the tip!


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87 Responses to The Wii U will be Getting a “Remastered” game in 2015

  1. […]  Wii時代に、GCソフトを「Wiiであそぶセレクション」として発売していたようなものだと思われますが、本当に発売されるのかどうかは今のところ不明です。  なお、「ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト」は、WiiUでHDに生まれ変わり好評なので、過去作品については、「リマスター」よりも「HDリメイク」の方を望んでいる人も多いかもしれません。  情報元 […]

  2. J0E says:

    What if it's another NES remaster similar to Ducktales? If so I hope it's Bubble Bobble LOL.

  3. NinTimdo says:

    I think, much like Zelda, it will be a game in a series they are hoping to bring to Wii U, but it will be in some time. So, this game will sort of tie us over. I believe it will be Metroid.

  4. Santiago316 says:

    Remastered huh? I wonder what it could be,assuming this turns out to be true. So many games I wouldn't mind seeing remastered.

  5. *NormalGamer* says:

    So the keyword here is 'remaster', I see. Looks like many of you here have listed great canidates of what games should get the 'remaster' treatment like WWHD did. ^_^

  6. Hardin25 says:

    Any of the GC Sonic games since I was with him during that era.
    SA2 or Heroes and i'll scream like a 7 year old girl seeing One Direction at a concert and getting an autograph.

  7. Mythosa says:

    Wouldn't it be cool if it were Shenmu? I know it's not Nintendo, but Sega and Nintendo are quite buddy buddy now. :D
    I would flip! And so would the rest of the internet, but they would be jealous LOL

    • UncannyOmninaut says:

      I would love it to be Shenmue if for no other reason than the sweet, nourishing salty tears of enraged fanboys! lol

      Trolling aside I really hope that Bayonetta 2 and Devil's Third aren't just exceptions and Nintendo saves/funds awesome games that would have been cancelled or never been made in the first place without their help. I know that there are a lot of people who would love new Shenmue so it would be definitely cool if Nintendo actually helped make that a reality. But that might be nothing more than a fools hope at this point.

  8. […] start with the original Tweet by Nico A on Twitter.  According to Player Essence, this guy leaked the existence of Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and also Devil’s […]

  9. UncannyOmninaut says:

    This might be an unpopular opinion but I really hope that they don't remake any Wii games and that isn't just to avoid the inevitable shit storm that would cause. The reason I don't want any Wii remakes is because the Wii U is backwards compatible, no remakes necessary, unlike other consoles. If you want Wii remakes then play them on the Wii U. Seriously, play your Wii games on the Wii U since the Wii U is a native HD console meaning that it automatically adapts and upscales the Wii games making them look so much better than on the original Wii. You would not believe how much better the SD Wii games looks through the Wii U on a HD tv.

    I find the Majora's Mask remake unlikely if it is for the Wii U for one simple reason: the Zelda Wii U is coming out in 2015. I know that Nintendo has pushed for a larger presence of the Zelda series in recent years due to its popularity but I still can't imagine them having two Zelda games on the same console in the same year. I would be very surprised if that would happen. I do believe we will eventually get a Majora's Mask remake but it will either be on the 3DS or in the first year of their next system.

    Who knows what this remake could be, since it could be almost anything. I hope that it is Eternal Darkness like many others on this comment section, but if I'm to contribute with something other that deserves to be remade I would nominate Baten Kaitos! Monolith soft being a part of Nintendo that would work out well. I kind of hope that both get remade for the Wii U.

  10. itsonlyron says:

    My guess is Super Mario Sunshine remastered. That's just me though.

  11. paidenthusiast says:

    Games I hope get remastered

    Eternal Darkness

    Super Mario Sunshine

    Zack And Wiki

    Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2

    Metroid Prime Trilogy

    Donkey Kong 64

    Wave Race Blue Storm

    F-Zero GX

    Twilight Princess

    Pokemon Snap

    Pokemon Stadium


    Viewtiful Joe 1 & 2

    Skies Of Arcadia

    Phantasy Star 1 & 2 Online

    Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

    Chrono Trigger

    Just to name a few. I hope Nintendo is taking notes

    • Anvard says:

      Zack and Wiki I would like to see but I suspect it is the most unlikely as it was developed and Published buy Capcom who are still in a precarious position and it is more of a niche game unless Nintendo payed for the whole thing.

  12. Guidosaur says:

    I don't really know about remakes anymore, I guess its cool as long as they switch the game up alot (which they usually do)

  13. TheFoxshot says:

    It's very generic how the person said it, we don't know the system, genre, or how old this game is that is getting a remastered treatment. I would say it can't be a NES/SNES game, nor a Wii game. It has to be either from the N64 library or the GameCube library.

    For N64, I feel it will be TLoZ: Majora's Mask. And for GameCube, it will be Super Mario Sunshine. I'm not saying I'm 100% right on this, but following Nintendo, the game has to either age really badly, or in high demand.

  14. nin12Gage says:

    kirby air ride Eternal Darkness Majora's Mask donkey kong 64 pandora tower pokemon snap urban champion lol golden sun Mario Sunshine f-zero star fox gamecude era or geist

  15. hiddenbytes says:

    I don't know which game it could be. Im sure it's gonna be a first party game. My guess this remastered will be Mario, Xenoblade Chronicles or Metroid. btw. I would kill for a Skies of Arcadia remake/remaster or sequel *,_,*

    Thanks for taking my tip seriosly. Some other sites I sent this tip to didn't. Nicolas who? Who's that? Well, at least until all sites starts to report that. ;)

  16. Emufred says:

    If it's Nintendo 1st party I would like to see a Mother Trilogy HD remake.

    If it's third party, Kingdom Hearts Collection (everything).

    Yeah that's right….

    My stakes are so high you don't even know…

  17. Kerbizzle says:

    I think it'd be great to see more N64 remasters.

  18. jafolk says:

    I see a lot of good comments here. Personally I wouldn't mind Mario Sunshine because I never got around to playing that one. I just went back to grab all of the green stars/ stamps I was missing in SM3DW and that game is just pure fun

  19. JohnnyVirus says:

    Chrono trigger would be awesome

  20. Gryphonofmight says:

    Eternal Darkness remastering. It will let them keep the trademark….

  21. kidking17 says:

    I hope its something unexpected hopefully people won't rage because its a remake.

  22. Undead1972 says:

    I'm gonna go with a impossibility and thats one of the greatest rpg's that few ever got to play and thats panzer dragoon saga however the superb shining the holy ark would be much appreciated mmm time for me to wake up and have my coffee and cornflakes

  23. I was thinking it might be Skies of Arcadia! Although a lot of people have been asking for Mother etc…

  24. FlashTheWolf says:

    Mario 64! Mario Sunshine! Pokemon Colosseum/XD! Zelda: Majora's Mask! A Sonic game Pre-2006! Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5! Banjo-Kazooie + Tooie! (Highly unlikely, I know.) Super Monkey Ball 1+2! Metroid Prime Trilogy! Billy Hatcher! Final Fantasy 9?


  25. DePapier says:

    I'm saying Majora's Mask in HD on the Wii U in preparation for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U.

  26. TripleMMM says:

    My problem is, after so many remastered game has come about since this 8th-gen (and especially approximately 1 year old games), I'm starting to wonder myself what kind of game it shall be and how old it is…

  27. […] The same guy who leaked Devil’s Thrid and Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire is at it again. Nico. A has stated on Twitter that the Wii U is getting a big “remastered” game in 2015. Nico.A @NicoWav Follow Ça va faire plaisir mais c'est du #remastered ! Mais c'est parfait pour boucher les plannings.Vraiment 2015 c'est un jeu par mois pour BigN The Wii U will be Getting a “Remastered” game in 2015 | PLAYERESSENCE […]

  28. snintendog says:

    Gamecube online collection would be amazing.

  29. hardensoul72 says:

    My vote is for Eternal Darkness, they gotta use that patent they just renewed!!

  30. Maestro says:

    Translation :

    It will be pleasing but it's remastered ! But it's perfect to fill the schedule. Really, 2015 is a game per month for Big N.

  31. Bender Is Great says:

    I'm gonna go outside the box and ask for Skies of Arcadia Legend Remaster. Or Phantasy Star Online remastered.

    First Party, I can see a Metroid Prime trilogy, Also Wave Race or 1080 snowboarding

  32. PrimusOrion says:

    2015 is shaping up to be the year of Remastered and delayed games from 2014.

  33. WSJ4L says:

    He said something along the lines of "It'll be remastered, but also fun! In 2015, there'll be a game every month for Nintendo."

    Oh, my balls are twitching with excitement. What could it possibly be?

  34. BarizonKiller says:

    F-Zero GX HD with online multiplayer?

  35. edniceU says:

    I'm seeing a lack of MAJORA'S MASK!!!!! here.

  36. Knightof2012 says:

    Hm….maybe it's the long awaited Majora's Mask? Or possibly a Super Mario 64 HD remake.

  37. TerminatorJuice says:

    I wonder if it will be a 3rd party game or a big first party? I'm betting it's a Super Mario Galaxy 1&2 HD collection.

    • westman98 says:

      SMG 1 and 2 HD would be amazing.

      • erich80 says:

        I would love to get SMG 1 & 2 – simply the best Mario games I've ever played, alongside Super Mario World.

        But if I could bet… My guess this remastered game will be Super Mario 64. It was a breakthrough by that time, and it deserves a new rendition.

        Also, a new generation of gamers would be introduced to that.

        But time will tell.

        • westman98 says:

          Mario 64 was "remastered" for Nintendo DS, but they could do it again for Wii U.

          Or they could just release the game on Virtual console.

          • erich80 says:

            I would go for Mario 64 – not "Super", sorry, my bad – because it was really a game that introduced and defined new boundaries for platformers… That game in HD would be superb.

            And, yes, you're right. They've launched a modified version for the DS, but… A Wii U version would have a great appeal, in my opinion.

            Amend: The actual name for the game is indeed "Super Mario 64". My bad again. I think I need a sabbatical year… :S

          • Mythosa says:

            I would prefer to see a VC version of Mario 64 and something from GC era remastered.

          • erich80 says:

            So would I.The GCN really had great titles – which I believe will show up eventually, anyway, since we are getting the adaptor for the GCN control.

            But I confess that would be amazing to see all of N64 games with less jags and more textures…

      • Wolfgabe says:

        Agreed. A Mario Galaxy HD collection is a no brainer

    • it068 says:

      This OR Metroid Prime Trilogy. Hell, Nintendo, just HDify both and add some nice editions!

  38. NGX159 (KhAnime G) says:

    Remember the ReUmagined rumor from last year, could it possibly become true?

  39. Gryphonofmight says:

    Metroid prime trilogy!

  40. Bay2OnWiiU4Life says:

    I hope it has something to do with Itagaki-san, but I'm keeping my expectations in full check.

  41. PrimusOrion says:

    Bioshock Infinite HD DLC edition. Dark Souls 1 and 2 HD edition. Maybe even GTA V.

  42. Shadowkirby12 says:

    I'm cool with this as long as it's not a 1-5 year old game. Gamecube era game or N64 era remaster would be great.

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