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TheBlackBaron Calls EA out on their Bull$h*t

***Caution Explicit Language***

TheBlackBaron calls out EA on their BS regarding the Wii U. Remember, Playeressence and Furious Francis doesn’t necessary agree with everything the Barron says in this video.

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Author: Francis@PE (16910 Posts)

19 Responses to TheBlackBaron Calls EA out on their Bull$h*t

  1. Intel says:

    Soon the industry will realize that this type of behavior will be unacceptable. State who you will support but don’t lie or else you’ll lose face with your customers.

  2. Guest says:


    Right now its considered a rumor.

    But if its true Fuck EA

  3. Aiddon says:

    I just can't stand the lying. I'm fine with EA as long as they act like pros, but this behavior just comes off as a childish tantrum. And again, I'm really wondering what's going to happen with these 3rd parties when they see the PS4 and Nextbox have a sluggish first year

  4. Englishbob69 says:

    Do you think Disney will let them get away from not bringing star wars to 3ds and wii u I know they have a strong partnership with Nintendo will be fun to see what happens then

  5. Aika says:

    For me I see Ea want to be a boss of all games what they want to put on or others that they decide and not care for their customers or gamers.

  6. Englishbob69 says:

    Pity some one like retro can't get there hands on fb2 and 3 and shut up ea and dice by showing us what Wii u can do with it

    • RicardJulianti says:

      Personally, I feel like the engine Retro developed for the Wii U will make others take notice and say, "Well…..we're stupid." It'll be optimized specifically to take advantage of Nintendo's very custom hardware rather than being ported around it and being semi-optimized. Retro will be able to easily get 60fps and as the engine is refined and optimized even more……things will only look better.

  7. MrSilver says:

    While BlackBaron calls out EA, BlackB0nd is defending them. Oh user names! We need a MrCopper around here, I want a counterpart.

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