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Top 5 Games that make Microsoft and Sony fans Wanting Nintendo to go Third-Party

Bayonetta 2

It’s pretty clear at this point that a lot of Microsoft and Sony fans want Nintendo to go third-party. Even Jason Rubin, the former CEO of THQ said he wants Nintendo to go software only. I was going to write article why Nintendo won’t go third-party anytime soon, but that type of article has been beaten to death. So I figured I can write an article on the games that drive Microsoft and Sony fans to say Nintendo should go third-party. Here are the top five upcoming games I could think of. 

5. Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart is basically unchallenged in its genre. LittleBigPlanet Karting and Avatar Karting tried to emulate the formula, but ultimately failed to provide the thrill Mario Kart offers. Mario Kart 8 sports stunning graphics, enhanced online multiplayer, deep Miiverse integration, and level design only the minds of Nintendo could make. After the unimaginative and bad tastes LBP Karting and Avatar Karting left in Sony and MS gamers systems, I think it’s safe to say many would rather have Mario Kart 8.

4. Zelda for Wii U 

After Nintendo showed that real-time tech demo for Zelda on Wii U, many gamers instantly saw what the Wii U was capable of. The next Zelda game is going to be one of Nintendo’s biggest, most expensive games ever made. Nintendo has stated that they have learned from the Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds for the next Zelda. The firm almost showed the game at E3 2013. The big reveal should be coming at E3 2014. Needless to say, a lot of gamers will be looking forward to it.

3. Bayonetta 2 

Many Bayonetta fans were enraged when Nintendo announced that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive. In fact they were so mad, they sent death threats toward Platinum Games. Some even said they would kill themselves. It was so bad, MEGA64 even made video on it. Bayonetta 2 runs in 1080p 60fps, features co-op play, and amazing boss battles that is sure to revolutionize the action genre. Too bad many of the original fans of the first game will commit suicide before they buy a Wii U to play Bayonetta 2.

2. Super Smash Bros for Wii U 

PlayStation fans were really excited when Sony revealed PlayStation All-Stars for the PS3 and Vita. The game seemed to offer just as much as Smash Bros, but with the enhanced power and online play of the PS3. However, the game might not have been as fleshed out as fans had hoped. As it was ignored by a large majority of PS3 users. The Legend of Dragoon character DLC was cancelled, and SuperBot went through massive layoffs as the game stumbled at retail. Super Smash Bros is a game many Sony and Microsoft fans want, some just don’t want to buy a whole system for it.

1. Monolith Soft’s X 

Monolith Soft’s X could be Nintendo’s most ambitious project ever made. The game features large mechs, online co-op, ground combat, and one of the best RPG battle systems ever made. Monolith Soft’s X is made by the masterminds behind so many of the great Final Fantasy games of Square Enix’s heyday. Xenoblade Chronicles was a massive success, basically selling every copy printed. It was also the highest rated JRPG of last generation. Obviously the continuation of the franchise is highly anticipated by millions of gamers.

This list of games gets a lot of Microsoft and Sony fans salty. Just look at all these idiots on VG247 complaining, accusing Nintendo of forcing changes to Bayonetta 2. But it goes both ways. There are a lot of games that are coming to the PS4 and Xbox One that Nintendo fans want. I can’t go one day posting an article on this site where some people aren’t complaining there isn’t a Wii U version of some game. Either way, the moral of the story is to save up for all of them if you truly want to play all the best games. You get one life, make the most of it as a gamer.

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  • eaglebob345

    The weirdest part is that I still can't think of a Sony exclusive or Microsoft exclusive that I would want. I'm not too big on FPS (I hate them), multi-platform games are usually over hyped and sub-par at best (and aren't exclusives), and the exclusives they do have are either FPS or just graphical showcases. Some people would say KH3 or any FF game, but technically those are both multi-platform, too. Not to rag on the other two consoles, just to say why I don't have one of the other consoles yet. If KH3 is not on Wii U (it could happen), I'll probably get a PS4 for it, but I don't know what I'd do with it afterwards, probably wait for another KH, or something.

    I say that to say this: People should be happy with their choices. Whether you choose the Wii U, XB1, or PS4 as your primary console is up to you, but that does not mean you have to try to belittle the other consoles because they have something over yours. Besides, all of this talk about graphics is stupid, especially because PS4, XB1, and WIi U graphics will never match actual gaming PC's. I know some people want to keep saying that the PC's cost too much and the PS4 has the best "gwafikz" for it's price, but that's just it. If you are not willing to fork over $600+ to have cutting edge "gwafikz" then you shouldn't be trying to gloat about it.

  • Wow. Amazing games list thanks

  • Mekachan

    I haven't been an investors to Sony since ps1 and 2 era. The ps3 didn't reach the same level success as the ps2. I'm not planning to buy another Microsoft either. I rather stick with Nintendo because of their ips and I know Mistwalker will make something for the Wii u.

  • tjb

    I have to add this. I am so glad there are actual intelligent gamers on this website and not dudebro gamers. it is something I will never take for granted. Try having a conversation on another site about the same topic. good luck.

  • tjb

    I love this site(eating popcorn)

  • Steven M.

    If the fanboys want those games, they must purchase a Wii U. Won't cost them much scratch.

    • revolution5268

      its chaeper than the ps4 and xbox one i don't see any excuse now because there excuse was ''wii u was too expensive'' but they bought both ps4 and xbox one.

  • uptownsoulmonk

    I'm leaving the bubble now. Everybody go back to discussing how 3rd parties and Mainstream gaming websites just hate nintendo for no reason. and go back to agreeing on everything and singing to each other in the choir. Have fun with that…

    • Anti

      I guess you're only saying this because you can't provide an acceptable argument aside from your snide trollish remarks. Next time provide facts like I've been doing instead of trying to make it sound like everyone's attacking you for no reason. FYI all of your posts were in fact containing falsified information and false accusations because you intentionally wanted some things to support what you're claiming but ignore reality and actual evidence.

      When you finally grow up and don't make false claims about this site and it's users, then we'll be more accepting of you instead of this childish behaviour you've clearly exhibited for everyone to see.

    • Steven M.

      Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

      • Furious Francis


    • DePapier

      So your the reason why this conversation has grown to 100 comments. Please tell the likes of you to not give Francis some of that nasty money — it's still money though.

      What Steven M. said, by the way: don't hit the door on your way out.

    • azj1987

      Thank you for being very unpleasant and for contributing nothing! We are happy to argue and discuss any gaming topic here, but with your demeanor, we would all appreciate if you would stop being a jackass in regards to your commentary. Good bye, and good riddance.

  • Tuxity

    They want Nintendo to go 3rd party so the ps4 has more than 2 games

    • alex9234

      They also probably wish they could live in an alternate reality where Sega won the 90s console wars, because they also like to defend Sega as this company that could do no wrong like they do with Sony, and the people who defend Sega like that need to be smacked. Sega went under due to poor business choices and management, plain and simple.

  • wdxiii

    If they can buy a ps4 or xbone, they sure a hell buy a wii u. The problem is that in their heads, if they buy one, they feel like they are betraying their favorite company which is stupid. They’re shouldn’t be any loyalties, it’s just idiotic, plain and simple.

  • uptownsoulmonk

    Is this a pro nintendo site?

    • markwang125

      The majority of us are Nintendo supporters, yes. Is that a problem?

      • uptownsoulmonk

        nope, no problem, i just wanted to see how many thumbs down i would get for asking the question

        • Mythosa

          I wouldn’t read too much into the votes. Some people are fanatical. It happens on every site.

          • Anti

            Don't bother trying to explain things to him, he's clearly here just to attack the site, and furthermore troll everyone. He made a lot of falsified claims and false accusations about the people here including Francis. I don't know what he was trying to prove, but it was clearly a childish attempt to discredit everyone here.

          • Mythosa

            Oh well, it's his loss, not ours. This community over all is fairly decent. There are times where I get pissed at the sometimes over zealousness of some of the people on this site, but as I said, for the most part it's a great site and great community. Even the most zealous ones still have brains and use them though.

          • Anti

            Oh, I've also pointed out all the flaws in his claims and furthermore I've even provided the evidence about him bashing Nintendo. He avoided answering everything I pointed out, including the evidence he demanded.

          • Mythosa

            Missed lots of this thread, was at work and just quickly scrolled through lol. But it's pretty impressive to have nearly 100 posts on one topic 😀

    • Anti

      If this was an exclusively "pro-Nintendo" site, then you wouldn't see Francis mention sales or positive news about the other brands, this is just a gaming site in general. It doesn't matter which brand it is, Francis will cover the positive and negative news for all of them. Heck, he even listed several PS4 & XOne availabilities and PS Vita sales. The site is only different because every mainstream "gaming" sites attempts to insert their anti-Nintendo agenda for their own financial gains, while hiding the fact both MS and Sony are having issues with their consoles as well.

  • DylanWins

    2014 is going to be an awesome year for Nintendo. My body is ready.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    I can still taste the salt flavored tears from Sony and Microsoft fanboys wanting Bayonetta 2, Super Smash Bros. and X on their game system of choice. LOL The irony…

  • Raikiri96

    Im still hyped for Monolifth Soft X. Is there any new trailer or news about it? I feel that its gona be another favorite RPG. By th way, hyped as well for Zelda U and SSBU, for now they look good, and too bad we have to wait a little longer -_-

  • falahultrachaos

    Nintendo Should Stay in First Party Forever, you will never see Nintendo games on other-Platforms since Zelda CD-I until buy Nintendo Consoles and Handheld

  • TwinTails

    And they say they won't buy a Wii U for this one game, when there's 5 games they want listed here already. If they're absolutely dying for these games, then why not buy a Nintendo console first, like I do?

  • BarizonKiller

    I really don't care about fanboys. My only concern is that they become so annoying that they really start to influence the industry, like the Nintendo bombing guy or the guys pissing developers via twitter.

  • UncannyOmninaut

    The majority of the Xbox and PlayStation gamers are dudebros who could care less about Nintendo and it is just a vocal minority that want Nintendo to "go" 3rd party so that they can play those games on their "superior" consoles. Honestly I'm not even convinced that the people who want Nintendo to go 3rd party really cares for any of the games that Nintendo makes, they just want Nintendo out of the way from their console preference. I have still yet to found a reason on why those console are so "superior" since it can't be the games if all they do is want the games that the Nintendo consoles have.

    • Aminah

      Its because they are sony fanboys. they actually believe that more power in a console is more important than innovations in the controller. I won't blame Microsoft fanBoys in this situation because I rarely hear from them on the Internet. they seem to be quiet most of the time . at least Microsoft and Nintendo tries to innovate within their control schemes. all sony does is put in more power into their consoles

    • alex9234

      It's probably because they just can't get over the fact that Nintendo beat Sega in the 90s console wars, most of them are probably "blast processing will pwn the SNES!!" people, who do not want to admit that Sega fell from grace due to poor business choices and management.

  • Mythosa

    Honestly, in many cases I believe that to be true, however I think a huge portion of it is them not so much wanting them as much as it is them not wanting the Nintendo gamers to have them. Rayman for instance, or the minecraft rumor making heads spin on neogaf.

    And yes, there are some games that I am pissed because they aren’t coming to the Wii U, and no I don’t think it, at this point, is okay just to save up the money and bend over just to satisfy their need to control the industry with DRM or always online functionality then when THEY decide you are done playing and are forced to upgrade.

    I have always been a multi platform gamer. But this gen is different because they are attempting to take our rights as consumers away from us. So no, I don’t plan at this point to buy another console, basically because they can go F*** themselves.

    I’m a gamer because it’s a fun hobby and I enjoy it, but I don’t need it to live, or will I allow it to dictate to me what I can or cannot do with my games and money. If they are unwilling to support the only console that allows the consumer to be in control of their games than I have come to the conclusion that I will not support them and I’m sure others will as well then they can fade away.

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Yeah, something that seems to be willfully forgotten about the "superior" consoles are all the caveats and other little barbs to prick the gamers if you buy into those consoles, like pay for your online. I have a hard time believing that the battle against the DRM is over regardless of what fanboys would like to think. I'm never buying into those cosole since they lack backwards compatibility when there is virtually no reason for them not have it.

      • Mythosa

        The battle for DRM is long from over. All the small print is still there and it still exists, they are just holding off on it till they have a larger market share and saturation before it’s reinstated, then they will reinstate it.

    • Mythosa

      Yeah, it’s funny, up till very recently when I was going over some articles and information in my head, I was planning on purchasing another console as well when some more decent games came out for either of them. Then it occurred to me all the extra crap that could go into that and how it has systematicly been swept under the rug. There is reason for everything.

  • uptownsoulmonk

    sorry to burst nintendo fans bubble, but is a vocal minority of sony/xbox fans that are port begging. The vast majority of sony/xbox fans could take or leave those games. Its the vocal minority that every game needs to be on their console of choice. The overwhelming majority of sony/xbox fans think its a shame that they don't get those games, but don't care enough to pay $300 for a handful of games…

    By the way, I'm sure the same could be said for Wii U owners that want the pro sports titles

    • Furious Francis

      You're not bursting anybody's bubble because you proved nothing and said so little.

      "By the way, I'm sure the same could be said for Wii U owners that want the pro sports titles"

      That's why I wrote this part:

      But it goes both ways. There are a lot of games that are coming to the PS4 and Xbox One that Nintendo fans want.

      • uptownsoulmonk

        well, i said so little because this article says so little. Yes, your correct that a very vocal, very slim minority of xbox/sony fans are port begging, and barking about what they won't have. But its because sony/xbox fans want the option of those games on their system of choice more than actually forking over $50-$60 to actually buy those games.

        • Golden_Owl

          And your point being? This isn't exactly a new phenomenon y'know, and everyone faces this problem at some point because no one console has all the games.

          I do believe there is a greater number of Xbox/PS4 fans crying out for ports compared to Wii U fans though. Nintendo does produce some of the best titles in the industry and their exclusive to their system. While Xbox and PS4 offer a large degree of choice because their games overlap, a large volume of good games are perpetually out of their reach as Nintendo exclusives. There is always a chance for third party games go multiplat, but Nintendo will always remain first-party.

          Exclusives are the reasons to buy each console, and if Nintendo gave fans the "option" to go multiplat, nobody would buy their consoles. You buy an Xbox for Halo, you get a PS4 for Uncharted, you pick a Wii U for Zelda. Simple as that. You don't hear people crying for Halo or Uncharted on the Wii U because they know that will never happen, though it seems to never go the other way.

          • DePapier


          • uptownsoulmonk

            "I do believe there is a greater number of Xbox/PS4 fans crying out for ports compared to Wii U fans though"–I'm sure you do believe that, just like others believe the opposite. But there's no proof to disprove you or disprove those saying the opposite.

            "Exclusives are the reasons to buy each console"…I believe that statement to be true for buying a nintendo console but generally not true for the other consoles.

            "You buy an Xbox for Halo, you get a PS4 for Uncharted, you pick a Wii U for Zelda. Simple as that" Is it that simple? All 3 of these console are selling well and none of the games you mention are even technically announced yet.

          • Anti

            First off fanboys are always a vocal minority for all three console brands, and despite what you claim there are a large number of vocal fanboys for both Sony and MS, they're even more vocal than most Nintendo fanboys as we've seen during the original Wii U exclusive announcements of Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, Rayman Legends, Deus Ex: Human Revolution -Director's Cut-, Bayonetta 2, Sonic Lost World, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, etc. If you're planning on disputing this claim, then I suggest you look up the Facebook, Twitter, forums, etc. accounts, for the publishers during the announcements for the Wii U exclusives. MS and Sony fanboys were out in droves, harassing the developers and publishers for weeks, and even now they continue to harass Platinum Games since that is still a Nintendo funded exclusive. Some of these fanboys even went to the extremes of threatening bodily harm or death threats to these publishers and developers. So don't try to claim they are tiny.

            Secondly, PlayStation and Xbox brand consoles are heavily 3rd party dependent, but guess what? Most of those games also appear on PC as well, and due to the fact PS4 and XOne are using the same architecture, then they run into even more of a risk of competing against the PC because the PC has higher visual capabilities than the two "next-gen" consoles. So what can MS and Sony do to attract consumers to their older PC models? Exclusives! All three companies need exclusives to sell their consoles, for you to dismiss that only applies to Nintendo is completely ridiculous, and furthermore ignorant because you're just trying to dismiss the reality of how consoles really sell to the general public.

            Nintendo already announced they're making a Zelda game for the Wii U months ago, and Sony already showed a teaser for Uncharted 4 for the PS4 as seen here:

            This is an official PlayStation page, and look they even included PlayStation 4 in the title! Also Microsoft already showed a teaser for the XOne version of Halo here: http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/e3-halo-xbox-one

          • alex9234

            Don't mess with Anti people. He knows what he's talking about here.

        • DePapier

          The real issue is that this vocal minority that end up not buying Rayman Legends nor Deus Ex HRDC is actually supported by the videogame media on a global scale. So we're not just talking about dumbass people on the Internet, we're talking about influencial people of the likes of Jason Rubin.

        • Furious Francis


          I proved more than you did. At least I link information to a lot of idiots complaining. So I have actual proof.

          You just say is a very vocal minority, or slim, people port begging. Although I NEVER claimed Sony and MS fans were port begging. Really that's just Bayo fans.

          And once again, you proved nothing, and said far less than I did.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            "At least I link information to a lot of idiots complaining. So I have actual proof."–You do have proof, I could take the better half of this week compiling all the petitions on change.org and other petition sites and show how the nintendo fans asking for ports vasty outweigh playstation or xbox. But i just don't want to. But because i won't, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

          • Furious Francis


            "But it goes both ways. There are a lot of games that are coming to the PS4 and Xbox One that Nintendo fans want."

            – However, I don't think Nintendo fans want Sony or Microsoft to go third party so they can play Uncharted or Halo. Nintendo fans mainly want fully featured/non gimped multiplat titles

            – You're not understanding the gist of this article, or you did not read the article. Or you just might need to brush up on your reading comprehension skills. I'm not sure.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            Is this a pro nintendo site or a straight up gaming site?

          • eaglebob345

            It is a gaming site that is NOT anti-Nintendo. Microsoft and Sony are repesented also, but, ALL of the dumb stuff they do gets reported here, unlike other gaming sites, because Player Essence is not a paid-off fanboy site like, say, GameSpot.

          • Furious Francis

            Is IGN an anti-Nintendo site or straight up gaming site?

            Is Dual Shockers a pro Sony site or straight up gaming site?

            Answer those questions then I'll answer yours.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            Dual shockers is a pro Sony site… IGN has biased reporters, that colin moriarty, is a moron but i don't see them as anti nintendo through and through. But more importantly, the vocal community on this site (commenters) only rivals that of fox news and fox nation…i'll say, "i like the healthcare law but should have been single payer"—Rapid responses saying i don't know what I'm talking about & down voting me, etc…But is this straight up and down gaming site, or is this a counter balance to the other biased gaming sites?

          • Furious Francis

            This is a straight up gaming site that reports things fairly across the board.

            Example one: reporting good sales on the PS4 http://playeressence.com/ps4-sells-250000k-in-thehttp://playeressence.com/ps4-has-sold-over-80000-http://playeressence.com/sony-sells-1-million-pla

            Example two: Reporting good sales of Xbox ONe http://playeressence.com/xbox-one-sells-1-million

            Example three: Reporting Nintendo's issues http://playeressence.com/nintendo-excluded-from-n

            Example four: Reporting good PS4 and Xbox One sales http://playeressence.com/killzone-shadow-fall-hit

            The difference with this site is that its not anti Nintendo.

            You don't get the constant Nintendo bashing that you are use to on other sites. So I can understand why you think its pro Nintendo.

            These days YOU HAVE to bash Nintendo to be popular. If a site doesn't do that often….it just feels weird. LOL

          • rubix8702

            Francis you have nothing to prove to him, and honestly, don't even reply to him anymore. He's an obvious troll.

          • eaglebob345

            I don't think he is troll, I think he just does not understand that we, as Nintendo fans, don't have the same hostile nature as some other consoles' fans, on other sites. I could feel the difference between a true gaming media site, Player Essence, from biased news sites like Gamespot, IGN, and My Nintendo News, and even Some cross reporting sites like Nintendo Life and Push Square.

          • rubix8702

            I see your point, I stand corrected. Thanks.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            First off, what have i bashed nintendo on? Show me one example in this thread that i said anything about how good or bad the games, the systems, or the company are/is?

            Next, i know you report good news on all the consoles, and technically so does IGN

            Just a couple in 2 minutes of searching…

            But my argument isn't that you or IGN don't post positive stories. But you seem to contextualize the good news differently…

            Wii u sold out at your local walmart? Good, how bout the other consoles?…I won't hold my breath

            Rakuten says wii u and iPad are most popular christmas present for kids. Ok, i guess there aren't any others of Rakuten's stature that believe otherwise, right? or you'd post their opinion too, right?

          • Anti

            Yeah.. You're sounding a lot like a troll here.

            First off you made a false claim that Nintendo's the only console that requires exclusives to sell, despite the fact all three consoles require exclusives, as seen here""Exclusives are the reasons to buy each console"…I believe that statement to be true for buying a nintendo console but generally not true for the other consoles."

            Secondly Francis posted articles about how many PS4 and XOne have been selling worldwide, even the recent 130K sales for Spain. So how is that not considered as good news for other brands? Or are you just purposely ignoring that reality to suit your own arguments?

            Third, Francis is pointing out the Wii U's sales as a rebuttal against other mainstream gaming sites and "analysts" who have been continuing to claim the Wii U is selling poorly, even now, and the fact it's selling out at stores is actual proof against that claim. Some people visiting the site needs that reassurance if they're buying the right product, and the fact it's selling out even after the PS4 and XOne launch is a telling sign the conditions are improving.

            Rakuten stating the Wii U and iPad are popular gift for kids is a given, since PARENTS buy the consoles for their kids, it's not like these children earn their own income. Furthermore this applies to all consoles, despite what ads or PR BS MS and Sony have been feeding you, their consoles are NOT only for mature, in fact most players who claim they're "mature" are generally children in the first place.

          • Anti

            Forgot to point this out, the simple fact that Francis had to post up MULTIPLE articles concerning the availability of PS4 or XOne consoles for order, is already indicative enough there's a sellout for these two, so he is already pointing out more than enough signs these two consoles are selling out as well.

          • Dazzla84

            Game, Set, Match, Furious Francis

          • uptownsoulmonk

            This solidifies my point…

            N4Life says "I'm so sick of these sony drones. all they ever do is come to NINTENDO FANS YouTube channels and WEBSITES a try to bad mouth Nintendo and its products. You will never see Nintendo fans treat them this way. why in the hell do they always do this to us ; ("

            Even though your a multi platform owner, your readers look at you as a "Nintendo Fan"…Wonder why that is.

            Furthermore, "bad mouth nintendo and its products"…I'll ask this again, Can somebody please show a quote of me bad mouthing Nintendo, its hardware, or its software in this article's comments?

          • Anti

            Thanks for ignoring my response, here's your completely false claim about Nintendo: ""Exclusives are the reasons to buy each console"…I believe that statement to be true for buying a nintendo console but generally not true for the other consoles."

            Here's my previous response you're ignoring:
            PlayStation and Xbox brand consoles are heavily 3rd party dependent, but guess what? Most of those games also appear on PC as well, and due to the fact PS4 and XOne are using the same architecture, then they run into even more of a risk of competing against the PC because the PC has higher visual capabilities than the two "next-gen" consoles. So what can MS and Sony do to attract consumers to their older PC models? Exclusives! All three companies need exclusives to sell their consoles, for you to dismiss that only applies to Nintendo is completely ridiculous, and furthermore ignorant because you're just trying to dismiss the reality of how consoles really sell to the general public.

          • Anti

            Furthermore, you claim to be a "Nintendo fan" but you don't seem to know a lot of simple facts about them, or even how the industry has been portraying them.

          • Mythosa

            I gotta say man, Singling one person out with a quote doesn't mean that person speaks for a whole community, not to mention a diverse community, a growing and evolving community.

          • Steven M.

            Just go the hell away, will ya? You're wasting everybody's time.

        • rubix8702

          @uptownsoulmonk: Before you post, make sure you have a logical argument, otherwise you'll drown in a seas of 'if and only if' and 'if, then' answers (inductive and deductive logic). You're entitled to think what you want, but if you believe the inverse (the opposite thought process), then bring a premise that makes sense, meaning say what you have to say with some coherence (you see the induction there lol…. get it?)

          Oh, and one more thing, stop picking a fight with Francis. I only ever say anything to people like this when they start trying to attack Francis's integrity. He started this site because he saw all the negative spiel on Nintendo (go look at one of his archived videos if you aren't certain, he'll say so).There are plenty of sites that cater to your tastes: you know 'the bash Nintendo, and believe that Sony/Microsoft are the saviors of the gaming world'. If you're so dissatisfied, I'm sure any other place will cater to your proverbial 'buds'. Just because this site takes care of some of your tastes (giving you Sony/Microsoft news), and not others (bashing Nintendo), doesn't mean it's going to start now.

          I don't say anything to anyone having a problem with anyone else, BUT I always will come to Francis defense if it is warranted (not that he needs my help defending himself lol). He's one of the few people left in this bias chasm of the web that I actually like coming to on a day to day basis. Don't call me a fanatic. Don't call me a fangirl, and don't call me delusion. I've been gaming for 27 years (since I was 5, now I'm 32). I've see the shift in the industry and the double standards. If you have an issue please state it with facts (I'm a scientist, I need evidence). Stop trying to be a s*** stirrer with the moderator simply because you don't like something, you're only going to come out looking bad in the end.

          Oh, and Francis is right, you didn't burst anyone's bubble.

          That's all.

          • N4life

            I'm so sick of these sony drones. all they ever do is come to Nintendo fans YouTube channels and websites a try to bad mouth Nintendo and its products. You will never see Nintendo fans treat them this way. why in the hell do they always do this to us ; (

          • rubix8702

            I see what you're saying, but don't get me wrong, I have all the consoles (PS3, XBox360, Wii, Wii U, Gamecube, so forth… I have not picked up a PS4 yet, I'm still on the fence about it). I was only making a point. Also too, don't let the drones of ANY system take your joy of gaming away from you (Nintendo included).

            I enjoy games, simply put.

            I don't care about consoles. I don't care about wars. I don't care about any of the nonsense. I just want to play the games. Back in the day it used to be about that, and yes the Big N was king back then, but the standards and the rights for the consumer was in place, and things were different. Today, the ecosystem has changed, and so have the dynamics. However, don't be mistaken to believe there aren't fanatics of every system (I hate the fanboy, fangirl phrase, it's so stupid and redundant). Everyone should play what they enjoy, it's as simple as that. I just don't get all the Big N hate lol.

          • Kal-El


            Because their insecure vaginas.

          • you seem to be a very smart an intelligent woman and everything that you said in your post I agree with however I also feel that the other speakers in distress have a very good point it seems to me that the Sony fans are the ones that are destroying this industry they are criticizing both Nintendo and Microsoft a little bit too much and all they ever do is whine and start wars around here so even though I can understand what you are saying and I agree with you I must admit that the PlayStation fan in the video game industry are a real pain in the ass

          • rubix8702

            My dear you have to just ignore them. If you can't change something you have to change your attitude about it. That's the world we live in.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            My arguments are always logical. Look i know I'm in a Pro-Nintendo website (this is a Pro-Nintendo website, isn't it?)…I understand in said pro-nintendo site there will be conspiracy theorists ("mainstream websites are anti-nintendo", "3rd party devs and pubs are lazy/want to make crappy, late ports"). I know virtually everybody in here sees gaming through nintendo colored glasses. I just thought i would bring an idea of what the outside world thought about the topics that are introduced here, in the bubble

            Oh and by the way, can you point out the specific comments i made that are illogical, so i can clarify them?

          • Furious Francis

            Pro Nintendo site….that's what happens when every other site bashing Nintendo daily. Any site that is positive about Nintendo is deemed "Pro Nintendo"

            – 3rd party developers do make late crappy ports on Wii U, this is fact.
            – There is no conspiracy, there are a lot of anti Nintendo sites, media members, ect
            – Nobody is seeing anything through Nintendo colored glasses
            – You should stop seeing things through large media colored glasses
            – Idea well taken, but you obviously don't understand the point of the article.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            "3rd party devs and pubs are lazy/WANT to make crappy, late ports"

            – 3rd party developers do make late crappy ports on Wii U, this is fact. I agree…

            BUT do you believe 3rd party developers WANT to SPEND money to make crappy ports in order to LOSE money, just to stick it to Nintendo? (3rd party developers INTENTIONALLY will lose money just to piss off Nintendo fans?)

            You report on how nintendo products do in your local walmart (as if thats indicative of anything other than your local community) while rarely if ever reporting on any other gaming devices while there. I think its anecdotal at best, but since your there, how many xbox or ps4's were sold? who cares how many those sold at your local walmart, right?

            Streaming online multiplayer games i see, should i hold my breath for any games other than nintendo? Probably not (don't want any, just showing the disparity)

            So i'll ask again, is this a pro nintendo site?

          • rubix8702

            If you want to play a gimped game that's on you, and Francis already answered your question lol.

          • Furious Francis

            BUT do you believe 3rd party developers WANT to SPEND money to make crappy ports in order to LOSE money, just to stick it to Nintendo?

            – Crappy ports take little to make, 3rd party devs want to make a quick buck on Wii U, to fund better games on PS4 and Xbox One.

            You report on how nintendo products do in your local walmart (as if thats indicative of anything other than your local community) while rarely if ever reporting on any other gaming devices while there.

            – We already know the PS4 and Xbox One is sold out. I've stated that many times. And when did I say that was indicative of anything other than my local market. But it does provide some evidence the Wii U is indeed selling better, since I use to always see Wii U in stock.

            Streaming online multiplayer games i see, should i hold my breath for any games other than nintendo? Probably not (don't want any, just showing the disparity)

            – I'll be streaming Bayonetta 1 soon. I also plan on Streaming PC games when the Steambox is launched.

            And just to let you know, I've been reviewing PS3 and Xbox 360 games too. It looks like you just want to focus on the Nintendo content I do in your pathetic attempt to prove this site is strictly pro Nintendo. http://playeressence.com/category/just-games/

          • Steven M.

            Are you serious? Are you THAT stupid?

          • Mythosa

            Actually, not all ports have been crappy, it's not a fact. It depends how you look at it and what you value in a game I suppose. NFS certainly is not a crappy port. Darksiders 2 was a fine port. Deus Ex is great. COD:Ghosts is a fine port despite the lack of DLC. Most of what people say are crappy ports are so dubbed by a couple frames per second behind others in a couple scenes. Also, in many cases it's the only one that doesn't have screen tearing. Coming from a strong PC background I can personally say I would take a couple frame drops, especially when it's in cut scenes, as opposed to screen tearing.
            There are without a doubt some very gimped ports though.
            As far as publishers spending money on cheap ports, that's right, it's publishers not devs, that are telling them what to do and with how much money they are able to spend. That is why it's usually done by a separate studio and often small teams. So no, I don't think developers want to do what you said, however publishers have no problem with it because they are trying to make as much money as possible by spending as little as possible and in some cases these are the outcomes.
            BTW, this site trys to be unbiased, and I find it does a fairly decent job. I however am pro Nintendo and am extremely pissed at MS and Sony at this point in time. Both are going to fuck their fans over and they are just going to bend over and ask them for another go, lube optional.

          • rubix8702


            Your logic like your grammar needs improvement, and sure I'd be happy to tell you how you can't debate for the life of you: 1) you start with an overt clause like 'sorry to burst your bubble…' and what have you, yet you failed to give any valid evidence for your thought process. Your reasoning behind your statement was already given in the article.

            2) Many of the folks on this website are MULTI-PLAT gamers (meaning they have more than one console… just in case you needed a clarification lol). So, when you say things like 'sorry to burst you Nintendo fan's bubble…' you're not taking every person here into consideration. All you have to do is look at the comments. It's very simple lol.

            3) Where is your evidence for your claims? Again, you make a bunch of blanket statements without having any rhyme, reason, or links to back them up. Rule number 1 in a debate: always fact check your stuff, or at least provide a source lol. You have none.

            4) By the way, work on your homonyms. If you're going to reply to me, your usage (aka grammar) is confusing, which, by the way, doesn't help your argument lol. You keep using the wrong 'your' for you are, which is a compound word {it's a simple mistake, but you might want to fix that}.

            5) This is not a bubble as much as you would think it, the bubble is actually the fanatics. Case in point, the greater majority of the public have a more positive image of Nintendo than the niche audience that is supplanted by the gaming media. Why would Ellen Degeneres (I think that's how you spell it) feature the Wii U on her show if the public hated it as much as the GAMING media tries to portray? Do you have a rebuttal for that? Food for thought my friend. So, the inverse (the opposite) of your statement is the reality, and the, lol – (the 'lol' I just put there is a syllabization for affect {mood}, get it? Hmm, maybe not)-, 'Nintendo colored glasses' as you called it (by the way what color are they? Grey? White? Black? Blue? I'm not sure, they have so many options lol. Oh, and if you didn't understand that, that's called sarcasm lol) are quite shiny and clear.

            6) Conspiracy theories… hmm… let me educate you on the definition of a theory (are you ready?): a theory is a set of ideas used to explain, or to try to explain a set of facts. The problem with your conjecture is the hate against Nintendo isn't a 'theory' it is a fact. Go to any mainstream website and look at their general overall rubric for Nintendo news. "Nintendo Records Big Losses!!!" (IGN) when nothing is stated about the competition. "The 3DS is Doomed!" (IGN, Colin Moriaty) when it is the best selling console/handheld right now. "Nintendo Should Go 3rd Party!" (Stephen Rubin) when there is simply no evidence to support such a claim. "Nintendo is Monetizing Their Videos!!!" (GameXplain) when the reality is it's Google doing that lol.

            You have nothing in terms of an argument.


            But you can correct me if I'm wrong. I'm a big girl lol.

            Now, if you want to believe what you want to believe, that is a whole different story. You bring nothing but blanket statements and weak counters. Brush up a little on your facts and try again later, and I might humor you lol.

          • uptownsoulmonk

            1) my overt clause "Bursting your bubble" was not intended to be a point of debate, much like your critique of my grammar.

            2)Just because a person may own multiple consoles, they may still have a favorite and thus may still be biased toward their favorite.

            3)To which blanket statements are you referring to that have no rhyme, reason, or link?

            4) here you go with the grammar again, just because i don't use "The King's English" doesn't mean i don't bring up good points. In fact, it tends to be the person looking for an easy way out of a debate that will constantly critique grammar or spelling.

            5) "Why would Ellen Degeneres (I think that's how you spell it) feature the Wii U on her show if the public hated it as much as the GAMING media tries to portray?"

            a)i think you spelled her last name right.
            b)the gaming media(by in large) is not portraying the public hating nintendo, thats just bubble talk
            c) and most importantly, The Ellen show featured the wii u on her show because Nintendo paid to get their console on there, and paid for the audience to go home with them, and YOU need to give Nintendo credit for that.(which was an excellent idea on nintendo's part, although Skylander's bundle and not Mario U & Luigi U bundle?)

            a)First off, i said on a previous post that Colin Moriarty is a moron.
            b)"Nintendo Records Big Losses!!!" (IGN) when nothing is stated about the competition"…That statement remains true even if the competition lost a lot too. BUT i agree with your point, Why not report on the other consoles when reporting on one? Francis summarily dismisses me when i ask that question of him.
            c)"The 3DS is Doomed!" (IGN, Colin Moriaty); "Nintendo Should Go 3rd Party!" (Stephen Rubin) this is editorializing where the writer opines on a particular topic.

          • rubix8702

            This is my last post to you because I just don't think we'll see eye to eye. First, I need to apologize for being a jerk and talking about your grammar (you didn't deserve that). Second, I think you need to reread what I wrote because I stated twice what the blanket statement was. If you like other companies more than Nintendo, fine. However, Francis has made clear many of the points you take issue with.

            (I'm rereading my post and I have a few grammar issues myself lol)

          • eaglebob345

            The point she made about multiplatform gamers was meant to say that you shouldn't port beg, just play it a a different system. It has nothing to do with choosing favorites. No one should even have to port beg for a multiplatform series, but sometimes we Nintendo fans do ask when we get shafted out of titles that third parties KNOW WE WANT like Final Fantasy Kingdom Hearts, series that I would get a PS4 for IF THEY WERE EXCLUSIVES (why put them on the XBone?). They should not, however, try if it is an exclusive title. Also, those pieces from IGN are nothing but opinions, but the anti-Nintendo sites flaunt those articles like facts, until they are inevitably shut up, and forced back into their troll caves.
            (See: http://www.ign.com/articles/2011/10/22/the-playsthttp://www.ps3trophies.org/forum/vita-discussion/

    • Sky Grounder

      such downvote
      much fail

    • WiiUExposed

      I tried doing what you did on here a while back, but this is what happened. I come here for quick news, and I stay far, far away from big discussions because… well, y'see what happens on here. I'd recommend going to Shokio's Pretendo.co website if you want discussions since they're much more tolerant.

      • azj1987

        Hi WiiUExposed. I just wanted to say though many commenters end up disagreeing with you, this uptownsoulmonk guy is not doing it in the same way you have. Though we disagree, I can tell that you don't try to "pick a fight". You would have to admit that uptownsoulmonk is doing this to be purposefully confrontational. Also, I don't even get uptownsoulmonk's point to begin with.

        Hey uptownsoulmonk, I will say, this is a mostly pro Nintendo site. What is your point?

        • WiiUExposed

          I really don't see how I was any less confrontational than he is. I would tell you to see my earliest comments on this site, but they're probably deleted due to the endless reporting.

          • azj1987

            That might be true, I didn't look to far back into your earlier comments. I think the big difference between you and uptownsoulmonk is that it does not seem that uptownsoulmonk wants to debate or talk about anything. uptownsoulmonk is just looking to get a rise out of most of us, and unfortunately, we took the bait.

            In the end, I see that with your criticism, you still enjoy Nintendo products. I don't think uptownsoulmonk has any interest in Nintendo and frankly, came off as a jerk. Also, if this helps, I did not thumb down uptownsoulmonk or report. I never do that for anyone except for those random weirdos that have pro Nintendo comments but state them incoherently.

          • WiiUExposed

            Well, I can't say I agree with you completely, but thanks for being respectful about this whole matter.

  • tjb

    I can safely say i can go nintendo and 3ds this generation and be fine with my decision. there are only a few titles on sony's side that catch my eye but not even worth mentioning ( I don't even remember what they were called.). personally, I can't wait for all the other nintendo franchises to come into light. fanboys will purchase a wii u in the future for sure. even if it means re-purchasing a system they already sold.

  • Dinga

    I'm actually looking forward to MK8 more than Smash only because I think the online community will be stronger with better Miiverse integration. Plus it looks gorgeous!

    • nooblet68

      After Kid Icarus: Uprising nailed the online so perfectly, I've no worries for Smash 4.

  • Suportedcofe

    I don't get fanboys dude. I almost only game on Nintendo systems but that's my taste in games and nothing else.

  • janezk7

    nice article 🙂 good read.

  • Dazzla84

    Wait for X to be released and I bet the port begging will start for that as well

  • rubix8702

    I like how you turned that around and made it for what it really is.

    • DePapier

      HAHAHA!!! XD I'm with you on this. 😀

  • How about this: since there are hardly any can't-be-duplicated franchises from Sony or Microsoft, maybe those companies could drop out of the hardware business and lend their IPs to Nintendo, ya know…because Ninty already has a whole slew of big-name and small-time games AND its own tech.

    And let other companies enter the foray, attempting to become the competition Nintendo has always deserved.

    • DePapier

      I believe that is bound to happen pretty soon.

      • alex9234

        I think so too. Sony and Microsoft are in soooooo much financial trouble it's not even funny, I don't know if Sony will see the end of this gen, but I do see M$ surviving until the start of 9th gen, then they're done for. I wonder what other competitors besides Valve with the Steambox will enter the market…

  • DePapier

    That was a funny title, and a good read.

  • revolution5268

    My first question is would they really go as far as putting Wiimotes up there butt to give a message to Big N?
    To this day I am curious on the attack on Nintendo HQ some fool fail to do. I wonder if its still related to the ''nintendo should go 3rd partie'' crap?

    • Furious Francis

      That guy wanted Nintendo to go bankrupt, and Sony to win.

      • *NormalGamer*

        And unfortunately for him, with Nintendo having a billion yen in the bank, it would be impossible for that to happen while in reality Sony is selling off their buildings and closing studios to pay off debts and has been downgraded to ‘junk’ status.

        • eirik watz

          a billion yen isnt much. and besides it was 10 billion dollars

          • *NormalGamer*

            Actually, it’s over 100 billion yen Nintendo already has in the bank.

  • titangamecube

    Uh Francis, slight correction on X. Its Large Mechs fighting Dinosaurs.

    • Furious Francis

      Why do I have to add "Large Mechs fighting Dinosaurs?"

      I just said large mechs. There is no correction to be made, unless you're joking, or wanting me to add the fighting dinosaurs part.

      • TheBowelsOfTrogdor

        Well think about it, Francis. Can you name any other game where you use mechs to kill DINOSAURS?

        This is the game we've been subconsciously wanting since childhood!


        • Furious Francis

          I never said there wasn't. All I said was there is no "correction" to be made. I could "add" that part, but I there is no "correction" to be made.

      • titangamecube

        I am joking thank you very much.

        • Furious Francis

          LOL, I thought so…

  • Nintendo Power

    Cool! I like the approval method for comments, even though it's probably more work for you Francis 🙁
    Sucks that it has to be done, but hey… No trolls=Nirvana…

  • Nintendo Power

    This is a great article lol! Wow I didn't know people were threatening Platinum with suicides that's retarted lol!!! WTH do these drones think that their penises will shrink if they play on a Nintendo platform?? Wmen don't have this issue, and are far more mature then all these pathetic men lol. I enjoy playing on Nintendo, even if it's COD where our community is smaller, that's fine because I just enjoy WiiU's controls and overall experience.