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Top 5 Most Hated On Gaming Franchises: (Call of Duty) is one of them, surprise

Gaming is the number 1 form of entertainment for many of us, but even when a series plays great, offers incredible replay value, and has solid mechanics, gamers can still feel the need to revolt or hate on a franchise that was once universally considered awesome. In this article were going to list the top 5 most hated on gaming franchise.

5. Pokémon – Nintendo –
Pokémon is one of the biggest gaming IPs in the world. Single handedly saving the Gameboy in America, Pokémon was considered by many, one of the elite games even compared to consoles. Fans of the series initially loved the collecting aspect, diverse line up of Pokémon, and countless gameplay hours that can be sunk into mastering the games nuances.

Pokémon is by far the most misunderstood game by “hardcore gamers”. Many see it as a “kiddy” or childish, but core Pokémon players know the game packs more features, depth, strategy, and skill than 98% of games released today. If you can’t explain EV training, Natures, Pokémon breeding, and IV Points you don’t truly know Pokémon.

Pokémon might have the most diverse fanbase in the history of video games. The age range of the Pokémon fanbase go as low as 5 years old to as high as 37 years old. This franchise thrives because of its solid gameplay mechanics, endless replay value, and highly competitive PvP.

4. Halo – Microsoft –
Despite Halo revolutionizing system link multiplayer and packing countless features, Halo is often hated on by many gamers. Balancing, graphics, single player campaign, and lack of innovation seem to be the sticking points for gamers frustrations with the Halo franchise.

Halo has lost some its luster from the its heydays on the Xbox 1 but by no means is it washed up. Halo Reach did a good job of providing content on a daily basis for gamers to indulge in. Halo 4 seems to take the necessary steps to provide new gameplay with space battles and a revamped online Halo experience. Pair that with weekly co-op campaign content and Halo 4 has some serious potential to be great.

Halo does all the things it needs to be good. Solid multiplayer, unique sets of weapons, content loaded, and fully supported by the developers post launch. Halo will always sell because of those reasons.

3. Madden – EA –
Madden is a franchise that’s in a interesting spot. Out of all the franchises that have yearly releases (COD, Mario, Assassins Creed) Madden probably has the biggest excuse to be released every year. The NFL has a new season every year, with hundreds of new players joining the league and many coaches/offensive & defensive schemes changing. Although some would argue a simple update would do there are usually features that warrant a new game every year. The Infinity engine in Madden 13 is a perfect example.

Some gamers angst with Madden are more toward EA and their exclusive license with the NFL. Gamers probably wouldn’t give Madden as much hate if it wasn’t the only football game that can use NFL players and licenses.

The claim that Madden is the same every year is actually quite stupid. I’ve literally heard people say Madden has been the same from the PS2 era to Madden 13 on the Xbox 360. Anybody who has actually played Madden couldn’t disagree more. Even Madden 10 to 13 have big differences and features that distinguish them from one another. All you have to do is pop in Madden 06 on Xbox 360, play a quarter, then pop in Madden 08 and you can literally feel the difference in game speed (60 FPS compared to 30 FPS) animation, and mechanics.

Madden is always going to be one of those franchises that gets bashed by gamers. Sometimes rightfully so and most of the time out of blind stupidity. Either way, it’s always going to sell bucket loads because unlike other yearly releases Madden poses a strong case to be released every year and is the only football game that uses the NFL players.

2. Call Of Duty – Activision –
Back in 2007 Activision published a little game call Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This game had a Halo 1 like affect on the shooter genre, but unlike Halo 1, this was available to all gamers even Wii owners ( a few months later). Activison hit the jackpot with Call of Duty and they saw it as their time to cash in. Very similar to Guitar Hero, Activtion demanded a new Call of Duty to be produced every year with a “A” team ( Infinity Ward ) and a “B” team (Treyarch) alternating titles each year. While COD sports a smooth 60 FPS and rock solid controls, as the console generation wore on, graphics in other first person shooters were being greatly enhanced yet Call of Duty’s graphics did not improve on a year to year basis. Also, the gameplay stayed largely the same. While they did make improvements to abilities, weapons, and multiplayer there were no fundamental changes in the game engine.

Call of Duty is the most successful franchise in the market today. Countless gamers buy the game every year to get their COD fix. One thing you have to give Call of Duty is the fact they really focus on gameplay more than graphics. A lot of development teams will cut their games to 30 FPS so the game can support more detailed graphics. Gameplay should always be the main focus of any IP. While Killzone 3 looks good, I often wonder how much better that game would be if it had the smoothness of Call of Duty.

1. Mario – Nintendo –
The Plummer takes a beating from gamers online all the time despite having some of the best platforming action out there on any console. More recently, gamers have been accusing Nintendo of milking Mario. Nintendo has released Mario 3D land and Mario Kart 7 in 2011. In 2012 Nintendo has already released New Super Mario Bros 2 and is releasing New Super Mario Bros U this fall. While this seems like a Mario overload you have to realize Mario Kart just has the Name, it’s nothing like 3D land or NSMB. While New Super Mario Bros 2 and New Super Mario Bros U are similar they do have different hooks. New Super Mario Bros 2 has the gold collecting hook and rush mode features. New Super Mario Bros U is a much bigger game that harkens back to Super Mario World. The game also has more features, MiiVerse integration, boost mode, challenge levels, and HD visuals. While they are the same style of game they really are different and gamers should realize that.

It’s not just gamers out in the wild hating away on these franchises either. Many industry journalist are doing the hating too. Everybody is entited to their opinion so sometimes the line of hating and being critical of a game is blurry. However, these games became popular for a reason. Before you go blindly saying Madden is the same every year or Nintendo is milking Mario at least play and know the games throughly before hated on them.

Why do you guys feel these games get hated on so much? And better yet what games you guys feel get hated on.