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Trine 2 Developer says the “Wii U is a Truly Powerful Console”

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Julius Fondem, the Marketing Manager at Frozenbyte discussed the Wii U bit, and how the console packs a lot more punch than gamers are giving it credit for. 

In an interview with gamerxtreme, Fondem was asked if the Wii U was more powerful than the public seems to believe.

“We have really enjoyed working with the Wii U hardware. It was rather easy to port our modern proprietary engine to it, and it does pack the punch to bring to life some really awesome visuals.

The Wii U is a very modern console with a lot of RAM which helped us out a lot during development. The hardware capabilities have improved quite a lot from the original Wii, and the Wii U is a truly powerful console. The console is definitely more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3.”

Once again another developer shows some love for Wii U. But Nintendo still has it’s work cut out for them. Ubisoft is disappointed with the sales of ZombiU, and third-parties like EA and Bethesda won’t develop for the system.

Nintendo needs to make sure they have a strong second half to the year and drive the install base up to bring on more third-party publishers.

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  • Zeldarocks

    I would advise anyone who enjoys challenge to buy Trine2.One of my favourite games over last few years and yes maybe that's down to amount of average games played on ps3.Visually great looking game with people always online.

  • NinjaHound

    Indie Support is really good, since those devs don't pay much for their games they take risks and innovate
    Speaking of Bethesda i was at Sharaf DG(a store in dubai) and i saw Wheelspin, Bethesda's Wii game i was going to get it to see how bad it is but i found Xenoblade Chronicles next to it for $18 and i sadly didn't come prepared to buy anything so i had to skip Wheelspin to get Xenoblade, anyway judging by the rating that is probably why bethesda don't make games on Nintendo's platforms

  • darkgamer001

    This makes me glad I bought Trine 2. Got it at a discounted price (it was on sale) and the money went to devs who have more sense than most 3rd parties…

  • Ray01

    Good, Good.
    You gotta love the majority of these indie devs. 🙂

  • ChariotMan7

    Another Developer saying the Wii U is a Better Console then the PS3 and XBOX 360. what more do people need.

    • RicardJulianti

      It would need specs equivalent to two, Core i7 3930k's (each of which have 6 cores) and 3 Radeon 7990's (6GB GDDR5 each, 2 had BF4 running at 4k) in order for people to even consider not bashing the hell out of it. They still would, but they would need to find other excuses other than "it's underpowered"….in fact, they would probably say "it's overpowered. no one is going to use that. third parties are intimidated" and so forth.

      There's nothing anyone can do or say that will make people stop saying "Nintendo is doomed." They've been saying it for 30 plus years ….why stop now?

  • RicardJulianti

    Here's my new outlook on things:

    Indies = Third Party.
    Traditional Third Party = Turd Party.

    I should probably buy Trine 2….I hear nothing but good things about it and the developers aren't assholes.

    • Furious Francis

      I bought Trine 2 on the Xbox 360….it just wasn't my cup of tea, but it is good.

      But yeah, indie support is through the roof. But major third-party support is lacking.

      • RicardJulianti

        Indie support might explode even more with the Web Framework stuff and its HTML5 support……Nintendo has contacted Scirra, creators of the Construct creative suite…so a Wii U exporter might be in the works.

        The best thing is that games would still have to go through Nintendo, so it won't turn into the iOS/Android store where there are hundreds of thousands of apps and most of them are crap. People say Nintendo should put their games on smartphones…Nintendo gets smartphone games on their system, haha.

        • frankie4fingers

          the prospect of everything you just said, is downright titillating, hahaha.

          The Wii U can become the true all in one gamers conSole.

          Nintendo has the chance to bridge the gap between ISO / Android gaming and console gamIng.I know the launch wasn’t great and sales ae slacking, but I can only see good things in the future for the Wii U.

      • frankie4fingers

        You should try it out on the wiiu. Never mind the fact that its a beautiful game and looks better on the wiiu, but the added touch control is pretty good. Especially with respects to creating blocks and such with the wizard.

    • timg57867

      I don't see why Nintendo fans are whining about a lack of third party support. Most third party games from Western devs suck now. Indie games are like a thousand times better than 80% of all the crap big publishers are putting out these days.

      Also, I'd love to know much this sold. Right now it's the Top Selling non virtual console title on the Wii U.

      • frankie4fingers

        Merree 100 percent. Indie developed games are the only viable option for new concepts. The western devs are just recycling the same shit, over and over. Meanwhile indies are promising new experiences.

        what I find funny is how so called gaMers treat the word indie as if it was some kind of monster. Like indie games can’t be as good as big developer games. Yet keep fine same old shit year in and year out. I think these guys are just afraid to play indie games because they might actually like them and it might actually change the way they think.

        fact is, the Wii U isn’t getting big Western third party support, the Japanese support is there and the Indy support is there, and you know what? I couldn’t be more happy. This for me is going back to what videogames are all about, going back to a time where story or cinematics or blockbuster games or laugh at and the games at focused on gameplay and just fun were the norm.

      • RicardJulianti

        In a way, the video game industry is actually kind of becoming more like the movie industry. Big blockbusters still have their place, mimics flop, indie pieces or those picked up by a big publisher turn out to be some of the best.

        For the sake of comparison:

        GTAV = Avengers
        Battlefield = Michael Bay movie
        FUSE = A Good Day To Die Hard (New blockbuster entry from a respected team, bombs)
        Shovel Knight/Trine 2/Other Indie titles = Mud/Amour/Zero Dark Thirty
        Nintendo = Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks (seemingly kiddy, but some of the best movies out there)

    • Rpx

      There seem to be accurate on the outlook of games being made by major third-parties and the indies.