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UK Users can get two free games with Wii U purchase

Nintendo has confirmed midnight launches for the Wii U in the UK, November 30th. Nintendo will be handing out two free games for the first 100 buyers in line. Hit the link for more details. 

The Wii U midnight event hosted by Nintendo will be at the HMV’s flagship London store on Oxford Street, with the first 100 buyers getting New Super Mario Bros U and another select title. The next 100 buyers in line will receive £5 off Wii U titles. Nintendo will also be providing Goodie bags for the first $500 customers to purchase the Wii U.

Users can also play some of the Wii U games like New Super Mario Bros U and ZombiU on November 29th bt 11 P.M. HMV confirmed with Eurogamer that they will have enough Wii U’s that everybody in line will leave with a Wii U.

– The Wii U is already out here in America and I love the system. Its got a ton of features and the launch games are good. Nintendo Land, New Super Mario Bros U, and Zombi U are my picks.

Source. VG247


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