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UK Wii U Sales rose by 125% last week


Although the Wii U is the current whipping boy for many haters online, due to it’s slow start, and lack of quality titles. The system  finally got some good news in the UK, thanks to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and a price cut. 

In the latest edition of MCV magazine, the Wii U sales rose by around 125% last week. This was due to the release of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and the impending release of LEGO City Undercover. Plus, the Wii U received a price cut, so UK players have started to purchase the system. While the sales still fall behind the PS3 and Xbox 360, it’s good to see the Wii U gaining some traction across the pond.

It’s funny though, many trolls and major websites were dooming the Wii U. But all it really takes is some games and a affordable price to get things going. I think were going to get a price cut at E3, and some amazing software will be announced.


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  • Amigaengine

    Finally some good news about Nintendo.

    I agree with everyone else here, once the Nintendo titles land things will be looking great.

  • wooferz

    If a LEGO game and a couple of ports can boost the sales this much, imagine what will happen when Nintendo releases their triple AAA games like 3D Mario, The Wind Waker HD Mario Kart, and Bayonetta 2.

    • Jesus

      not to mention that yet unannounced retro studios game

    • RicardJulianti

      Actually, Lego City released on the 28th and these sales numbers are from the week of the 23rd. That means, NFS was out for 3 days, Monster Hunter for 2 and the sale was also active for 2 days….and we saw this bump.

      I believe the sale was kind of a "soft launch" type deal where it was announced and active Friday, but didn't get advertised as much until the weekend. It will be interesting to see how sales go for this week considering it's the first full week of the sale and of games being out with a new release. France reported that Wii U sales tripled for that week.

      It is awesome to think that 2 ports and a price cut (that brought it in line with US prices) manage to generate that kind of a boost in sales over 2 days. Granted, a 125% increase and tripling sales can only mean so much since sales were not good in the weeks before, but it still proves that games will sell the system.

      Nintendo could very well hit its 15 million unit projection for the year with Mario, Mario Kart, Pikmin, Bayonetta 2, WWHD, W101, Yoshi and who knows what else they have up their sleeves.

  • Ort-Meyer

    It is indeed good news. Hopefully, a steady release (no matter how thin) of quality titles will help boost the WiiU sales.

    IMO Nintendo is not going to cut the WiiU's price by/during E3. If I have to make a guess, they will do it a month, or a bit more, before the next console (no matter if it is Sony's or Microsofts's) comes out.