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Unboxing of the Super Slim PS3

Sony had announced the new model of the PS3 last night at the Tokyo Game Show and today we see the first unboxing video from the United Kingdom. Check it out for yourselves here. Some things to point out of the unboxing video are that this new Super Slim PS3 has the disk loading bay on the top of the PS3, in which it slides to open the disk loading bay. Another note is that it is slightly louder than the other two PS3 models due to the disc bay being on the surface of the console. One of my final notes on the the new PS3 is that it looks and sounds like cheap material compared to the other two models which makes it quite vulnerable to damage.

I would prefer the original way of loading the disk and am not quite excited about this Super Slim.

Check out the video for yourself and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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