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Welcome Brayden Cole from ‘A Critical Hit Productions’ to the Playeressence team!

Braden is a guy I found on Youtube! His videos are almost as good as mine! LOL, J/k he’s actually really good and knows his stuff. With his 100% permission, I have secured his videos on my site! So check the first one out below. Playeressence and Furious Francis views don’t necessarily fall in line with Brayden Cole’s.

Pretty good, sub him, and comment below.

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  • Silver

    Really good video, hilarious too. I like the no nonsense attitude. One thing he's got to realize though.

    BlackB0nd doesn't believe a single word that comes out of his own mouth. He's a troll, and he specifically targets Nintendo because it gets him the most views. Same thing goes for him calling people social rejects, and then replying to comments for hours on end. Hes found touchy things he can use to get himself paid. The best way to deal with him is to block/ignore him.

    • Furious Francis

      Yeah, I don\’t respond, or looks at BlackBond\’s channel, I\’m not going to pay that dudes bills.

  • Dusk

    This seems to have affected him deep down to the core. Never seen a vid of his before, maybe this is just his presona? I personally have little to no respect for Mark Rein or Eipc for that matter anymore. Admittedly I was never a huge fan in the first place, They made a decent engine but thats about where it ends. Decent vid, very intense.