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Which THQ Franchises will make it to the Next Generation Systems?

By Furious Francis, editor in chief

Despite having some solid franchises like WWE, Darksiders, and Saints Row. THQ still bit the bullet in 2012, filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy. THQ still has some awesome IP’s that could be awesome next generation games. Which THQ franchises will we next generation systems and which THQ franchises do you guys want to see on the next generation systems?

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What Does THQ have?


THQ’s number one franchise is Saints Row. Saints Row The Third has racked up over 5 million units in sales combined (PS3, 360, PC). Whoever eventually owns THQ should get their best team working on a new Saints Row game for next generation as soon as possible. THQ took some major blows, losing the WWE and UFC franchises. WWE was their own fault, refusing to develop a new engine for the game saw diminishing sales. They also have Metro franchise, which has a new game in development right now, Metro Last Light. The first game failed to break a million units sold on the PC and 360, but Metro Last Light does look like a big improvement over the first game. Metro has franchise potential, but if Last Light doesn’t sell, The Metro Franchise might be done. Darksiders 2 was a great game and the franchise is really cool, but the game failed to break even. This is one I don’t understand. There was plenty of marketing, the gameplay was good, and it reviewed well. I’m not sure why more people didn’t pick this one up.


THQ also has Red Faction, Warhammer, and Homefront, but those franchises might not see the light of day again. THQ screwed itself with the Red Faction franchise. Red Faction Guerilla was an awesome open world game with cool physics, vehicles, and weapons. For some unexplained reason They took away the open world, cool physics based challenges, competitive multiplayer, and current main character, and replaced with a straight forward 3rd person shooter for the sequel. Fans did not approve of the switch as Red Faction Guerilla sold over a million units combined, while Red Faction Armageddon failed to break 400K. We’ll see what happens with Homefront 2 and Warhammer.

What would we like to see Next Generation


Red Faction, Saints Row, and Darksiders are the three THQ franchises I would like to see next generation. Darksiders 2 was an awesome game. If there was one change I would make in the game design, it would be to take out the open world, and make it similar to other action games like God of War, Ninja Gaiden, and Bayonetta. The open world had a negative effect on the frame rate of the game. Combo heavy action games need to have solid frame rates, 60 FPS would be ideal. Having an open world for the next Darksiders game and achieving 60 FPS might be too difficult. Saints Row has went bat sh*t crazy to sell itself, which is cool if you like that type of game. Which a lot of people do considering Saints Row The Third was THQ’s highest selling game this generation. Red Faction has had a rocky past but I still think the franchise has high selling potential. If they bring back the open world of Red Faction Guerrilla, and brush up the shooting mechanics, Red Faction could really impress gamers next generation.

Which THQ franchises do you want to see next generation? Put them in the comments below.

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