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Wii Sports Club is Getting a Physical Release in Japan on July 17th

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Nintendo has announced that Japan will be getting a retail release on July 17th. Sinobi is reporting that the package will come with Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, and Bowling. It will run Japanese owners 3,700 Yen. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Sinobi


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  • JaxonH

    Japan gets physical release for NES Remix 1+2, Wii Sports Club (WITH Boxing and Baseball), and just about every other coveted digital release.

    Time to bring Wii Sports Club to the west, all 5 sports on disc. I already bought three of them digitally, but that's ok. I like saving space on my internal hard drive whenever possible anyways. I have a 500GB hard drive connected, but with 10GB left on my Wii U I'd like to see how long I can make it last.

  • Revolution_5268

    What ever happen to the other sports? (Boxing & Baseball)

    • TLH14

      It says they'll be in there. Nintendo might be waiting till around E3 to talk about them.

  • Guidosaur

    I'll admit, I didn't put the effort in to play the demo.

  • Harman_Smith

    Yeah, I would get a physical release.

  • ShadowHero43

    hope they fix the online by then

    • I absolutely see what you mean, but then it's not their fault if some people across the world have a crappy connection.