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Metroid Prime 4 on Wii U – Features we want to see

Furious Francis Lists three features Metroid Prime 4 on the Wii U has to have.

(Super Metroid voice) ‘The last Metroid Game was met with a lot of negativity, the fanbase was NOT at peace’.

Metroid Other M was a mixed bag. It did a lot of good things, but it did a lot of bad things too. The worst one was the game-ending bug that wouldn’t let me get to section 3. I either had to send the save data to Nintendo, or restart the game and not backtrack in a specific section to avoid the bug. I did neither. Retro needs to be back in the helm for the Metroid franchise. Playeressence initially broke the news that Retro is developing Metroid Prime 4 for the Wii U and 3DS. Here are some ideas Retro could use to maximize the Gamepad on the Wii U.


Quick-scanning with the Wii U Gamepad

Metroid Prime has a excellent scanning system that details information on the enemy, but at times it can get in the way of the fighting, being more of a chore than fun. Using the Wii U camera to quickly scan an enemy and display important info on the main screen and additional info on the tablet screen would be a great addition to the Prime series. This mechanic could also be used to X-ray objects for secrets and find hidden paths.


Quick navigation with Full Wii U Gamepad Map 

This one seems like a given, but anybody who has played the Metroid Prime series knows navigation can get a bit confusing with all the backtracking. Especially Metroid Prime 3’s wire map layout. Having the tablet controller to quickly access your map and mark areas with hints would greatly improve the Prime Series. While trivial,  it needs to be in there to fix some of the few flaws the Metroid Prime games have.

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Use the Wii U mic to the fullest

Metroid Other M brought a huge narrative to the Metroid franchise. Some people hated this, but I thought it was a great idea, the execution was just lacking. Metroid Prime 4 could use the mic on the Gamepad to hear what Samus is thinking. This idea correlates to my number 2 idea. If you mark a area on your map, Samus will say “ there is something here, or my map is marked in this spot”. Using the Mic to explain Samus’ thoughts as if you were thinking to yourself, would be innovative and expand upon what Metroid Other M did. Just imagine walking in a moody atmosphere with enemies anywhere and quietly you hear Samus’ inter thoughts as she prepares for battle. Immersion has always been one of the key selling points for the Metroid games. This idea could take it to a whole other level.

These are just some of the ideas I can think of right now. What do you guys think? What would you want added to the Metroid formula on Wii U.

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  • corky

    prime is my favorite first person shooter series of all time…….better than halo in my opinion…….the map from prime 1 & 2 must be there (best map system ever), and using the gamepad is ideal, but I would also like it to be a first person shooter, using the freedom of the wii remote and nunchuk……… can they incorporate both?

    • Jared Morton

      The same way that nintendoland did with metroid blast.

  • panda2439

    Other m was so close to being a great game. I think Nintendo should expand on the “sensemove” which was an interesting element in other m. I don’t know if I want another 1st person prime game. Imagine a Wii u metroid game which vastly improves on the ideas used in other m, with HD graphics and the ability to use the gamepad to scan and shoot missiles. Nintendo has a great opportunity.

  • Please. Do not make Samus tell us what to think of a situation. That has been done before and people didn't like it.

  • sage

    in the prime games you have an option to take the hints off and make the game impossiblely hard which was what made the game fun. if it got to hard then put it back on it will tell you where to go and turn it back off. and the hole talking to herself thing can be cool if used correctly, not like other m were half the game is talking to herself. it would also be nice when she can interact with other people and say where she is going and then you have to find that location. just a little more suttle hits system.

  • person

    Don't want to split hairs, put you'd use the speakers on the gamepad to hear Samus' thoughts, not the mic.

  • Koshuha_Nami

    I found Other M terrible for a couple of small reasons and one BIG one. The big reason is because it drew you away from Samus and gave you a feel of omnipotence. You knew what was going to happen and this kind of ruined it for me unlike in the Metroid series, where you find out what happened at the same time Samus does, giving you the feel that YOU are in the suit, YOU are Samus (even if you are a guy, like me). Also, Other M lacked in some various gameplay factors, in which cut scenes were too long, Samus talked and her emotions were greatly dramatisized, it didn't feel like Samus, just some chick that looked like her and had no control of her emotions. In the Metroid Prime series, Samus shows her emotions with less emphasis and more subtly, for example when the Chozo temple explodes in Prime 1, she sits there, staring with a disheartened look. If there were anything I'd like to add to the next Metroid Prime, it'd be exactly what he said, but I'm not too sure about the Samus's thoughts deal, I'll have to try it to find out. To me, the reason why all Metroid games were successful, excluding Other M, is because you knew just as much as Samus, not less, not more. Prime did really great with the exploration, but the backtracking sometimes killed my, "I'm a badass" mood. Overall, I think the next Metroid game should continue the First-Person Adventure type deal that the Primes had, even if it isn't a Prime.

  • Metroid itself was the most amazing game by nintendo besides zelda and super smash. I feel that after other m they should work on the bosses, the actual storyline with a little twist, more awesome music, more upgrades and weaponry and best of yet more breathtaking moments. Other m wasnt all that bad as far as to me it was a movie, and lacked so much of how serious yet fun it was. The cutscenes were too long but worth watchin a couple times before getting tired. The use of manual energy refill was ok but nono, so as the missles only bein used in first person. Third person wouldnt be so bad if they had a cursor to where u can shoot wereever u want on the screen…sylus and dark samus needs another kick…to be in this one…dark samus didnt make much of a part in 3 as to she did need to be stopped in order to stop corruption, but she should have been more encountered like on 2, and the music for other m was not the best considered it sounded like a horror action film unlike the previous primes with heroic techno futuristic themes that each atched the situation… every game ismt perfect but in order to keep its ratin in the 9 points, prime series needs to stay apart OF the series and not around it…

  • SmittyBit

    Terrible ideas. We have far too many 'hints' as it is in the series. God I get sick of it when established franchises get the 'baby-steps' routine added.
    Metroid should be challenging, and have a few parts that leave you scratching your head for a good while; Samus should def. -not- talk to herself, just think a little harder and try more.

    • Furious Francis

      Metroid already is challenging and have parts that leave you scratching your head. With Marking your map, those are things you would notice and do on your own.

    • londone247

      agreed, i hate all the hand holding the gamng industry does now, for me the challenge an solitude of prime 1 was far better then prime 3, an prime 2 to a lesser extent, also for the love of god, NO MONOLOGUES! or talking by samus whatsoever, in prime 1 i felt so immersed into the world, that every battle, every hardship samus endured, i endured right along with her, an in many ways made me feel like i was samus, freaky i know, but at the time of playing the fact shes a girl was far from my mind, an instead i thought of it as iam a bad ass bounty hunter hear to exterminate scum, it was awesome, i felt prime 3 was too easy compared to prime 2 an 1, an i for one would love it, if they went back to its roots, an made a metroid dread on wii-u an make the game more like prime 1, they nailed the atmosphere an solitude, an that hopeless scared feeling, an then when you figured out the puzzle, an got the new upgrade, an killed the boss, you felt a buzz, an such a huge feeling of accomplishment! kinda like ninja gaiden black, an dark souls an demon souls i miss challenge in todays games, an the developers all treat us like pussies!