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Wii U Hit List: Red Steel 3

Red Steel was the Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde of the Wii  “Core” games. The first one had a lot of hype behind it and many thought it would come together in time for the Wii’s launch. But, unfortunately the game was released far too early and was plagued with bad controls, subpar graphics (compared to the renders they showed, and offline split screen multiplayer that very few people played. Red Steel 2 on the other hand was really good. Being one of the first 3rd party Wii games to use the Wii motion plus. Red Steel 2 delivered on what everybody thought the first one would do: Tight control, great graphics, and a buttery smooth framerate. The problems with Red Steel 2 was the lack of multiplayer and replay value. With the Wii U offering a more core focused platform, this would be a perfect time for Ubisoft to bring back Red Steel to the Wii U. Here are a few things I would like to see in Red Steel 3 for the Wii U.

Fully Integrated Online

If there was one thing lacking in Red Steel 2 it was the omission of online multiplayer. I would have loved to slice and shoot people up with the Wii Motion plus online. With the Wii U, multiplayer could get really interesting. Having standard game modes like deathmatch, team deathmatch, and capture the flag would be a good starting point. 4 on 4 would be more than enough for this type of game. Upgrades, new weapons, skill trees, skins, and achievements would go a long way to building a foundation for long gameplay sessions slicing and dicing online. MiiVerse Integration for tips, tough boss messages, and strategy could be a nice way to make the singleplayer more connected with your friends.

Unique Gamepad Controls

This one might seem like a given but its’ not considering how Red Steel 2 played. The controls in Red Steel 2 were good, good enough to keep and improve on the design for Red Steel 3. However, the gamepad is unique and needs to be used as well. Having dual control schemes would best fit everybody’s needs. There are gamers out there that don’t like motion controls at all so good Wii U gamepad controls will be a must. Some of the ideas for the Wii U gamepad could be a map of course, hint reminders, hot keys for special attacks, and potentially swipe sword controls similar to Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword. If your not familiar with Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword check out the trailer below explaining the controls.

Better Story

Red Steel 1&2 had solid stories but lacked those epic or memorable moments. For Red Steel 3, the story really needs to grab and pull you into the world. One of Red Steel 2’s problems was the game’s atmosphere. It was very empty and lacked life. Red Steel 3’s story and set pieces should be better if they work on the surroundings and include more NPC’s. The horsepower of the Wii U should clear up that issue though. I liked that the main character was a mute but I wouldn’t mind if he talked in Red Steel 3.

Singleplayer Replay Value

Red Steel 3 needs to have plenty of singleplayer content. Multiple difficulties, boss rush modes, time attacks, extra DLC missions/content, and new game plus are all welcomed editions. With the enhanced disc space of the Wii U, Ubisoft should have plenty of space to pack all that content in. Some Nintendo themed unlocks would be a nice addition too. The vid below is the challenge mode for Red Steel 2

That’s what I want to see in Red Steel 3. What do you guys want to see in Red Steel 3? Put them in the comments below.

  • Lindyshutterbug

    Has anyone here seen Jason VandenBerghe's at GCD 2010 called "Chilling Tales from Red Steel 2: How Motion Control Will/Won't Change The Future"?

    Love the part in which he goes into detail the different types of Red Steel 2 players. It's a great look into his thoughts on why good motion games are hard to develop and why Red Steel 2 didn't sell so well.

    I got to meet him at PAX 2009 before the game came out. The attendance was pitifully small, perhaps it was an indicator of things to come. At the time I didn't mind because it gave me and the others more time to play with the demo that he brought along. Now that I think about it, the demo seemed like it tracked the kata that I tried better than the game release version.

    I had him sign the Red Steel 2 poster they handed me (still hangs on my wall). Thanked him for bringing out a game for the hard core Nintendo/Wii gamer fans that were left on the system. As we were leaving I got into a short discussion with him and another gamer on in order for motion controls to reach their full potential, consoles needed to get into displaying stereoscopic 3D.

    • bigchad

      yeah its too bad we havent seen a 3d game with motion controls. i seen this video on head tracking using wiimote that displays very good vr type 3d that would be really cool with a game like red steel. check out the video here.

      • Lindyshutterbug

        It's been a while since I've seen that video. Very bright gentleman but, Microsoft snapped him up for the Kinect.

  • Lindyshutterbug

    How about having two player co-op with one person with the gamepad and another with the wiimote plus and nun chuck with something that expands on the idea of Battlequest in Nintendoland. The wiimote plus and nun chuck could be a samurai/swordsman type character, the person with the gamepad could be a ninja type with throwing stars, blowgun (aiming and blowing into microphone), etc . . . .

  • Lee

    Perhaps my comment wasn't clear: for me, motion controllers would be essential in any sequel but I don't mean that that should necessarily be the exclusive control method – options are always a good thing in appealing to a broad range of people (and after cracking my ribs a few days ago the advantages of regular controls have been hammered home more to me again!). To be honest, I very much doubt there'll be any big release games that don't support the gamepad on the Wii U – it's the system's default controller.

    By the way – if you'd like to see more mature games on the Wii U then please consider signing and promoting the Hitman for Wii U petition:

    • Furious Francis

      True, its all wishful thinking as we might never get another Red Steel. I wish Red Steel 2 sold better.

      • Lee

        Me too!

  • Lee

    I'd love to see a Red Steel 3, especially if they remixed the setting again to a feudal Japan. BUT, only if they retain the motion controls. Swiping swords on the gamepad screen would be a huge retrograde step.

    • Furious Francis

      I would like them to include both. I think the Gamepad can be used for some interesting mechanics as well. A lot of people don't like motion controls, so Gamepad support would have to be mandatory.

  • Levi Johansen

    There are not many exclusive THIRD PARTY game SERIES for the Wii, the kind where you're waiting for the next one to come even before it is announced. The series that exists you have to wonder after every game if it was the last one or not: Red Steel and Conduit are examples of this.

    I'd wish they would make a Red Steel 3, and a 4 and a 3DS…. o.O
    Same goes for Conduit

    Red Steel 2 is one of my favourite games for the Wii.