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Wii U Places 3rd with 66,000 Units sold in February

The Wii U is still far behind the PS3 and Xbox 360 in terms of sales, but the console did increase it’s sales from last month. According to Macquarie Capital, the Wii U sold 66,000 units in February, coming in third place. 

Microsoft sold 302,000 units and the PS3 finished out with 263,000 units. There was 45% growth of the Wii U hardware from last month, and the Deluxe model showed a sharp 70% increase in consumer demand.

While these numbers are not great for Nintendo, they do show an increase in demand. People could be getting their tax returns back, or anticipated March’s packed release list for the Wii U. New console adoption ratio is always a little rough at the beginning of the consoles life. Nintendo just needs time to get their big games out.


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