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Wii U: Super Mario 3D World Sales at 1.94 Million


Nintendo has given the investors an updated look at video game sales through December 13th of 2013. Super Mario 3D World was the top performing title in the fiscal year, with 1.94 million units sold, in about a month on the market. These sales are cut off around December 13th, so it’s quite possible Super Mario 3D World is past the two million units range now. Thanks to timg57867 for the tip!

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  • Nate11337

    This game was great. Deserves good sales.

  • Shadowkirby12

    Good! The game is awesome, it definetly deserves the sales. Vgchartz has undertracked then. All of them are saying its 1.94 million shipped and that the Wii U has been shipped 5.86 million times, and yada yada yada. Can't really seem to admit that these are real sales…

  • King_Sparkticle

    Sit back, and enjoy all the mainstream media reporting this!

    Oh, wait….

  • MechaMew2

    That would mean the game occupies roughly 1/3 of the existing Wii U systems around the world. Amazing percentage.

  • Reason why I went for Wind Waker HD instead of Super Mario 3D World when I was on vacation, because I know I acquire it when I can, 'cause it will sell well for a long time and it shall keep being produced for the demand.

    I just hope by the time I can finally get on my feet, it's still in stores that's made out bricks in it's physical form with it's luscious box art! 😉

    • EclipsianNight

      And if not in actual stores, I am sure you can find it on Amazon.

  • Johny-san

    well.. its a DARN good game too ! .. so it deserves it.
    actually it deserves to sell well through its lifetime. just hope future wii u owners do pick it up. its a gem 🙂

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  • frankie4fingers83

    1.94 million as of December 13th? Is that correct? Because we’re just about in February and if that’s the case, then it has certainly passed 2million.

  • dgc4gamers

    What was that about Knack again LOOOL

  • Hana Shie

    almost 6 millions of Wii U sold and almost 4 millions of New Super Mario Bros U, NOW that is a REALLY good attachment ratio

    • Syrek

      That's the thing that many people, especially the media and so called "hardcore" gamers don't understand. The Wii U has an AMAZING attachment ratio for games sold via hardware that's been sold so far. Imagine if the install base reached 30 million or more, the sales of these games would be off the charts or at least twice, perhaps three times the amount they are now. The Wii U has such great potential to become another successful console for Nintendo and sales like these show that people still want Mario, that it sells very well in such a short time and will continue to sell long term as well. 2014 is the year when the install base for the Wii U doubles and I know for a fact that Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros will be driving the increase of it's install base. That and Nintendo's revised strategy for the Wii U will ensure that they don't make the same mistakes twice, while increasing consumer confidence, awareness and interest.

      • JTurner82

        Indeed. And if that's what Nintendo needs to do in order to increase the user base to attract third parties (again) so be it.

  • Mario_U

    Those haters who claimed it was flopping at launch can eat it. This near-2 million record shows the power of the evergreen Nintendo game compared to the other games that "outsold" it and fell off the charts quickly *cough*Knack/Lightning Returns*cough*.

  • markwang125

    After over 25 years of existence, Mario is still going on strong and hard; simply amazing.

  • Dien

    I read on Nintendolife that it took Mario Kart Wii nine months to reach a million. SM3DW selling two million in a couple of months is great. Nintendo games have that staying power and hopefully many of the exclusives now and later will have that effect.

    • Gustaf89

      yeah but mario kart wii is a 6 year old game

      • Dien

        Which proves it has that evergreen status.

    • DePapier

      I… don't think that could ever be correct since the game just sold a million in 2013 6 years after release?

      I've known the folks at NLife to not be reliable.

      • Gustaf89

        no, mario kart wii has sold 1 million copies since the start of the fiscal year, being a 6 years old game, that is awesome

        • DePapier

          I thought he meant nine months at release 6 years ago, maybe I got that mixed up…

          • EclipsianNight

            Dien is saying that it took MKWii 9 months to make a million units sold. It originally came out 6 years ago. Meanwhile SM3D for the Wii U has sold more in just one month.

  • DePapier

    You could also report from 2013 Japanese bestsellers that Mario out sold Lightning Returns in Japan in 2013.

    So that's 1/3 of the Wii U's install base owning 3D World: now that IS a successful attach rate.

    • timg57867

      Best part is that unlike NSMBU it hasn't been bundled on large scale.

      • DePapier

        Exactly. Only in Nintendo's worst market has it been bundled.

  • Weaponx178

    But I thought…didn't KNACK sell more?… now I have to rethink everything in my life.

  • donzaloog

    Wasn't this game released in November? This game sold that much in just about a month? Never underestimate the power on Mario.

  • timg57867

    Your welcome Francis. I was worried that Nintendo wouldn't do a million sellers update for the quarter but I am glad to see it was just jumbled in the mix. VGChartz can be WAAY of on some off the numbers so it's good to here the official word from Nintendo themselves. Great to see Dream Team do so well. Sold way more than VGChartz noted. Luigi also ended his year on a great note it seems. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is well on its way 4 million units. Do I smell a Luigi's Mansion for Wii U at some point?

    • UncannyOmninaut

      Yeah, I'm positively surpirsed how well Luigi's Mansion sold. Its nice to see a niche a genre (adventure game) being a multi-million seller.

  • madman94

    Mario is irrelevant they said. what happened to knack outselling? didn't see any reports on 3D world sales after that. I can't stand more bias

    • Gustaf89

      dem journalism…knack outsold mario! on the uk, on the first week

      • King_Sparkticle

        By like….2 thousand. Excellent numbers, Knack! You proved yourself to be the official winner IP of this generation! Pure masterpiece!

  • ZainreFang

    Dang, that's amazing. Mario selling millions as usual.

  • Bay2OnWiiU4Life

    Just .06 million units to go. For those who haven't bought Super Mario 3D World (either physical or digital), now is the perfect time to buy it right away.

  • Matthew Wesley

    "But Mario isn't going to save Nintendo!" The King is back, and pretenders better watch out.

    • hardensoul72

      What's incredible is that that's less than a month if just tracking nov 21 to dec 13. On a low install base of WiiU 1/3 to1/2 of WiiU owners bought it!