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Will Wright Thinks the SimCity Server issues were “Inexcusable”

The original creator of SimCity, Will Wright, has stated that he is not happy how SimCity launched. The DRM and server issues plagued users for weeks after the game released. 

When the speaking at the University of California Santa Cruz, will right had this to say about issues of SimCity

“I feel bad for the team. I kind of did predict there’d be a big backlash about the DRM stuff”

“It’s a good game; I enjoy playing it a lot. It was kind of like, ‘EA is the evil empire, there was a lot of ‘Let’s bash EA over it. That was basically inexcusable, that you charge somebody $60 for a game and they can’t play it. I can understand the outrage. If I was a consumer buying the game and that happened to me, I’d feel the same.”

Wright doesn’t seem to be a fan of DRM either.

“I think people care if it doesn’t work. If you can’t play it on planes, stuff like that – I think there are some very valid concerns about it.” 

“Also there’s a perception; I don’t expect to play World of Warcraft on the airplane, because my perception is it has to be on the net. Sim City was in this very uncomfortable space, like the uncanny valley, almost; [it was caught] between was it a single player game or was it a multiplayer game?”

Wright took the high road when discussing weather EA deserved the massive backlash they received from gamers and press alike.

“It’s hard to talk about EA as this monolithic thing with one agenda. If you move back it’s like all these different studios going in slightly different directions; it’s almost more like a loose federation,” he said.

“It is going through a lot of restructuring right now, but I don’t even have the time to tune into it.”

Check out the full article here.

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  • koopzilla

    Server issues were only part of the problem. The game looks wonderful, many cool things have been done since the last installment. Always online crap is terrible. To me Sim City just isn't a game I have any desire to play online, I just want to relax and play it by myself, no multiplayer anything is needed. Plus, the size of the land you have to build your city on is laughable. I want a huge plot of land so I can continue to grow my city, not have my land used up in a few days and have to start a new city.

  • timg57867

    Someone calling EA out for the crap their pulling? GET OUT OF TOWN!

  • Sid

    another point for EA Worst Company of the year