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Xbox 720 GPU is Capable of DirectX 11 Performance – Report

The Xbox 720 brings the power of DirectX 11 to its games, this is according to a new report. 

VGLeaks had the scoop of the Xbox 720’s rumored hardware. This matched multiple leaks that have detailed the Xbox 720’s GPU.

The report claims the GPU is capable of supporting Direct 3D 11, the API that powers DirectX 11 in new gaming PC’s. The graphics unit is described as “a departure from previous console generations both in raw performance and in structure”. Current generation consoles do not support Direct3D 11.

Details in the report reference the Xbox 720’s 32 MB of ESRAM instead of virtual memory, this will allow the Xbox 720 to overcome some limitations the Xbox 360 has.

Check out the full report below if your down with all the technical lingo.

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  • erx

    so thats next gen huh? bilinear texture filtering…….