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Xbox 720 & PS4 Titles in development at EA

EA is developing PS4 and Xbox 720 games according to a report from examiner. More details through the break.

EA has started developing Xbox 720 and PS4 titles according to their press release from today. The R&D (Research and Development) departments took larger sums of money from the companies payroll which also indicated they are planning their biggest franchise to Hit those Next Generation systems

EA invested a massive total of $314 million in R&D by far the most the company put into any one area.

EA is fully on board for the PS4 and Xbox 720. I also think some of that R&D cost could be going into Wii U for next year like Madden NFL 14. Getting two Gamepads working on one console next year could greatly enhance the multiplayer of Madden. Battlefield 4 could also be a next generation title at EA.


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