Xbox One Owners will have to pay $239.87 a year to play The Elder Scrolls Online


The Elder Scrolls Online MMO for the PS4, will not require a PS Plus subscription to play. The user just needs to pay the $14.99 a month fee to Bethesda. However, Xbox One users have to have an active Xbox Live Gold Membership to play the game, in addition to paying the monthly fees for the MMO. Get the pricing structure below. 

PS4, No PS+ Subscription required 

$14.99/€12.99 / £8.99 – Monthly = $179.88/yearly 

Xbox One, Xbox Live Gold Required – $59.99

$14.99/€12.99 / £8.99 – Monthly = $239.87/Yearly 

Basic math tells me users who want to play The Elder Scrolls Online will have to pay a yearly fee of $239.87 on Xbox One.

Source: ShackNews, Thanks AntiActivity for the tip!

PE’s Take:

I’m good, I’ll just wait for Monolith Soft’s X and Final Fantasy 15. These subscription fees are getting out of hand in my opinion. Forcing players to double pay is not a good business practice Microsoft. 

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39 Responses to Xbox One Owners will have to pay $239.87 a year to play The Elder Scrolls Online

  1. Scotty says:

    WHAT THE F*** IS THIS S*** MICROSOFT HAS NOW CROSSED THE LINE BETWEEN BEING A COMPANY TO BEING A BUNCH OF GREEDY MOTHER******. but no worrie cause remember the wat microsoft put up about xbox one thet went on about u have to always have to be connected to the inernet and so on. and wat happened?? alot of gamers got angery and soon they had to wake up and take away all that crap. wat im trying to dig is that if we all showed them that we r not fucking happy and not buying it they will eventually have to change it

  2. RavenWolfx says:

    Who owns an Xbox One and doesn't have Xbox Gold?

  3. kevin says:

    Am okay with paying for both , I say bring it .

  4. Alex Wolfheart says:


  5. MortyF1 says:

    I don't like MMO in general. I'm playing Skyrim with an array of Patch mods fixing all bugs and glitches (almost)
    Skyrim on the PC is the way to go, but I wont bother with an online game. To me, elder scrolls have always been Single Player experiences

  6. Natsuru says:

    Nearly sprayed my drink when I saw that number. Wholly Shit! Who in the HELL can pay for that!?!

  7. Atomic Toaster says:

    Also, people forget that gold works for all people in the family under all the accounts on that Xbox where psn requires a monthly fee for each user.

  8. Atomic Toaster says:

    I don't see it that way because I'd subscribe to gold or psn regardless of elderscrolls online, but that's me.

  9. Guest says:

    Sad Part is many xbox gamers won't even care and try to justify this.

  10. jtz says:

    So basicly you pay $60 for a game you don't have 100% acess to unless you give up a monthy fee. You can go to Planet Fitness or Bally's and get ripped and stay healthy. Or you can go see a doctor for a check up. Or go to Red Lobster. Or buy a Iphone. Or pay Time Warner that same amount or less if you have basic cable. Or you can run a stopsign and get fined for less than that. Or go 20 over the speed limit. Or you could buy some new Nike shoes. Or you can go see a NBA game and buy food.

  11. jtz says:

    You can buy a plane trip cheaper than that dependng where you are going and how advanced it's ordered. Thses consoes are turning into cable boxes. Pay per view or Pay per Play.

  12. jackiecruise69 says:

    Yeah.. I'm sticking with X as well. That'll be enough alone to keep me occupied for the gen. That's just crazy though. I almost feel bad for Xbox users.
    Either Microsoft's gonna have to drop their Gold fees or there's going to be a lot of unhappy Xbox users that want the game..

  13. GreenHawk97 says:

    Yep, that's Microsoft in a nutshell.

  14. Mario_U says:

    Those subscription fees are absurd, but it's common for non-free-to-play MMOs to require nearly $180 or higher per year. Now Microsoft requiring a Gold account just to access any of their free online content (including the free-to-play content) is just absurd, let alone adding costs to the yearly subscription fee of an MMO like this one. That's just greedy to be honest.

  15. Starchaser says:

    What the hell o-o

  16. hardin25 says:

    With $239 i can preorder or buy nearly 4 games.

  17. Guest says:

    Gaming is expensive that is why we must be wise.

    239$? Imagine using that for better necessities such as food shopping for example or cheaper better games if you prefer.

  18. CilverKid456 says:

    thats half of my rent money!

  19. ZainreFang says:

    That's too much freakin money. -_-

  20. Dien says:

    This better not be successful. I rather buy more games with that money. I'll stick with Monster Hunter which offers more challenge, probably the same amount of play time, no subscription, and free DLC.

  21. Gamer says:

    hahahahaha told you microsoft related news never dissapoints lol. Laughs galore.

  22. Booze says:

    Also I find it funny that console owners are willing to put up double paywall for online. Microsoft got away with this for 8 years.

    I wonder how much money it takes to improve online and put up dedicated servers with barely any lag.

  23. JTurner82 says:

    What?! What a ripoff!

    And honestly, I don't see FFXV being anywhere nearly as good as it's hyped up to be. That franchise has gone downhill since FFVI, and even if it DOES transfer to WiiU, I don't think it'll be any better.

    • King_Sparkticle says:

      I completely agree. For all we know, the game could turn out to be a mess, that only focuses on its visual aspects, and doesn't actually stand out in its gameplay/story department.

      Kingdom Hearts 3 has a much higher change of being a good game than FFXV. It's only heavily hyped because of the multiple CGI performances shown everywhere at Sony presentations.

      I'll never understand how CGI can hype people up for something. It's like getting hyped for a book because of its front cover picture. It says nothing about the game, and is only there for visual appeal, and somehow it works, which pisses me off to no ends. It's yet another reason why I don't really approve of the ways of Sony and Microsoft.

      As for TES Online, I believe even the PS4 price for playing the game for a year is an absolute ripoff. What was Bethesda thinking?

      • JTurner82 says:

        KH3 I do think has the potential to be a good game, and in the event that SE decides to do so, it will be a good fit for WiiU. It depends on how the circumstances on all sides are.

    • DJK1NG says:

      FFIV-X were the only great ones. I skip XI-XII and played XIII was disappointed. Skipping XIV then when XV was shown I was disappointed. Not interested in FF. Last 5 entries are s***. I willget FFXHD for Vita thoughand get Theatrhythm FF Curtain Call.

  24. Kerbizzle says:

    I don't have the heart to tell my Xbot friends about this.

  25. retrogaminglord says:

    Ok there is a drug called nintendo….wonder if they are taking it

  26. Booze says:

    How long before this becomes free to play?


  27. ryuken13 says:

    Nope.. Not going to happen lol.. A fee of perhaps 5 to 10 dollars would be fair if you have to purchase the game.. 15 dollars a month is reasonable if the game is free with the exception of the subscription fee.. This is an excellent example of a company that thinks too highly of their IP and attempts to screw people. The average person will say scre this and play Skyrim with free mods on PC. The mods on their previous games basically rendered this MMO a poor option for Bethseda unless they are fair with the pricing model.. My advice: wait 3 months.. They will be off their high horse, desperate for revenue to pay for the servers, and will offer some good discounts on all platforms.. Early Adopters WILL BE SCREWED.. I think that is Bethseda's corporate slogan.. Describes the experience of playing any one of their games at launch for as long as I remember.. Next these assholes will be on Kickstarter lol.

  28. IGotToTakeAPiss23 says:

    This sucks for Xbox owners and for anyone who subs to this game, because from playing the beta, the combat feels finicky and the animations are janky.

  29. markwang125 says:

    Sounds like more shit on my face.

  30. GeneralBrown178 says:

    Man what a rip-off.

  31. Nathan says:

    Man, I'd just buy the original. I've never played it, but I've heard there's virtually unlimited quests right? I think I would just settle for single player offline.

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