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PE X Nintendo #92: 3 Major Things Kimishima Needs To Do

Mr. Kimishima has a lot of work cut out for him! More »

Sakurai and Smash Bros. Uncertain Future With Nintendo

Where does Sakurai and Smash Bros. go from here? More »

Nintendo NX – Price Point, First Year Importance & Launch Date

The first year of the Nintendo NX will be really important. More »

Final Fantasy XV Producer Would Like to Make Zelda Game

Would you like to see a Zelda game with the Tech of Final Fantasy? More »

Monolith Soft Gearing up for Massive NX RPG?

IS The legendary RPG company is gearing up for a massive NX game? More »

PE Plays - Main Playthrough | Resident Evil 4 (PC)

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My Thoughts on Hyrule Warriors, and BULLSHOTS - Butterworthy

Hyrule Warriors Ima

Jamie Butterworth has another fantastic video discussing bullshots, and Nintendo’s graphical upgrades over time.

This news is Butterworthy - Reactions, Mario Kart 8, Mario Golf, Tech, and more


Jamie Butterworth discusses the recent news explosion from Nintendo about Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, Mario Golf, tech purchases, and more.

Ready for some wild Speculation About Zelda? - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth has a crazy idea for the gameplay usage in the Next Legend of Zelda for the Wii U.

Game Reviews Shouldn’t have Scores - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth discusses why game reviews shouldn’t have review scores. Jamie writes for Playeressence, so I’ll ask you guys, do you want me to drop review scores?

This Nonsense Needs to Stop - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth has had enough…..“stop judging others. Take a look in a mirror sometime.”

Your questions answered #4 - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth answers all of your users submitted questions!

How On-Screen Notifications Could look on Wii U (Mock-up) - Butterworthy


Smash Direct Impressions - Butterworthy

Super Smash Bros for Wiiu and 3DS

Jamie Butterworth goes over his Super Smash Bros for Wii U & 3DS Direct impressions. Check it out below.

Butterworthy - Your Questions Answered

Mighty No.9

Jamie Butterworth has put together a nice video answering all of your questions.

Playeressence Review - South Park: The Stick of Truth (PS3)


When Jamie Butterworth isn’t correcting me on how to pronounce games, he is writing reviews for Playeressence ‘dot’ com. Check out Jamie’s latest review for South Park: The Stick of Truth below. 

Nintendo YouTube Community, a word Please - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth discusses the latest Nintendo Direct and the YouTube community.

The Last of Us: Left Behind (DLC) Review


Playeressence freelance writer Jamie Butterworth has a brand new review for The Last of Us: Left Behind. The new single player story expansion for The Last of Us. How does this premium DLC fair? Find out in Butterworth’s review. 

Games have Gotten way too Short - Butterworthy

Jamie Butterworth discusses if games are getting too short. Subscribe to Buterworthy for more amazing videos. 

Expectations in Gaming - Butterworthy

PS4 Xbox One Wii U
I just ramble on about expectations among the big three. It’s also apparent that I need a real mic.

Nintendo: an impassioned plea from a fan - Butterworthy


Playeressence writer Jamie Butterworth, discusses what Nintendo needs to do going forward. Trust me, this isn’t doom and gloom. This is from a true fan that knows what he is talking about. No stupid assumptions, or bad analysis. Please watch it. 

The Last of Us: Blatant Plagiarism? - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth gives his impressions of Naughty Dog’s latest epic, The Last of Us. He also discusses if the story is a little too similar to previously done mediums.

Your Questions Answered! - Butterworthy

Oldschool Gaming

PE writer Jamie Butterworth answers your questions!

YouTube, it’s time we had a frank discussion about this - Butterworthy


Warning: Explicit Language 

Every content creator in the gaming community needs to watch this and learn from it. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more great videos.

What’s with the Trend to move away from Local Multiplayer? - Butterworthy


I’ve loved local multiplayer all my life. I don’t understand why companies (not Nintendo) are moving away from this or shoehorning it onto games.

(Almost) 300 subscriber THANK YOU! - Butterworthy


Playeressence writer Jamie Butterworth has a brand new video thanking the community for reaching 300 subscribers. Make sure to subscribe to Butterworthy for more amazing videos. 

The Gamepad Advantage isn’t the only Control Advantage WiiU has - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth has a brand new video discussing the multiple control schemes the Wii U offers. Subscribe to Butterworthy for more videos. 

Apologist? Hah! - Butterworthy

WiiU PS4 Xbox One

Please let me explain a few things to you about what an apologist is, and why I choose Nintendo to ally myself to - Butterworthy