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Christmas Pickups! - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworth goes over his pickups from Christmas. Subscribe to Butterworthy right here!

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  • Dark Shidara

    Nice Pickups Jamie!! Lol you fell back into Magic The Gathering's trap, my Wife has Forbidden me to go back to Magic or Warhammer…

    • Jamie_Bworth

      Hell, my wife encouraged me! "You loved Magic so much, I hated when you got rid of everything! You should go back." Then I discovered a small local store that didn't suck, and wasn't full of assholes (the polar opposite of the store that basically made me quit) and it drew me back in.

      • Dark Shidara

        I still have my Old Deck (pretty sure is mostly irrelevant now lol) and my Warhammer Figures that I painted myself, the problem was that I used to be so involved into both (plus Comics, Mangas, Toys, Video Games <- only one left) that I hardly had time to spend with her.