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Final Fantasy VII Remake Confirmed for PC


The Final Fantasy VII Remake has been confirmed for PC. The PC version was actually planned before the PS4 announcement. Square Enix discussed the matter below. 

“When we announced the HD port, the PC port on the PS4, we weren’t sure when we wanted to announce the remake,” Nomura said. “The production was underway then, so there’s no real connection between the timing of the two Final Fantasy VIIs coming to PS4. We’ve announced several different titles coming to the PlayStation 4 like World of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts III.”

Square Enix hopes the announcement of the remake will help boost PlayStation 4 console sales in Japan, which has seen a slow uptake in its home country.

“There’s more and more titles being introduced for the platform, and we’re hoping that announcing the remake of Final Fantasy VII, it’ll give a boost to people wanting to buy this current generation of console,” Nomura said. “If we announced the remake after all those titles have been sold, it wouldn’t have created such an impact, so that’s why we decided on this timing. We wanted to reassure players that PlayStation 4 is coming out with great titles including Final Fantasy VII. That’s why we decided to announce the remake.

A remake has been requested by fans for years. So why now?

Nomura explained, “The talks about making this remake, internally it’s been mentioned on and off. Sometimes we think we can do it, and then sometimes we think maybe we can’t. Considering some of the original staff, like Kitase, he’s acting as producer, and [Kazushige] Nojima, he’s doing the script – we’re all getting older! If we keep going like this, the thought occurred to us that we might have to pass this on to a younger generation, without the original developers taking part. It doesn’t seem like such a grand intention, but we wanted to do it with the original members.”

Source: Gematsu

  • Mega Prime

    Good on SE for supporting their Japanese player’s interests in games. The PS4 was quick to dominate this generation because Sony knew where they’re bread was buttered most…. in the West. Now with all the great jrpg’s coming out on PS4, it’s only a matter of time now.

  • 7thlevel JR

    i know the remake is a multi plat but can someone show me the exact quote where it says its coming to pc?

  • Guidosaur

    This is a good sign, hopefully we’ll get FF XV on PC

  • gaugheyad

    “There’s more and more titles being introduced for the platform, and
    we’re hoping that announcing the remake of Final Fantasy VII, it’ll
    give a boost to people wanting to buy this current generation of

    Why not show the same consideration to a platform that’s already sold rather well in Japan? Apparently the only Japanese made console they care about is the PS4. If this isn’t direct conformation of their bias I don’t know what is. They’ve admitted they’re trying to prop up the PS4. For what reason? I think we all know.

    And of course I’m not even going to mention the 3DS, except right now, which also has sold very well in Japan and yet is constantly left out in regards to their support. Hell, they just announced a new Vita game and the Vita only sells well in Japan.

    Funny how an all but failed Sony system can still garner better support than a Nintendo one.

  • FalconLawnch

    It’s pretty poorly worded, but that’s not what Nomura meant. What he’s referring to is the PS4 port of the PC re-release of the original game that many got trolled with at the PlayStation Experience conference.

    The “HD port” is the port of the PC version that was recently released on Steam with a few upgrades to the PS4. In other words, there are two versions of the game coming to PS4; the cheap port with “upscaled original graphics” and the full-blown HD remake. Nomura is also saying that they were already working on the latter when the former was announced.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the remake came to PC later on (after all, the same thing happened with the original), but there are currently no other platforms announced aside from the PS4.

    • RicardJulianti

      Bingo. Was just about to post this.

    • GeneralBrown178

      Ahhh I see, my mistake.

  • Jon Turner

    Just as I thought; a timed exclusive. Too bad I have little interest. The original FFVII is good, but it’s hardly one that merits a remake. FFVI does.

  • Ray01X

    Sony wins at generating hype, but fails at delivering unique, Exclusive content.

    And judging by how the Internet is reacting today, Hype seems to be more important. smh

    • Jon Turner

      Well of course, it’s one of the biggest reasons for Nintendo’s problems this gen. Their failure to generate hype. Oh sure they deliver exclusive content, but if they had planned going into WiiU better, they wouldn’t be in this mess.

      • Wonder Dean

        They fail to generate hype if you ignore like 3/4 of their announcements, or if they fail to meet some astronomical expectations. A good problem to have, honestly.

      • Ray01X

        True, hype can help people gain an interest in games, but at the end of the day its the quality & variety of the games that should determine a purchase of said games or the console said games are on.
        Sony hyped alot of their games well but if I don’t give a damn about the games they were hyping it’s a thumbs down from me personally.
        Nintendo did a bad job at hyping, but many of the games they showed, new and old, intrigued me and thats all I ask for in these presentations. Show me games that I want to play. If you don’t, then I won’t bother with you. Nintendo tends to always pump out some games that I’ll enjoy which is why i’m a big Nintendo fan.

        I’ve been playing & enjoying games before I even knew what E3 was.
        Hype never had a factor in my purchases, it was if whether or not I would find enjoyment in this particular piece of software. Maybe that’s just me.

        Hype can help people get excited for a new game, but if the hype is nothing but a bunch of empty promises & twisted truths(looking at you Sony) Then its absolutely worthless to me.

        • Jon Turner

          Don’t get me wrong, Sony HAS made a lot of erratic choices this gen, and I don’t agree with their strategy at all. I don’t even LIKE them. But creating hype WAS one area where NIntendo really didn’t do such a great job at. Next gen they will have to do a better job at it.

          • Ray01X

            I agree. Nintendo is more than capable at generating hype. They just didn’t do so at this years E3.
            That’s mostly do to them blowing their load too early in Directs though. Its a blessing and a curse I guess.

            E3 2016 is almost guaranteed to be better since they already announced most of their 2015 & Early 2016 games now so they’ll have nothing but mostly new games to show, though they may show some new software during certain Directs over the coming months.

            Some might consider it a good or bad thing that Nintendo likes to announce big games during their regular Directs.
            Every new announcement in their Directs is one less announcement at E3.
            I don’t mind it personally since we get alot more information during Directs than at regular E3 conferences.
            A blessing and a curse.

          • TimG57867

            I think this is really the prime factor. Games like Xenoblade Chronicles X, Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero, or Yoshi’s Wooly World could have been killer E3 reveals. But they all got announced or leaked far sooner than they were even ready to release. Almost everything Sony and Microsoft announced at their conferences is slated for next year with few big reveals for 2015. When you really look at it, Nintendo’s lineup for 2015 is just as loaded as theirs, if not more. But this E3 makes it seem dismal because we already knew about most of this stuff.

            It’s like you said, Nintendo Direct is a mixed bag. On one hand, it does let you announce things whenever you want, but at the same time it also weakens your presence at E3. Admittedly, I feel E3 as a whole as lost a lot of spirit in recent times as the Internet allows things to be announced at any time, fans turn it into a mud war, and most of the stuff shown is either a CGI trailer or just not all it’s cracked up to be. But never the less, gamers still see as it a critical time for companies. I like that Nintendo is trying to communicate to gamers directly more, but I don’t think it’s time for them to cast E3 aside yet. Objectively, it may not be such a big deal, but E3 is still great for PR. Just look at what Sony did to Microsoft in 2013.

            I hope Nintendo takes good notes from this. I think there whole lineup had potential to be amazing, but it got mitigated by stuff being announced WAY before it was ready. In fact, when you think about it, I actually think that epic direct from January 2013 actually hurt Nintendo more than it helped them. Almost all the good reception they got from it was squandered by Ubisoft delaying Rayman Legends and since then, it seems to have set people’s expectations of Nintendo to a really high bar. A bar they can’t realistically meet with every direct. Gameflow said it best on another thread. There needs to be balance. I feel that Nintendo should save big tier announcements for E3 just to get good press while they use directs to add further information not covered in E3 about announced games. Focused directs on known games are the way to go in my eyes. If there’s anything I think Iwata should REALLY take from this backlash, it’s that the timing of announcing things is not to be underestimated. Sony and Microsoft announced practically nothing new for this year made by themselves (and showed mostly CGI trailers) yet they’re getting praise because it’s stuff that has been announced for the first time. I think Nintendo needs to stop revealing things WAY before they’re ready to release and save the top tier things for E3 while using directs to provide more information and/or announce smaller stuff.

          • Jon Turner

            That would have been the better way to handle WiiU from the beginning, to tell you the truth; they launched it before it was ready to go. They should have released the system in 2013 when it was ALL ready, not BEFORE.

          • Ray01X

            Hmm, I think you’re right.
            It’s great getting unexpected game reveals throughout the year, but if it results in you having a lackluster E3 event, which is something many gamers still seem to hold up in high regard, then it might be best to limit one’s self to just doing game specific Directs of games already announced and saving big guns for E3.
            Revealing a little eShop game or something during a direct would be fine, but stuff like Star Fox, Metroid or F-Zero reveals should be saved for E3.

            If anything it would help limit the amount of crying on the internet. lol

          • Titangamecube

            The problem is, now everyone expects directs to have big announcements during Directs. I mean good lord, people hype directs up like they are E3. I find it odd because they did this last year and Star Fox was actually announced at E3 last year with no information. Not to mention the SMT incident. I think the problem this year and this goes to everyone: We all knew the games were coming. We knew the Division was coming, We knew Uncharted 4 was coming, and we damn sure knew Halo 5 was coming. The only unexpected games were Horizon (which is not coming out until next year), FF7 (which…yadda yadda), Shenmue 3 (which that hype for that game was killed so quickly by that incident), Some Dark Souls X Dynasty Warriors game form Ubisoft, and shooters. Basically what Im trying to say is, E3 is becoming irrelevant itself when they just show us the same game over and over but its different because they color it a different color or its reskinned Notice how the quality of each E3 gets worse and worse. The best part of this E3? The Nintendo World Championship. Yes. That even people seemingly forgot about and it gets to the heart of what E3 should be: The games. Then it got me thinking and this might come as a shock: What if they just have one even per day? You talk about the big game first, then next day you talk about other smaller games, then you tie the whole thing up with one big game on the last day. Basically, one focused direct, one standard sizzle reel with them talking about upcoming games with a few surprises, and then end it on another big one. Because I think the conference type of E3 outlived its purpose and this goes for all companies (I think Nintendo is still too grounded in the conference…yeah even last year has the problem but it was reduced because we had games). Having to sit through hours of fluff but no substance just…bores me. Of course, there is flaws to this plan but I think it truly goes to what E3 should be.The less its about games, the more boring it is.

          • Ray01X

            Good point. Nintendo still can’t win it seems. :/

            *sigh*E3 is getting worse & worse it seems, but gamers(including Ninty fans) still consider it the most important time of the year even though its starting to become more & more irrelevant.(At least in regards to Nintendo).

            I do think they should continue their Directs, but being a bit more conservative with their bigger game reveals would be for the better for now.

          • Titangamecube

            I think it stopped mattering when the internet became big. I think they should continue directs but maybe not in the “conference style” I mentioned. See the point of directs is to hype up things, like the point of E3 is. When they did that, E3 became less and less important. I think that they could name drop a title in the works or show a small trailer for it but thats about it. Otherwise, people will be butthurt for not showing anything.

          • *NormalGamer*

            “I do think they should continue their Directs, but being a bit more conservative with their bigger game reveals would be for the better for now.”

            Agreed. Nintendo is better off relying on that than to stick with the traditional formula the other companies are doing.

          • GeneralBrown178

            Ya I think that January 2013 direct is biting them in the butt now. I think Nintendo made that direct to show people the Wii U had a future because of its very low sales during that time.

      • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqVK6IRhSAzMTVrInpg03Q Otaku DJK1NG

        Nintendo the only publisher retail wise generating hype for their system.

        While Sony has every publishers on board to generate hype.

        See how that works.

    • Wanderlei

      Sony are masters of phony hype and no substance.

      CGI trailers, multiplat and no games this year.

  • http://www.thedigitaleon.com Deax2er

    Good, still really no reason for me to run out and buy a Ps4, even after all the news. I’m still not really thinking about it. Shenmue 3, FFVII, and few others are all coming out on pc, so what’s the point?

  • GeneralBrown178

    Well…there go’s my reason of getting a PS4

  • Mythosa

    My wife is excited for this. It’s her favourite FF game.

  • TimG57867

    If I get the remake, this is the version I’m getting.

    • *NormalGamer*

      As will I; my PC/Wii U/3DS combo satisfies me anyway.