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M.I.A. Watch Dogs Reviews - Terminator Juice


“A few hours before the release of the “first true next gen game”, and there are zero reviews for it. . . what’s up with dat?!”

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  • Ryuken13

    Ah the joys of double DRM on a Steam game.. Uplay is down as I post this so LEGITIMATE owners CANNOT PLAY THEIR GAME..

    Honestly, I am so tired of the Uplay bullshit.. I hope this forces them to scrap this crap.. Please do not get this on PC and get screwed.. You have been warned..

  • Zuflus

    Gamereactor came out with reviews now. It's in Norwegian, but you can see the grades for the game from all the different Countries at the bottom.

    But I seriously need more reviews to figure out if the score justify the game, they all gave it 8 or 9.

  • King_Sparkticle

    Watch Dogs reviews started rolling in, and they're….well, they're NOT something an open world, huge budget Ubisoft game should be.

    The reviews are at around 80 on Metacritic, so you could knock it down by an extra 10 points because of bias, and an extra 5 points because of Ubisoft paying out these reviewers.

    There you have it, a 65 Metacritic score, which is NOT GOOD AT ALL.

    Judging by all the user reviews, this game is nothing but mediocre, and with all the fanboyism and damage control happening over this game, I'll be the first to assume that the game is simply sh*t.

    I apologize, but it's the truth.

    • FateShift

      You’ve played it?

    • Harman_Smith

      Considering the user base metacritic score is at fifty, something is clearly, clearly wrong.

  • http://www.krisgodwinofficial.com/ GonkDroid88

    I just got an email saying that Watch_Dogs is now available to buy! W00t!

    … Buuuut, they sent the message to the wrong fella, as I'm not touching this game until the Wii U version is released. From what I've been reading, it was the smart choice. I get the feeling that the game is good… But nothing mind-blowing. Anyways, I'll be really curious as to how this all turns out for Ubisoft, as they spent so much time hyping this game.

  • superyoshi10

    have you seen this E3 predicton list it features a very interesting zelda u theory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-OXZANJRKVg

  • Harman_Smith

    Okay! I've been watching a live stream for the past few minutes, and I have to say…

    Watch Dogs IS GTA. There's no getting around this.

    • TerminatorJuice

      That's what it looks like to me as well! It's like GTA meets Assassin's Creed, which are 2 games that I'm not a huge fan of in the first place! : (

  • Ryuken13

    Check out the Steam forum on this game.. Not impressed. The game is not optimized well for pcs and people are having issues.. Hence the embargo hiding this crap until a decent amount of people pick up their preorders..

    Uplay?? Not Me!! lol..

  • MechaMew2

    Maybe this is Ubisoft's secret plan. Delay the Wii U version so it can be the definitive edition over the crappy version the other systems have so more gamers will buy the Wii U!

    …nah, Ubisoft isn't that smart.

  • Hardin25

    Everyone is getting hacked!!!

  • Sinumous

    Should've delayed it to release with the Wii U version, which may be the only fully playable version at launch. I hope its not another Aliens: Colonial Marines situation where the Wii U version just ends up being cancelled because of crappy quality and negative reviews.

    One more day to see how it goes…

    • JTurner82

      I hope not either; that was a pretty stupid move on the part of the creators behind COLONIAL MARINES, regardless of the game's quality.

      • Sinumous

        Maybe. It might have sold some but printing and distributing those copies costs money as well so I think they were just cutting their losses while they could.

  • JTurner82

    Why do I have a feeling this game's not going to be as successful as Ubisot hoped? The first review I spotted from a Gamespot Italian site, translated, said it was an OK but not great game, hardly what I feel many are expecting from this.

  • RicardJulianti

    This is more about Ubisoft trying to capitalize on the those who can’t wait. The ones that pre-ordered. They don’t want any negative reviews to possibly sway someone from buying it.

    They had enough bad press with the downgrade and anything else could easily push people to wait for a GTAV on PC or “next-gen” announcement…that probably won’t happen. (PC might though)

    Release day review embargoes!

  • Harman_Smith

    Ubisoft absolutely BOTCHED this game.

    They turned on the hype machine years before the game was ready to see release by relying on extremely questionable practices, and then they absolutely failed to deliver. This isn't a GTAV situation, where I am simply not interested in the game… Oh, no. The game doesn't even look finished, going by what we've seen so far. And Ubisoft putting up an embargo on the game…? They're probably worried that smaller journalists are going to tear them apart, despite all of their bribes towards IGN and their ilk.

    I don't think this game is going to be a success for Ubisoft, considering it's absolutely ludicrous budget and the fact that sequels are likely already in the works… and the fact that GTAV is much more appealing.

  • timg57867

    Huh, I just realized that. Just why HAVEN'T we seen any Watch Dogs reviews? Mario Kart 8 releases at the same time yet we've had reviews for it for a week and a half now. Something fishy is going on. Sure hope this doesn't point to a shabby, disappointing game. It's a new IP (albiet another realistic open world action game) in a market flooeded with rehashes and sequels and from what I can tell, a lot of people have been excited for it on all platforms.

  • http://nintendobserver.com/ DePapier

    It's becaused this happened: http://playeressence.com/watch-dogs-video-shows-a

  • Emufred

    I hate to say it but it must have been bad, I mean think about it, why would they keep good reviews till the last day? They would release the good reviews early to hype everyone up.

    And that recent glitch video also doesn't help either

    • http://www.krisgodwinofficial.com/ GonkDroid88

      It's definitely not a good sign. Publishers generally enforce review embargoes because the game sucks - though there have been exceptions, like MGS4.