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Metroid Prime: Federation Force - Reggie Wants our “Trust” | PlayerEssence

Metroid Prime Fed F

Reggie Fils-Aime said he wants Metroid fans “trust” with Metroid Prime Federation Force. I’m not so willing to give it. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

  • fitmclaren

    I am willing to trust Reggie in multiple ways. First, Metroid Prime Federation Force is being created by a very talented studio Next Level Games. Those guys made the critically acclaimed Punch Out remake and Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon. Given the pedigree that Next Level Games have, Nintendo must have given them a lot of freedom. This game is made on the 3DS, so I don’t see them trying to push the graphics beyond expectations at all. Gameplay over graphics should be the key philosophy of any game, especially when it comes to Nintendo.

    Second-This isn’t the first time that fans over react when it comes to a Nintendo game announcement. Wind Waker is a overuse example, so I’m going to use Super Mario 3D World. When that game was first showed off, fans were extremely upset and it is getting to the point where they were calling the game “Super Mario 3D Land HD edition”. When Nintendo showed us another trailer before the game came out, people were blown away by the creativity and polish of the game mechanics. Nintendo fans completely change their perspective, and they became happy with the results. Metroid Prime Federation Force has a year to prove itself worthy, and fans are all ready jumping into conclusions as always. Given Nintendo previous history and track record, there is no reason for this to happen again.

    Third-This is the second spinoff of the Metroid Prime series. The first was Metroid Prime Hunters, and that game not only follows the similar structure from other games in the franchise, but also has a online multiplayer mode, where you can play as Samus and the other Hunters. Yet, despite all that, it didn’t really sell that much at all. Nintendo wanted to try a different approach with Federation Force, focusing more on the shooting mechanics instead of the exploration gameplay. That way, they can expand the Metroid series to a unexpected terrain while making it more appealing to a wider audience.

    The biggest reason why Metroid as a franchise didn’t took off that much is because the franchise as a whole wasn’t for everyone. Metroid was all about exploration and it has little to no story at times. The fact that you have to do a decent amount of backtracking to previous areas and finding power ups yourself didn’t allow it to gain that general appeal to the masses. Blast Ball in Federation Force is an alternative that changes the gameplay uniquely. It is not something that they slap onto to the game for no reason. Soccer is a very popular sport worldwide, so having that type of a game in FF is a very appealing aspect that cannot be ignored.

    I feel that fans really need to look deeper and understand why Nintendo made this type of a game. Acting impulsive and starting petitions to cancel this game is not only pointless, but it is also a slap to the face to Next Level Games, developers who gave us a ton of great, memorable games.

    • Emufred

      Nicely written dude. Overall just wait and see how the game truly turns out. I wasn’t that happy with the announcement at first too, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it a fair chance.