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Nintendo can’t win… - Butterworthy


It doesn’t matter what Nintendo does, they just can’t win. 

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  • gamerdad

    Best video I’ve seen about this topic. Agree with everything

  • http://fonichedge.deviantart.com TripleMMM

    Having seen these blatantly foolish complaints and no less from youtubers who I considered very level headed individual made me facepalm… -_-'

    And like Jamie said, most of the stuff Nintendo is getting bashed for, other companies are doing much, much worse, yet they get a pass. *faceplam

  • Dazzla84

    From what I've seen, the GameCube adapter announcement has had near universal approval, so I agree, Butterworthy's probably seen a very tiny minority complaining about it.

    The "Mario Kart is Racist" review was actually more funny than serious, there are only 5 humans (all re-represented in baby form, 2 of them also represented as exxagurated versions and 2 characters with metallic skin versions) and the "toads" aren't even human, they're just anthropomorphic toadstool mushrooms, not to mention that you can race as your Mii (which can be any colour you want) but the writer of that article I remember hilariously claimed "Mii's don't count" It was more of a desparate cry for attention rather than a review

  • Aiddon

    well, Nintendo can't win with the current crop of devs and gamers, so I say they should tell those spoiled brats to go fuck themselves and move on. The current status quo is rotten so I think it's time for a nice pruning to get rid of the diseased branches.

    • rubix8702

      epic thumbs up lol

  • TLH14

    Well now, let's think about this…

    Can Nintendo win against a few picky nerds, looking for something to complain about? Not very frickin' likely.

    But don't forget that these people are just a loud minority. Most people don't even know, let alone care, about Nintendo's YouTube policies, and even amongst the small portion of people in-the-know, plenty think Nintendo have made a good move here; unfortunate people are more likely to complain than sing praises, and the people in support of this move are quietly keeping to themselves.

    The original creator of #Miiquality considered the campaign to be a success when Nintendo promised to be more inclusive with future titles; there was a time there where things escalated because Nintendo said the wrong thing, but they were quick to apologize, and the people that have refused this apology have separated themselves from the ones that just wanted to better enjoy their gaming experience and revealed that they were just interested in the campaign for the sake of complaining. Many people are happy with Nintendo's current response and are either looking forward to Tomodachi Life or future entries to the series; I suggest you shift your focus towards these more positive examples instead.

    And I think you've just run into some poor sorts in relation to the GameCube adapter, because this definitely has people pleased, and there are plenty that are singing the praises of the GC adapter. http://i.minus.com/iTKaBLWQturn8.gif

    But I think the most important thing to consider is this: What's Nintendo supposed to win here? Winning over those set out to hate them, or making a profit while pleasing a silent majority too busy enjoying their games to make a scene on the internet?

    I dunno, just try not to let negativity wear you down, 'kay? Trust that there are plenty of happy people out there, even if you haven't heard from them.

    • timg57867

      You nailed it. Nintendo shouldn't let themselves get caught up with a whiney minority that will never be pleased. They should just focus on increasing their brand awareness amongst the "blue ocean", so to speak.

      I mean when you get down to it, since Nintendo is a business, all they have to do to "win", is post a profit.

      • zoogelio

        Be it television shows, sports fanbases, or video games, there is a segment that will *never* be satisfied and will always complain, even when they get some/much of what they want. I've seen it time after time in different fanbases across different things. The best a company/show/team can do is ignore those people and try and focus on seemingly legitimate complaints from people who don't complain as much as they breathe.

    • rubix8702

      you deserve an internet cookie for this comment

  • http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpthURgD8mQHMc_4ckdxKag Matthew Wesley

    Sadly… you're right. Nintendo could create the ultimate gaming console and outsell everything and people would still find something to bitch about.


      There it is…

    • http://playeressence.com Majoraspersona

      "Nintendo's too successful! They aren't encouraging competition! Why are still playing on a console anyway? Everyone know that true, hardcore gamers only use PC's nowadays!"