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Nintendo Mobile and the “NX” Platform - Mizzah Tee


My thoughts on Nintendo “Going Mobile” and their announced “NX” platform.

Source: Mizzah Tee

  • Jon Turner

    While I can see why Nintendo was forced to admit NX, I still think it wasn’t such a great move, because now people believe that they are running WiiU into the ground and not even trying to boost sales. The chaos it has caused is outrageous.

    • Titangamecube

      Nintendo has announced consoles during the lifetime of consoles before. Please stop listening to stupid people.

      • Jon Turner

        It’s just the absurdity of how low such people can sink that really irritates me.

  • Fluffy_Bunny_Bob

    Like Tee says, the only reason the NX Project was even mentioned during the mobile gaming announcement, was to assure people that Nintendo are still focused on the dedicated game console business. Suddenly, reports came out about pre-orders being taken for the NX, people started posting comments about the Zelda U delay actually being about a shift to an NX launch title for 2016.
    I’ve managed to avoid many of the click-bait articles, but I’ve seen a number of over-reactions and panicky comments from gamers who have been swept up by misinterpretation, misinformation and pure speculation.

  • Mr. Catherwood

    I love those photoshoped super mario 3d world pictures on smart phones on the click bait articles, it’s like people actually belive they will experience the AAA nintendo games on a crappy phone :v