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PE X Nintendo #73: Devil’s Third, Smash Bros. Wii U & Nintendo’s next-gen Portable Rumor

PE X Nintendo 73 CC

On this episode of PE X Nintendo, we’ve got new info on Devil’s Third, Sakurai comments on balance patches and a new rumor that Nintendo will be using Free-form LCD tech for their next gaming device.

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  • superyoshi10

    Yay another great video from Francis, i don't know why PE Nintendo dosn't have more subscribers

    • I can explain why I don't.

      1. I've switched YouTube Channels way to many times. I had my original PlayerEssence account, then my Furious Francis account, and now my PE Nintendo account. I've had to rebulid sub bases over and over.

      2. Bad publicity, some people don't like how I do things, so they've said a lot of stuff to keep people from subscribing to my channel.

      3. Consistency. I need to stay consistent, sometimes my uploads are a little erratic, I need to get on a normal and good schedule.

      • rubix8702

        That's okay, you still have the people that count.