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PE X Nintendo Ep. 68 - Bayonetta 2 & the Real Meaning of #OperationPlatinum


Francis discusses Hyrule Warriors eShop sales, new shows, Super Smash Bros selling out, Wii U update 5.2, and the real meaning behind Bayonetta 2 #OperationPlatinum

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  • http://thenintendovault.wordpress.com/ Your Usual Sparkie

    Hey, just a question, is Operation Platinum a widespread thing? Is in not restricted to the general Internet Nintendo community?

    I heard many peolle mention that Westerners will buy the game because of OP, but I'm worried it might not be enouhh…so to speak.

  • SoccerStar9001

    This game has been the most incredible action game I played in years.
    I don't even notice a framerate drop at all. Even if there is, it is still the best action game out the.

    Big thanks to Big N for saving this game.