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Rise and Fall of The Sega Saturn - Mizzah Tee


“Tee talks about the rise and fall of his second favorite console of all time, The Sega Saturn.”

Source: Mizzah Tee

  • alex9234

    I’ve been a major Sega Saturn collector for the past 2 years. Most of my Saturn games are Japanese imports(Only 3 US games), but I do own a lot of standout titles for the system and I wonder if Tee owns any of the ones I have listed below. Some of the standout titles I own are:
    -Mega Man X4 (US)
    -Virtua Cop 1 & 2 (US)
    -Mega Man 8 (Japanese)
    -Mega Man X3 (Jpn.)
    -Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Japanese)
    -Policenauts (Jpn.)
    -X-Men vs. Street Fighter (Jpn.)
    -Street Fighter Zero 2 (Jpn.)
    -Resident Evil (Jpn.)
    -Deep Fear(Jpn.)
    -Dead or Alive(Jpn.)
    -Thunder Force V(Jpn.)
    -Virtua Fighter Remix (Jpn.) (remake of Virtua Fighter)
    -Virtua Fighter 2 (Jpn.)
    -Sakura Wars (Jpn.)
    That’s most of my collection there. And believe me, they were all really expensive. Especially the Mega Man games, Symphony of the Night and Thunder Force V which can go for more than $70 on Ebay and Amazon.