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Media Create Sales: 2/23/15 – 3/1/15 - Dragon Quest Heroes and PS4 Lead

Dragon Quest Heroes

This week’s Media Create charts are in. Dragon Quest Heroes took the top spot on PS3 with 325,446 units sold. Not far behind was the PS4 version with 269,303 units sold. The PS4 got a bump in sales as well, racking up 46,139 units. Get the full software and hardware charts past the link.

Update: Dragon Quest Heroes Confirmed for the West on PS4, Physical and Digital

Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix has confirmed that Dragon Quest Heroes will launch on the PS4 this year. However, it seems the PS3 version will not be localized. The game will be available both physical and digital. Thanks to all the users that pointed out my mistake. 

Dragon Quest Heroes - PS4 (1080p 60fps) vs PS3 (720p 30fps) Comparison Video

Dragon quest  heroes

Square Enix has released two videos comparing the PS4 version of Dragon Quest Heroes, to the PS3 version. Both videos content the same area, one is just running on the PS4, and the other is on the PS3.

(PS4 Version set to 1080p 60fps)

(PS3 Version)

Via: Gematsu

Dragon Quest Heroes - Japanese TV Spots

Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes launches this week in Japan. Check out two TV commercials for the upcoming JRPG.

Dragon Quest Heroes - New Combat Details

Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes might follow the Dynasty Warriors formula, but there is a number of changes that will make this title stand up on its own. New details past the link.

The Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition PS4 sold Around 38,000 Units in Japan

Dragon Quest Heroes PS4

Last week’s Media Create charts showed the PS4 sold a total of 68,041 units, the systems’ highest total since launch. The reason for the bump was due to the Dragon Quest PS4. The Metal Slime Edition PS4 sold 38,000 units in Japan, out of the 68,041 PS4’s sold last week. The special PS4 also came with a download code for Dragon Quest Heroes, which launches this February on PS4 and PS3. Via: Siliconera, Source: Media Create

Dragon Quest Heroes - Jump Festa Gameplay Footage

Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix has shown off new footage of Dragon Quest Heroes running on PS4. See all the action below.

Dragon Quest Heroes runs at 60fps on PS4, 30fps on PS3 + Release date

Dragon quest  heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes is a game that I am really looking forward to on PS4. And now we have confirmation that the game will run at 60fps on PS4, while the PS3 version will only run at 30fps.

There is also a special edition silver PS4 that is launching this December that comes with a download code to play Dragon Quest Heroes when it releases in February 2015. More details along with a new Japanese TV commercial can be watched below.

Dragon Quest Heroes (PS4) - 20 Minutes of Amazing Combat Footage - TGS 2014

Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix had Dragon Quest Heroes running on stage at TGS 2014. And while it does look at good as the reveal trailer ‘gameplay’ the game still looks really good.

Dragon Quest Heroes - TGS 2014 Trailer


This is the same trailer we’ve seen for Dragon Quest Heroes on PS4, but it’s so good, you can watch it again.  

Dragon Quest Heroes Announced for the PS4 & PS3 - First Trailer here, LOOKS AMAZING!


Koei Tecmo and Omega Force are hard at work after finishing Hyrule Warriors. The teams will be pairing up with Square Enix to make Dragon Quest Heroes for the PS4. This is obviously a mash-up of the Dragon Quest franchise and Dynasty Warriors. The game is set for release in 2015 for the PS4. Japanese players can also expect a silver PS4 Slime design.  Check out the reveal trailer below!