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Rare Replay | PlayerEssence Review (ZyroXZ2)


PlayerEssence reviewer ZyroXZ2 reviews Rare Replay on the Xbox One! Check out the text review below.

Scalebound is Looking to Increase the Value of Xbox One and push the Graphics of the System


Hideki Kamiya has discussed the overall goals for Xbox One exclusive Scalebound. The action RPG is looking to enhance the value of Xbox One and push the systems graphical limits.

“One thing with every project that at least I have been working on, throughout my entire career, is that I would like to earn the trust of not just the players but also our partners, such as publishers,” said Kamiya. “And when I have built and earned that trust there’s mutual, hopefully, respect and trust that I need to deliver what is expected of me.

And until that is done my work isn’t complete. I cannot put out a product that does not meet the expectations that we mutually agreed would be delivered.

“So in terms of, say, Scalebound, which is an exclusive title for Xbox One, my ultimate goal and mission is that this will help appeal to, and also heighten the value, of not just my game but also the console, and show the power of what Xbox One can do.”

Via: VGChartz

Phil Spencer Wants to see Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey on Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility

Lost Odyssey 111

Xbox games boss Phil Spencer tweeted out that he would like to see Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon on Xbox One via backward compatibility.

“First thing I’d like to do is get LO and Blue Dragon in back compat, don’t have that yet.”

Lost Odyssey is one of the finest RPGs ever made in my opinion,  so I would love to see it on Xbox One. If Microsoft announced Lost Odyssey 2 for Xbox One I think I would faint.

Via: twitter

Deals with Gold (8/18/15) - Batman Arkham Knight, GTA V and more

Batman Arkham Knight

This week’s Deals with Gold for Xbox Live members have been announced. Batman Arkham Knight and GTA V are both 25% off. A host of Xbox 360 games are discounted up to 75% off. Check out the full list of titles here

Microsoft can Disable Pirated Software & Illegal Hardware with Windows 10| Rumor


News is starting to spread that Microsoft can disable pirated software and illegal hardware with Windows 10 for PC.

Section 7b of the End User Agreement or also known as Updates to the Services or Software, and Changes to These Terms states that Microsoft:

“may automatically check your version of the software and download software update or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorised hardware peripheral devices.”

Full story can be viewed here

Forza Motorsport 6 file size Revealed


Forza Motorsport 6 will eat up 44.37GB of space on your Xbox One HDD, when it launches on September 15th. The title will feature 24 player online races and even local multi-player for up to two players. Via: Gamer headquarters

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition “Mad World” Launch Trailer


Check out the launch trailer for Gears of War Ultimate Edition. It really brings back the memories!

Major Nelson Strikes Back, says he Loves Nintendo

maxresdefault (1)

With EA Access on Xbox One, you can play Star Wars: Battlefront before anyone else. Major Nelson and the Xbox On team discuss this in a hilarious skit….. where Nelson admits to loving Nintendo as well….

Phil Spencer isn’t Goaling his team to Outsell Sony, Big Investment into 1st Party Games

Phil Spencer

Xbox boss Phil Spencer isn’t pushing his team with the goal of outselling Sony. The head of Xbox feels that his mission is to build a big community of gamers across all of their platforms and release great games.

“I honestly don’t goal the team on how many units Sony sells,” Spencer told Eurogamer. “I think about what we’re going to do, and how many Xbox customers we have across 360, Xbox One and Windows - thinking about the combined community of people on Xbox and playing those games, and that number’s never been bigger.

“There are ways to sell consoles by losing more money on hardware and building an unnatural business construct that I’d never want to do - at the end, when people make a commitment to Xbox and the consoles they buy, the games they buy, they want to know that Microsoft and Xbox is in it for the long run. To sacrifice the long term for any short term gain doesn’t make any sense.”

“I really focussed on our first-party investment, and you see it showing up in 2015 and 2016. Next year’s line-up is pretty incredible, and we haven’t even talked about all the games that are coming next year. Investments in first-party, there’s more risk involved, and people can say it’s more challenging building first party investments, and you could say it’s easier doing third-party deals, but they’re critical to our business, and we’re in this for the long run.”

Via: VGChartz

New Xbox One System Update is Live, Preps for Dashboard Redesign in September


Microsoft has just released a new system update for the Xbox One. The update preps the system for the big update coming in September (preview members) that redesigns the dash and adds new features.

The Xbox team is hard at work building and fine tuning the new Xbox One user experience that will be unveiled to the preview community this Fall. This update will help us to get your console ready to receive the new experience.

Non-preview members will get the new update this November.

Source: DualShockers 

Phil Spencer Breaks down why Scalebound, Crackdown & Quantum Break Aren’t Coming to PC


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has detailed why Scalebound,  Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break won’t be coming to PC.

“In the case of things like Scalebound or Crackdown or Quantum Break, you know, just to be completely honest with you, we started those games before we really looked at expanding into Windows in the way that I wanted to bring as part of becoming head of Xbox.

“Going to those teams mid-cycle and saying: ‘Hey, by the way, I want to add a platform,’ didn’t really feel like necessarily the best way to end up with the best result for the game. They had a path that they were on. It’s not to say those games could never come to Windows, but right now we’re on the path to finish the great games that they’ve started, and I want that to be the case. These games are on a path, whereas with, like, Halo Wars 2 I had the opportunity from the beginning, when we’re sitting down with the studio, to say, ‘Here’s the target. Here’s what we wanna go do.’

Get the full interview over at PC Gamer.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility - 43 New Titles Added, Including The Witcher and Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls II

Microsoft has added 43 new titles to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. The highlights include Dark Souls 2, The Witcher , Ghost Recon Future Soldier and Saints Row The Third. Get the full list of new and existing games here

Scalebound Inspired by Old-School RPGs, Kamiya Admits He Hasn’t Played Recent RPGs


YO! This is what I like to hear. Scalebound producer Hideki Kamiya has stated Scalebound is inspired by old-school RPGs, and he hasn’t played many of the recent ones.

“I’m going to completely admit that I have not played a lot of recent RPGs. [laughs] It really goes back to the old school RPGs that I can speak of and think about, and really draw on for inspiration. So in that sense, maybe from my point of view, when I say the RPG element of Scalebound you’re gonna maybe see some things that are very basic and very simple – whether that might be customizing or equipping items, or upgrading.

But all those things are perhaps different from what you’d expect from an RPG, in that all those things you typically do for your own character. The investment in customisation and equipping and so on in Scalebound is not necessarily for you but it’s for Thuban – the dragon character.

Someone that you’re going to start caring for and about. So it’s very different, for me at least, as it’s not really customising, equipping, and upgrading myself but it’s actually putting that thought into the character that you really care for. So I think that’s one differentiation that you could say for certain.”

Via: Wccftech, Source: MetroGameCentral

Rare Replay | ZyroXZ2 Review


ZyroXZ2 from the PlayerEssence Network reviews Rare Replay for the Xbox One! Check it out below.

Source: ZyroXZ2

Halo 5 Guardians Running at 60fps and Looking good


Check out the most recent build of Halo 5 Guardians running on Xbox One. Check out the frame-rate and gameplay below.

Source: Digital Foundry

Scalebound - Tons of new Gameplay, Story & Combat Details


Platinum Games and Microsoft has revealed a ton of new information on Scalebound for the Xbox One. Get the full roundup of combat, story and gameplay details past the link.

Halo 5 Guardians - New Multiplayer Trailer, Halo World Championship & Limited Edition Console

Halo 5 Guardians is definitely not going home, because it’s going BIG. Check out the new Gamescom 2015 trailer, Halo World Championship event and limited edition Halo 5 Guardians console.

New Xbox One Dashboard Coming this Fall, Chatpad Announced

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with the Xbox One. And this fall, the new redesigned dashboard is coming. There will be a host of changes and improvements. Get the full details below.

  • There will be a new Community section that features an upgraded Activity Feed and Trending on Xbox Live section. It is possible to browse and explore the most popular topics on Xbox Live.
  • There will also be a new Watch section that will be available in select regions. All movie and TV apps will be in one place including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO GO.
  • The OneGuide is going to be updated based on feedback from users. It will be faster and the full screen mode will show more channels at once.  There will also be picture-in-picture while browsing the guide.
  • The Store is getting updated as well, so it should be easier to find games. There will be four areas in the store - Games, Movies and TV, Apps, and Music.

Microsoft is also releasing a new chatpad that hooks into the bottom of the Xbox One controller. It will work with Windows 10 as well. The pad will cost $34.99 and launches on November 3rd.

Via: VGChartz

Halo Wars 2 Announced at Gamescom 2015, Launching in Fall 2016 on Xbox One & PC


Microsoft has announced that Halo Wars 2 is in development for the Xbox One and PC. The RTS version of Halo will be developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries for a fall 2016 release. Check out the debut trailer below.

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer has 100% Destruction Thanks to Cloud Tech

Crackdown 3 got its first look at Gamescom 2015, and it’s looking pretty good. The multiplayer will have full destructive maps within online matches due to the Xbox One’s cloud computing. You can check out the debut gameplay below. The multiplayer launches summer 2016!

Scalebound goes Beast Mode, RASH Joins Killer Instinct Season Three! | PE NewZ

Microsoft brought out the big guns at Gamescom 2015. Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya showed of Scalebound for the first time, while RASH from Battletoads fame joins KI Season 3! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Scalebound - 8 Minute Extended Gameplay demo


Microsoft has released an 8 minute extended demo of Scalebound on Xbox One. Check out all the action below.

Source: IGN