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The Wii U will miss out on the Witcher 3, But Nintendo fans can look Forward to These RPGs Instead


By Furious Francis

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was recently announced for the PS4 and “other high-end consoles”, and it looks fantastic. The term “other high-end consoles” probably doesn’t consist of the Wii U, unfortunately. While this might seem like a downer for many Wii U owners, the system actually has a nice pipeline of RPGs coming out for it in the next year or two. Check out my Top five upcoming Wii U RPGs.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate


The Monster Hunter franchise is really popular in Japan. Not so much for the rest of the World, but that’s not going to stop Capcom and Nintendo from bringing this massive game to the Wii U this March. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is essentially a port of a port, with new and original content from other Monster Hunter games. The game runs in 1080p and 60 FPS with 5.1 surround sound, so features wise, the game went through a major face-lift. Capcom has recently announced they will be updating the game to support off-TV play and cross region multiplayer  this April, in addition to supporting new downloadable missions on day one for free. Capcom has also stated they have more downloadable missions that will be released in the next “several months”. If you have a Wii U or love difficult multiplayer RPGs, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is for you.

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem


Not much is known about Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. We do know that Atlus is co-developing the game with Nintendo’s Intelligent Systems studio. The same guys who made the amazing Fire Emblem Awakening on 3DS. We also know the game will play similar to the Fire Emblem formula because Shin Megami Tensei is also a Strategy RPG. What makes me so excited about this game is the fact it will be the first HD game Intelligent Systems is creating. That team did wonders with Fire Emblem Awakening on the 3DS. I can only imagine what their Wii U game will look like. I’m excited to see Atlus’ efforts as well. Nintendo should have more information at E3, including a release date along with gameplay footage.

Xenoblade 2

This game looks amazing. My jaw dropped when I first saw Xenoblade 2 at the January Nintendo Direct. The gameplay looked retooled, giving players the ability to switch weapons mid-combo. The scope and monsters looked breath-taking. The HUD looks like an enhanced version of Xenoblade’s layout. Mechs have been added to the mix along with what seems like online multiplayer. Nintendo could really hit a home run with this game if it allowed co-op on the same console. One person using the Gamepad, another using a Pro Controller. If there is one game I know for sure will be triple AAA quality no doubt, it’s Xenoblade 2. Monolith Soft is becoming one of the best game developers in the industry. I can’t wait to see more at E3.

The Last Story 2


Now I know there has been no confirmation of The Last Story 2, but XSEED, who published the first game stated it was their most successful game ever. After the initial shipment came out, they dropped the price to $29.99 and it’s still selling well. Last year there was a rumor about a big budget JRPG coming to the Wii U. The artwork looked like it could be from the world of The Last Story. Mistwalker, the team that created The Last Story, has also been rumored to be working on the Wii U. A lot of people are putting two and two together. I think The Last Story 2 will be announced at E3, with a release date of early next year worldwide.

Pokemon U

Pokemon U, another unconfirmed game. There is no data or links I can give you to this game’s existence other than history. Since the N64, Nintendo has had a Pokemon title on every major console they’ve released. The N64 has Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2. The Gamecube has Pokemon Gale of Darkness and Pokemon Coliseum. The Wii has Pokemon Battle Revolution. A Pokemon game is coming to the Wii U. Now what TYPE of Pokemon game is the interesting part. Will it be the battle simulator type like Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Revolution? Or will it be the actual adventure type like Pokemon Gale of Darkness? I think its going to be a mix. You will be able to link up Pokemon X & Y to the Wii U to access exclusive battles, story arcs, and content. I can see GameFreak adding in specific Wii U sections using your Pokemon from the 3DS in the Wii U game. It won’t be a full adventure, but there will be content to play through like a single player game. There will also be the normal battle simulator gameplay with MiiVerse integration, online leaderboards, and off-TV play.

While Wii U owners might miss out on some RPGs the Xbox 720 and PS4 get, the Japanese market is a sure bet to support the Wii U. What are your thoughts on the RPGs listed above? What games are you most excited for most? Put your thoughts in the comments below.

The Vidcast is up! Watch Furious Francis rant on Microtransactions in games. 

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  • Rla

    Only the SMT:Demon Survivor games are tactical RPGs. Main Shin Megami Tensei titles are traditional turn based RPG affairs.

    • Furious Francis

      True I was basing it off the DS and 3DS games.

  • Aiddon

    The artwork is just that: artwork. The character designer for TLS always posts random works on Mistwalker's website, so it doesn't mean much. A Wii U Pokemon game is also wishful thinking. The other three, however, will garner major interest from various fandoms.

    • Furious Francis

      There will be a Pokemon Game on Wii U Aiddon. Pokemon has never skipped a console before. Why would it now?

      • Ilykegamez

        And the last game was horrid not to mention the blatant false
        advertisement that Nintendo engaged in early on when it came
        to that game.