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ZG Unboxing: 101 Wonderful & Legendary Reasons To Get X-Boned!

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  • JaxonH

    Nice, now maybe I have a reason to subscribe to Live, depending how much Zen plays online…

    • Jaxon, you tell me what system you'll play online more on and I'll get that system to play online with you. The problem i have, is nobody I know plays online.

      • RicardJulianti

        My main issue with playing online with people I know is timing. I've been able to make it to 1 MK8 tournament….and my only real life friend that I'd play online with does QA for games all day, so he's never really in a gaming mood. Also there is a 2 hour time difference.

        At work I interact with people literally all day so when I game, I am less likely to want to do something involving other people unless I know them. Definitely need my alone time though. (Divinity Original Sin is sweet…)

        Then there's the whole….I don't have that much to play online at the moment…thing. Sure MK8 is still fun, but it doesn't scratch every itch. Killzone is meh overall and the online is also very meh….ACIV kind of sucks in general and I haven't even cared to try online. It's the first AC I've played since 2 and I feel like nothing has changed. Ship battles are the best part and unless online is a deathmatch of ship battles….no thank you.

        Destiny though…that's going to be big. If there is a game mode like SWAT or of the Master Chief Collection comes to PC (in a year or ever) I'm going to play that like a mad man. Still though, I'm going to play the hell out of Destiny both PvE and PvP.

        Now I'm just rambling about video games…

        • darkshidara

          PE needs to have a day or two dedicated to playing games with the community Francis like a Mario Kart Monday, Mass Effect Wednesday or just the PE community organizing play dates I know I wouldn't mind playing some Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate or Soul Sacrifice Delta with some of the community here.

          • RicardJulianti

            We used to have MK8 tournaments on Sundays. I would love to have regularly scheduled things like that, I think it's just easier to do that kind of thing after a new game releases. Destiny comes out soon, Hyrule Warriors has some online stuff, Bayonetta….we're on the cusp of a bunch of releases so that should get the ball rolling.

            Another issue is that the community is kind of scattered across all sorts of time zones so organizing that can get tricky. I don't know how active the forums are, but maybe something could get planned there?