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Nintendo Owns Over 32% of the Market Share in Japan


Nintendo is doing quite good in their home country in terms of market share. Dengeki has revealed the top 10 publishers in Japan, and Nintendo beats second place by nearly triple.  Check out the top 10 below.

1. Nintendo – 32,1%
2. Level 5 – 11,9%
3. Square Enix – 11%
4. Bandai Namco – 10,7%
5. Konami – 5,3%
6. Capcom – 4,9%
7. Sony Computer Entertainment – 3,1%
8. GunHo – 2,3%
9. Spike Chunsoft – 1,8%
10. Marvelous – 1,5%

Via: MNN

Resident Evil 7, Dragon’s Dogma & Devil May Cry - Capcom Status Update

Capcom status MS

Capcom has given some much needed, but small updates on Resident Evil 7, Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry. I give my thoughts on each franchise, and what they need to do going forward. Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Media Create Sales (9/28/15 – 10/4/15) - PS4 and Tokyo Xanadu Lead


This week’s Media Create charts are in. The PS4 was the top-selling system, getting a sizable boost due to the recent price drop. Sony’s 8th gen machine sold 46,177 units for the week. Tokyo Xanadu was the top-selling piece of software, with 88,879 units sold on PS Vita. Get the full hardware and software charts below.

The Juice is Loose! #61: Gaming Ads, Star Wars Gameplay, and Q&A | Terminator Juice

Terminator Juice New

“This week we will be discussing our most memorable TV ads for a video game, the current trend for game advertisements, and then we’ll be punching holes in our Nintendo armor by admitting major franchises that we have never played! Should be fun!”

Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Gameplay Details


Bandai Namco’s Yosuke Futami, discussed various elements coming to upcoming PS4/PS Vita RPG, Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Get Mr. Futami’s comments on combat and more below.

“You’ll fight and raid using a skill palette, and there are a number of management elements where you can direct your party members and such,” said Hirayae. “One of the main features of the system is how these action and management elements coexist.
“Unlike Hollow Fragment, this time, you can take along up to three people. For example, one person could raise the toss, the second person could use a sword skill, the third person could restrain the enemy, and finally Kirito can deliver the finishing blow.”
Full details over at Gematsu.

Super Meat Boy Teased for Wii U

Super Meat Boy

The team behind Super Meat Boy seem to be teasing a Wii U port of the popular platforming title. Due to memory constraints, the Wii never received the game. However, developer Tommy Refenes had this to say about a possible Wii U port:

“To the fan’s we’re still excluding I’ll leave you with this: Wii haven’t forgotten about U.”

That sounds like a Wii U version is coming to me!

Via Nintendo Everything,  Source: Super Meat Boy

Tsutaya Sales Charts (10/4/2015) - Winning Eleven & Tokyo Xanadu Lead


This week’s Tsutaya Charts are in. They track the sales of the biggest retail chain in Japan, which gives us a little bit of insight to how each title performed for the Media Create charts on Wednesday. Winning Eleven 2016 and Tokyo Xanadu where the top games listed. Get the full charts here.

Follow PlayerEssence on our Social Media Sites for Exclusive Offers!

Playeressence CC

YO PlayerEssence faithful! I would really appreciate it if you dudes can follow PlayerEssence on our social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter! With my new PC setup, I’ll be doing more livestreams, giveaways and events. It’s the fastest way to stay up-to-date on all things PlayerEssence. Oh, and for those who want to, turning off adblock for PlayerEssence would be really nice. I’ve cut back on how much ads I having running on the site, so I promise not to smother you guys! Thanks again, and have a great day!

Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Announced for PS4 and Vita


Bandai Namco has announced Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization for the PS4 and PS Vita. This will be the fourth installment in the franchise and it tells the origin story of Aincrad. The game is set for 2016 in Japan, check out the debut trailer below. Via: VGChartz

Big Channel Update - New PC Specs, Better Quality, More Content!

Channel Update 2 MS

I’ve got a lot of new content coming to PlayerEssence which some of you guys have already seen. I go over all the changes and content already up and coming soon! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Dragon Quest Heroes Character Introduction

Dragon Quest Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes will have a bunch of heroes to choose from when the game launches on PS4 this fall. Get a rundown of all the characters below. 

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir - ‘Gwendolyn’ Character Trailer


Atlus and VanillaWare have released a new trailer for Odin Sphere: Leifthrasi. It shows off Gwendolyn, one of the five playable characters in the game.

Microsoft has Aquired Havok From Intel


Microsoft has officially announced they have acquired Havok from Intel. The Havoc engine is very popular,  being used in a lot of AAA games such as Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny. Microsoft still plans to license out the engine to developers who make games on all systems, which includes Sony and Nintendo.  Get Microsoft’s full statement below. 

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Mentions “PS5”


In a recent interview, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide President, Shuhei Yoshida, discussed PlayStation and it’s future. When asked, “will there be PS5 in the next 5 to 6 years?” Yoshida strongly hinted there will be one in that time frame:

“It’s really up to the game creators,” “If they still feel that we need more machine power — ‘We want to realize this and that and that, but we cannot do [it] with PS4′ — if that’s the case, there’s a good reason to have PS5, so that developers can create their vision. So, we’ll see.”

Via: PlayStationPS5

Level-5 and Dentsu Form Level-5 Abby Inc.


Level-5 and Dentsu have announced a new partnership and formation of Level-5 Abby Inc. This new subsidiary will looking to create anime and game content from Japan for people of all ages worldwide. The company’s name takes the “a” from the words “all” and “anything,” and the “bby” from “hobby,” to form “Abby.” The team’s first project is the western release of anime Yo-kai Watch. Check out the full North American schedule below:

PlayStation Plus Games for October 2015 - Super Meat Boy and Broken Age Lead


This month’s free games with PlayStation Plus have been revealed. Super Meat Boy and Broken Age lead the way. Check out the full lineup below.

This month’s free games are as follows:

  • Broken Age (PS4, PSV)
  • Super Meat Boy (PS4, PSV)
  • Unmechanical Extended (PS4, PS3)
  • Kickbeat (PSV, PS3)
  • Kung Fu Rabbit (PSV, PS3)
  • Chariot (PS3)
As a side note, DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will be removed from the monthly games catalogue on October 6th.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night File Size Revealed, Over 3.1GB


Persona 4 Dancing All Night launched in North America today, the game will take up 3.1GB of space on your Vita memory card. Of course if you buy a physical copy, it won’t take up nearly as much space. Via: TheGamesCabin

Media Create Sales (9/21/15 – 9/27/15) - Super Mario Maker & 3DS lead


This week’s Media Create charts are in. Super Mario Maker lead software sales with another 52,396 units sold. The game now has a total of 245,182 units not counting digital sales in Japan. The 3DS was the top piece of hardware sold with 29,110 units sold for the week. Get the full software and hardware sales below. (And yes, PS4 sales dipped due to the impending price drop coming in October). 

$1 Million Kickstarter Project Phoenix Still Doesn’t have a Programmer two Years Later

Project Phoenix guy

Project Phoenix was announced on KickStarter 2 years ago and achieved great success, racking up $1 million. However, the game has missed its March 2015 release date and still doesn’t have a programmer. More details on the problems the JRPG is having can be found here

Dragon Quest Heroes Overview Trailer Brings the Heroes

Dragon Quest Heroes

Square Enix has just released a new overview trailer for Dragon Quest Heroes on the Nintendo 3DS. The playable characters and battle systems are introduced.

Broforce is Longer Coming to the PS Vita, PS4 Still on Track


Popular PC indie game Broforce will no longer be coming to the PS Vita, according to the game’s developers. However, the PS4 version is still on track for release.

“Although our original plans were for PS4 and PSVita, this has since changed. We are currently only porting to PS4, not Vita. I know there hasn’t been any official coverage on this and for this I must apologize.”

Source: thevitalounge

50% of Shovel Knight’s Sales Come from Nintendo Platforms

Shovel Knight

Yacht Club Games has provided a sales breakdown of how Shovel Knight performed on each platform. The PC lead all sales with 32%. The 3DS was in second with 30%, Wii U had 20%. Sony platforms came in 4th with 14%, while Xbox had 4%.

Yacht Club added that “Shovel Knight broke the impression that indies don’t sell so well on Nintendo”.

Via: Nintendo Everything