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Splatoon Sales Cross 1 Million, how can Nintendo Build Upon this for NX?

Splatoon 1 Milllion MS

Nintendo has revealed Splatoon sales have broken 1 million units worldwide. Console sales got a bump as well. While it might be too little, to late, what can Nintendo do to ensure the NX gets games like Splatoon earlier? Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Nintendo NX: Separating fact from Fiction, and some Speculation! - Butterworthy


Jamie Butterworthy discusses the mass amounts of rumors and speculations surround the NX.

Source: Butterworthy

The Juice is Loose! #50: Features We Need the NX to Have! - Terminator Juice

Terminator Juice New

“In this week’s show we will be discussing Splatfest, recent gaming news, and then give our opinions on what we would like for the NX.”

Source: Terminator Juice

Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor - Red Ash: The Indelible Legend - AlphaOmegaSin


AlphaOmegaSin discusses the Mega Man Legends Spiritual Successor “Red Ash”. Warning, strong language.

Shigeru Miyamoto Hanging out with at the Japan Expo 2015


Check out some cool footage of Shigeru Miyamoto at the Japan Expo this past weekend.

Via: GoNintendo

Why Square Enix is Hesitant to Localize Dragon Quest Games, Looking at DQ Heroes to Gauge Western Interest


Square Enix has detailed why they are somewhat hesitant to localize Dragon Quest games in the west. Executive producer Yuu Miyake, discussed the issues they have encountered with the games.

“We want to get them out here. We really do! The Dragon Quest games are very text-heavy, so the time and the cost it takes to localize these and do it well is quite something. Business-wise, we have to think quite hard whether we’ll make that money back from localizing to North America. It’s always been a difficult decision. But the more you tell us, the louder the voices, the more likely we are to do it.”

“We’re really using this (Dragon Quest Heroes) as a kind of opening up of the market. We can gauge whether the American people might want to go back after Heroes and see some of the other Dragon Quest games. Hopefully we could use that as leverage to get those out over here.”

It seems like we might be getting Dragon Quest VII & VIII on the Nintendo 3DS in the west.

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Polygon

The Wii Lacking HD Ultimately Hurt Monolith Soft with Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X 4

While Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles X are both fine titles. The lack of the Wii being HD ultimately hurt Xenoblade Chronicles X’s development, due to Monolith Soft “being several years behind others in the development of an HD title”. This was in response to users leaving feedback about Xenoblade Chronicles X. However, Takahashi feels as this was a necessary step. The experience will ready him for his next title, where he plans to focus more on story.

Here is a list of feedback users left for Monolith Soft:

  • - A richer, more passionate story
  • - UI was difficult to use
  • - Battle system was a bit too complex
  • – Letters are too small
    – Inviting other party members was tedious
    – It would be cool to be able to go into out-space
    – Fans more lively online features in Monolith Soft’s next title

Takahashi concluded his thoughts below:

“Being several years behind others in the development of an HD title and taking into account Monolith Soft’s company size, there are just some thing that we could not achieve, which couldn’t be helped, but in order to move on towards the next step, there was no avoiding this. And that is the truth.”

Source: Siliconera

Smash 4: Top 5 Characters I Want To See Buffed - ZeRo

Smash Bros for Wii U Marth

ZeRo gives his top 5 characters he would like to see buffed in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS.

Source: ZeRo

Star Fox Zero - E3 Trailer & Gameplay Analysis (GameXplain)


“We analyze the E3 trailer for Star Fox Zero, as well as various gameplay videos to uncover all the secrets the footage might be hiding. We take a what’s new, some new story details, and even hidden references to the original Star Fox on SNES. All this and more in our gameplay analysis for Star Fox Zero on the Wii U!”

Source: GameXplain

Elliot Quest Wii U Sales have been Outperforming Steam by a Large Margin, says Luis Zuno


Luis Zuno, the creator of indie title Elliot Quest, seems to be pleased with the sales of the game on the Wii U. According to Zuno, the title’s sales have been “much bigger than on Steam.” However, things weren’t easy, as Zuno says getting the game on Wii U was “a lot of work”.

“…putting the game on the console has been a long journey and a lot of work and I definitely couldn’t have got there on my own, which is why I’m thankful for the help from PlayEveryWare to get there.”

Via: Nintendo Everything

Full interview over on 4colorrebellion.

Ubisoft has Learned Their Lesson with the Watch Dogs Debacle

watch-dogs-wii-u-possible-2 (1)

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot, has assured gamers that they have learned from their mistakes pertaining to Watch Dogs. The early showing then subsequent visual downgrade left a sour taste in a lot of gamers mouths. Guillemot has stated this issue will not happen again.

“With E3 2015 we said, OK, let’s make sure the games are playable, that they’re running on the target machines. When we show something, we ask the team, make sure it’s playable, make sure gamers can immediately see exactly what it is. That’s what we learned from the Watch Dogs experience – if it can’t be played on the target machine, it can be a risk.”

Via: MNN, Source: The Guardian

Does StarFox Zero Really Need Online Multiplayer? - Rule of 2 Review


Rule of 2 Review discusses whether Star Fox Zero needs online multiplayer.

Source: Rule of 2 Review

The Witcher 3 x Splatoon - Real Games-As-A-Service (The Jimquisition)

Jimquisition Logo

“Recently, two games came out that represent the ideal of the “service” a lot more than any product to have actively claimed the term. Let’s examine what they do, and why they humiliate the industry! Oh my Gods!”

Source: Jim Sterling

Comparing Exclusive Games on Wii U, PS4 & Xbox One - Andrew Eisen

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Andrew Eisen breaks down the exclusive games battle between Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The video is quite detailed and informative despite the somewhat brash title on his video.

Source: Andrew Eisen

Famitsu’s Most Wanted (6/18/15 - 6/24/15) - Final Fantasy XV and Dragon Quest VIII Lead

Final Fantasy 15 2

The most recent Famitsu’s Most Wanted are in. Final Fantasy 15 and Dragon Quest VIII are the top voted. Get the full list of titles past the link.

Comcept KickStarter “Red Ash” is a Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends, Action Adventure RPG


Comcept KickStarter Red Ash: The Indelibale Legend, has been revealed as a Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends. It will be a story driven action RPG with 3rd person shooter elements. The team is looking for $800,000. More details below.

Dragon Quest XI will be an Offline game for home Consoles


Dragon Quest producer Yuji Horii, has stated once again that Dragon Quest XI will be an offline game for home consoles.

(On the series’ 30th anniversary, and DQ11) “I don’t have much to tell now, but we’re making many preparations. One thing is for certain, Dragon Quest 11 will be an offline game”

(About action combat like Dragon Quest Heroes) “No, Dragon Quest 11 will return to the roots of Dragon Quest. Another action RPG would be like Heroes, and we want to distinguish between the two.”

(On the possibility of a large-scale remake a la FF7 of older titles such as DQ3) “There are no plans at the moment, but there’s possibilities in the future.”

(On Dragon Quest for smartphones) “I think games should be designed for the platforms they’re on. Dragon Quest 11 is designed for home consoles.”

(On virtual reality) “I had the chance to experience Morpheus, and if I get the opportunity, I’d like to make something with that sort of technology.”

Via: NeoGAF, Source: ffing

Platinum Games Discusses the Nerve Wracking Nature of Working with Miyamoto on Star Fox Zero


Platinum Games has detailed working with Nintendo and Shigeru Miyamoto on Star Fox Zero. Platinum Games’ Yusuke Hashimoto, discussed the matter with Wired.

“This is the first time I’ve ever done this kind of collaborative design. It’s not just with Mr. Miyamoto, but also with Mr. Hayashi here. The three of us are always working together and it’s very fun, but obviously when Mr. Miyamoto shows you something and is like, what do you think of this, and you have to come up with a good answer, it’s very nerve-wracking. I’m struck by how fast this goes. The turnaround between the exchange of the two parties is very quick. It’s a kind of development speed I haven’t really seen before.

We don’t want to make it a simple game, by any means. The challenge for us is, how to make a game that feels good and challenging to play for lots of different people?”

Via: GoNintendo, Source: Wired 

Reggie Fils-Aime on New IPs, Online Multiplayer & more


Reggie Fils-Aime has discussed a host of topics with the Washington Post. The big man covered online multiplayer, new IPs and more. 

Splatoon is the Highest Selling Wii U eShop game of All-time

Splatoon Wii U

Splatoon has become the highest selling Wii U eShop game of all-time. While there is no hard-numbers at this point, we do know its higher than 57,000 units. Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Nintendo JP

ActiveGamerLife Podcast #39 - Nintendo like solution for NX

Active Gamer Life

The Red Knight, Terminator Juice and Mizzah Tee discuss a host of topics in the world of Nintendo.

Source: ActiveGamerLife

Microsoft “Completely Discounted Nintendo” When Planning and Releasing the Xbox 360


Current EA CFO Peter Moore and Xbox boss Phil Spencer, were recently on a podcast with IGN. In the show, Moore said Microsoft “completely discounted Nintendo” when releasing the Xbox 360, due to how poorly the GameCube sold.

“I also then remember the E3 when, God bless, Kaz Hirai and Jack Tretton announced $599, and we were all back stage like ‘Woohoo!’ We knew then we had an opportunity to get ahead, drive ahead, get our games out quickly and get that lead. And I always said that the first to 10 million wins.” – Moore

“It was one of the greatest times of my career. You had to build a team, because we were growing then. We had prematurely put the Xbox to sleep, we needed to get ready for this and we knew what we needed to do. We had a three-day meeting at the Sheraton in Bellevue where we wargamed the scenario, and I actually played Ken Kutaragi. And we brought in a consultancy, it was a lot of fun. And the one thing we’d forgotten about, I don’t know if you remember this Phil [Spencer], we completely discounted Nintendo. Because they came off the GameCube and it was a disaster.” – Moore

“…and they destroyed both of us!” – Spencer

“Yes, with the Wii. But we wargamed for three days, what are you going to do, what do the launch titles look like, what are the marketing budgets, what is the positioning? And it was a fascinating experience which I’ll never forget. And this is a decade ago. And I actually played Ken, and my job was to destroy the launch of the Xbox 360.” – Moore

Via: Nintendo Everything, Souce: IGN