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Jim Sterling vs. Digital Homicide - Debate


Jim Sterling has had an ongoing feud with Digital Homicide and their games/comments. In this podcast below, Jim Sterling finally confronts Digital Homicide in a debate on various topics.

Source: Jim Sterling

  • Ryuken13

    Looked @ 1 of Digital Homicide’s games on Steam to form an opinion since I can’t stand Sterling’s shows but the subject piqued my interest..

    Looks like they make absolute turd games for Steam.. IMO the return policy will help but Valve really needs to do some quality control and ensure quality content on Steam.. It is confusing when turds like “The Slaughtering Grounds” are released and quality games langish on Greenlight.

    Honestly, I think Valve grew far bigger than anyone expected. Gabe N. has tight control of the company and his management skills simply are not up to par for the giant company Valve has become.