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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain runs at 1080p 60fps on Xbox One

Metal Gear Solid 5 The Phantom Pain

It seems like Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on Xbox One will run at 1080p 60fps. The news comes from the website Gamekyo, as they asked Konami rep Julien Merceron, what resolution and framerate the Xbox One version runs at. Now reps have been wrong in the past, so I guess this isn’t a 100% confirmation till gamers get the game in their hands. Via: ticgn

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 is now Cel-Shaded


New videos, or screenshots of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 have been scarce, and now we know why. The title has had an art style overhaul, now sporting some slick cell-shading, instead of the realistic look it had before.

Here is a shot of how it use to look:

And here is how it looks now:

The game is launching next month on PS4 and Xbox One. PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are coming this November.  What do you guys think about the style change? 

Scalebound - Tons of new Gameplay, Story & Combat Details


Platinum Games and Microsoft has revealed a ton of new information on Scalebound for the Xbox One. Get the full roundup of combat, story and gameplay details past the link.

Final Fantasy XV is 65% Complete, Release Date Decided on

Final Fantasy 15 Duscae

Final Fantasy XV is around 65% complete according to the game’s producer, Hajime Tabata. The release date has been internally decided upon, although Square Enix is not ready to announce it just yet. Via: VGChartz, Source: DualShockers

Fallout 4 - Why the Details Matter


From the smallest computer button and blinky light to the way the light shines through an abandoned house, every detail matters to the team at Bethesda Game Studios. Game Director Todd Howard shares some new insights into the detailed world of Fallout 4.

Final Fantasy XV - Gamescom 2015 Trailer Looks Amazing

Check out the “DAWN” trailer for Final Fantasy XV from Gamescom 2015. This game is looking absolutely phenomenal.

Mega Man Legacy Collection - Physcial Version Confirmed for Early 2016

Capcom has confirmed the physical version of Mega Man Legacy Collection will launch in early 2016. The digital version is already set for launch on August 25th, 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo 3DS. Capcom released a statement on the announcement you can read below. 

Unravel - Gamescom 2015 Gameplay Trailer (1080p)


In the first extended gameplay reveal we show how this puzzle-platform game, Unravel, plays and how you can use yarn to solve environmental puzzles. The puzzles are all physics based, so how you choose to tackle things is really up to you, and your creativity.

Source: RajmanGaming HD

Skylanders SuperChargers has Online Co-op and 4-Player Online Races

Skylanders SuperChargers might be the first Skylanders game I ever buy. Activision has just announced the multiplayer modes for the action beat-em-up, and it features co-op/4 player online multiplayer. The co-op lets players team up with a buddy to take on the campaign. Consumers can also complete in online races for up to four players. This is in addition to local co-op and split-screen races for up to two players. Activision released a statement regarding the exciting game modes. 

Star Wars Battlefront - Darth Vader Trailer @ 1080p HD


Check out the latest Star Wars Battlefront trailer featuring the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader.

Source: RajmanGamingHD

Destiny: The Taken King Replaces Light Levels for Pure XP System


Destiny: The Taken King will bring dramatic changes to the current progression system. The level cap will be raised to 40, in addition to the armour-based light system being replaced by a pure XP system. Destiny: The Taken King launches on September 15th. Via: VG247, Source: GameInformer 

Halo 5 Guardians - New Multiplayer Trailer, Halo World Championship & Limited Edition Console

Halo 5 Guardians is definitely not going home, because it’s going BIG. Check out the new Gamescom 2015 trailer, Halo World Championship event and limited edition Halo 5 Guardians console.

New Xbox One Dashboard Coming this Fall, Chatpad Announced

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with the Xbox One. And this fall, the new redesigned dashboard is coming. There will be a host of changes and improvements. Get the full details below.

  • There will be a new Community section that features an upgraded Activity Feed and Trending on Xbox Live section. It is possible to browse and explore the most popular topics on Xbox Live.
  • There will also be a new Watch section that will be available in select regions. All movie and TV apps will be in one place including Netflix, Hulu Plus, and HBO GO.
  • The OneGuide is going to be updated based on feedback from users. It will be faster and the full screen mode will show more channels at once.  There will also be picture-in-picture while browsing the guide.
  • The Store is getting updated as well, so it should be easier to find games. There will be four areas in the store - Games, Movies and TV, Apps, and Music.

Microsoft is also releasing a new chatpad that hooks into the bottom of the Xbox One controller. It will work with Windows 10 as well. The pad will cost $34.99 and launches on November 3rd.

Via: VGChartz

Halo Wars 2 Announced at Gamescom 2015, Launching in Fall 2016 on Xbox One & PC


Microsoft has announced that Halo Wars 2 is in development for the Xbox One and PC. The RTS version of Halo will be developed by Creative Assembly and 343 Industries for a fall 2016 release. Check out the debut trailer below.

Media Create Sales (7/27/15 - 8/2/15) - Animal Crossing Debuts with 522K & 3DS Leads


This week’s Media Create Sales charts are in. Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer launched strong, selling 522,556 units not including digital. Meanwhile, 3DS sales shot up to 55,124 units for the week. Get the full software and hardware charts past the link. 

Crackdown 3 Multiplayer has 100% Destruction Thanks to Cloud Tech

Crackdown 3 got its first look at Gamescom 2015, and it’s looking pretty good. The multiplayer will have full destructive maps within online matches due to the Xbox One’s cloud computing. You can check out the debut gameplay below. The multiplayer launches summer 2016!

Scalebound goes Beast Mode, RASH Joins Killer Instinct Season Three! | PE NewZ

Microsoft brought out the big guns at Gamescom 2015. Platinum Games and Hideki Kamiya showed of Scalebound for the first time, while RASH from Battletoads fame joins KI Season 3! Subscribe to PlayerEssence for more awesome content!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PC Requirements


Konami has revealed the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

OS: Windows 7×64, Windows 8×64 (64-bit OS Required)
Processor: Intel Core i5-4460 (3.40 GHz) or better; Quad-core or better
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 (2GB) or better (DirectX 11 card Required)
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 28 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

OS: Windows 7×64, Windows 8×64 (64-bit OS Required)
Processor: Intel Core i7-4790 (3.60GHz) or better; Quad-core or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760 (DirectX 11 graphic card required)
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 28 GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card (Surround Sound 5.1)

Via: GamingBolt

Metal Gear Online Delayed till October for Consoles, January on PC


Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will launch on September 1st worldwide, but the Metal Gear Online will not be day & date. Konami has announced the online portion will now launch on October 6th, while the PC version will launch on January 2016. Konami has announced that the PC version will launch alongside the console versions on September 1st. Via: VGChartz

Scalebound - 8 Minute Extended Gameplay demo


Microsoft has released an 8 minute extended demo of Scalebound on Xbox One. Check out all the action below.

Source: IGN

Killer Instinct: Season Three Includes Rash from Battletoads

Killer Instinct: Season Three will launch on PC and Xbox One this March. Six new characters will be joining the roster, but the headline addition is Rash from Battletoads fame. If you own Rare Replay, you can download Rash right now for a quick sneak peek.  Via: Gematsu

How Real is Power to Gamers? | ZyroXZ2


“Power doesn’t necessarily equate to graphics. Graphics may be the buzzword in the current generation, but let’s talk about what power offers gamers… if anything at all anymore besides more shiny stuff.”

Source: ZyroXZ2