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Scalebound - 8 Minute Extended Gameplay demo


Microsoft has released an 8 minute extended demo of Scalebound on Xbox One. Check out all the action below.

Source: IGN

  • Leftoverlunch

    It looks great graphically but and it’s a huge but taking on 3-5 enemies at a time and having to slowly move forward for 10 seconds of nothing between. I hope that the game gets far more intense than that. Or they should of dialled back the graphics and ramped up the action.
    What’s the fun of having a dragon and some super powers if you don’t have armies of people to crush.

  • Guymelef

    well it looks like it has some cool mechanics…

  • freelancepimp .

    I didn’t even watch the hole video. It’s “pre-alpha” so I will give it a pass.

  • ActualGamer78

    Looks pretty cool, hope they fix the framerate by release

  • CapableTie

    A little disappointing, I can definitely tell its pre alpha. I can see it has potential though, hopefully it improves drastically in time.

  • Mythosa

    Looks very cool.

    • Ryuken13

      Man I know this is early alpha footage but I disagree. This looks freaking clunky and horrible.

  • getagrip

    back to zenoblade nothing to see here

    jesus what a blatant rip off