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Nintendo says Risk Taking is in the Company’s DNA


Nintendo of America executive vice of sales, Scott Moffitt, has stated that risk taking is in the company’s DNA.

“It’s in our DNA, it’s what makes us tick, and it’s what brought all of us to Nintendo. We like to be a company that’s willing to take some risks on a franchise like Splatoon, propose new forms of gaming to gamers, and see what their reactions are.”

“Often times, those [ideas] work, sometimes they don’t, it’s always risky to be an innovator, but that is woven into our DNA and is a bedrock value for Nintendo.”

“I think gamers have come to appreciate that from us, but also to respect it and expect it. They want us challenging the norms and challenging conventions, and I think that’s part of our role in the broader industry.”

Via: Nintendo Everything, Source: Examiner

Author: Francis@PE (19519 Posts)

  • Ryuken13

    Really don’t like corny marketing qualitative statements like “Risk taking is in a company’s DNA.”

    First off, in business companies do not have DNA.. Perhaps culture or mission statement but stating DNA is simply vague marketing bullshit..

    I loved Splatoon but really did not see it as much of a risk.. Shooters sell, multiplayer sells, and kids are not targeted well in shooters made for kids.. In other words, innovative and little risk..

    Perhaps it is just me but I like measurable statements.

    Moffitt’s statement is simply a Geico commercial without the cute little gecko..

    I should say though this is not simply a issue I have with Nintendo. Sony and Microsoft also love these little bullshit marketing statements they cannot back up well.

  • Jewelwriter Moonstar

    And yet some say there’s too many Mario Parties, too many Donkey Kongs….and yet the people are wanting what the double dragons made of ice got and not enjoy the shiny Robotic dragon? I say Nintendo has found at least the right amount of features and game play ideas that should survive for ages and should be the norm, not something that’ll only last until they become put under true pressure that is the trials by fire.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    Well said vice president of sales. Nintendo does not follow trends they set them.

  • awang0718

    I like it when Nintendo takes risks in software, where new, unique, and fresh experiences challenge the status quo and stand out amongst other titles of the same genre. Splatoon is a great example of this type of software, though it will likely stand as the Wii U’s only true standout title during the console’s lifecycle.

    I don’t like it when Nintendo takes risks in hardware, where investments in powerful hardware, third party support, the available features, and the online infrastructure are jeopardized in order to squeeze in some kind of “innovative” controller that will hopefully attract the casual and non-gaming audience.

    • Jon Turner

      That’s why I think NX shouldn’t focus so much on another innovative controller but just have the ability to play 3DS, DS, and WiiU games simultaneously, or rather, on the TV as well.

      • awang0718

        I would certainly like to see 3DS, DS, and/or Wii titles on the NX’s eShop. I honestly don’t think it should have native backwards compatibility with the Wii U, just so Nintendo can focus more on better hardware, online, and features. They should make the NX digitally backwards compatible ala Xbox One.

        Not so sure about the “play 3DS, DS, and Wii U games simultaneously” part of your comment.

        • Jon Turner

          I don’t think I quite worded that correctly.

          • ednice

            That would be amazing though.

    • Travis Touchdown

      The Wii U controller, a problem?


      A big part of why I was so excited about the Wii U controller from the outset was the fact that it WAS an ordinary controller, with creative and innovative gimmicks. Anyone who would tell you that the Wii U gamepad is uncomfortable to use has clearly never actually used one.

      Again, I have to stress that no matter what Nintendo does, third parties will NEVER support them, as long as Playstation and Microsoft are still around.

      • Jon Turner

        If you want to choose to believe that is true go ahead, but I too have something to stress:

        You don’t know that anymore than the rest of us do.

        If NX is a successful system AND easy to port to, then thirds won’t ignore it. They didn’t ignore Wii when it was selling well. Yes, there was shovel ware, but there were hidden gems as well.

        If NX fails to launch with any particularly compelling title to justify purchasing the system (the launch titles for WiiU were hardly compelling; Wii had something that gamers WANTED) AND doesn’t even get third party support, then it could very well be Nintendo’s last console. And there is NO defending that.

        Bottomline: Nintendo will HAVE to make some changes. They can’t do things their own way forever. Especially when they have a low-selling console on their hands. Go ahead, blame the media if you want. But Nintendo should have made an effort to defend their choices AND be more aggressive about pushing their console into the public. They didn’t. Were the media and thirds responsible for that? No, it was Nintendo’s failing. They FAILED. TO RESPOND. TO THE CRITICS. AND. SELL THEIR CONSOLE. PERIOD.

        If WiiU had launched with Splatoon, the whole mess would have been avoided. Yes, we can argue that they weren’t ready yet, but I don’t care. The lack of compelling launch titles were their mistake. As was the launch lineup with the countless delays.

        Francis and I both discussed that on our last FanCast; he too agrees that Nintendo should have handled the WiiU differently.

        • awang0718

          While Splatoon being a Wii U launch title would have been great and would have likely given the platform some more momentum during its first 5-6 months, there were and are still too many fundamental flaws with Wii U since its inception that would have significantly hampered its success no matter how many Splatoon-esque games the Wii U got.

          The poor name, atrocious marketing, and not-so-innovative Gamepad ensured that casual/non gamers either didn’t know the platform existed or were confused of what it actually was. The unimpressive hardware specs, outdated online infrastructure and “gimmicky” controller (as well as the near-draconian Twitch/YouTube policies) turned off the interest of most hardcore gamers. The only audience that remained was the hardcore Nintendo fans/fanboys, and there aren’t enough of them to support an entire platform.

          Pretty much agree on everything else you have stated though.

          • Jon Turner

            Which is why NX will have to avoid the pitfalls of WiiU if it is to succeed. And frankly, if it DOES end up getting third party support, I wonder what people who kept on saying otherwise will say? I’m not saying it’ll happen, but if we don’t make enough noise about it, how will Nintendo try to improve on the parts they still need help with?

        • FalconLawnch

          Splatoon wouldn’t have fixed everything because it still doesn’t address one of the main roadblocks for the success of third party software on Nintendo home consoles - the complete lack of exclusive, flagship IPs with mainstream appeal among an older audience.

      • awang0718

        I never said the Wii U Gamepad was uncomfortable, because I think it is quite comfortable. What I am saying is that the controller’s expensive price almost certainly kept Nintendo from investing more into the Wii U’s hardware, online infrastructure, and third party support. Besides, most Wii U games (Splatoon, Mario Kart 8, Smash Wii U, Mario 3D World, DKC:TF etc.) work perfectly fine with a Pro-Controller, and the Wii U games that do need the Gamepad (Nintendo Land, ZombiU, Mario Party 10) aren’t exactly very “good” games.

        Again, I am going to stress that if Nintendo cannot or chooses not to obtain meaningful third party support for future platforms, then they are better off going third party and staying as a handheld platform manufacturer only.

      • FalconLawnch

        Lmfao, more third party conspiracy garbage. Here are the two reasons why third parties currently don’t support Nintendo;

        1. Nintendo’s hardware doesn’t align with the vision third parties have for traditional console gaming.
        2. The vast majority of Nintendo’s flagship first party IPs don’t appeal to the demographics third parties target with their software.

        Everything else is fanboy drivel.

  • D.M.T

    And thats why i love Nintendo, they arent afraid to take risks.

  • GreysonTetsuya

    The only thing I don’t want them to take any risk with are controllers. I liked the GameCube and the Pro Controller, but I didn’t like the Wii Remote or the GamePad. I want them to take risk with other things like features and new IP, and other awesome stuff like the Nintendo theme park.

    • Bernadet Gnuyen

      The WiiU has the pro controller which is the best controller in the market currently with over 45hrs of game play on a single charge. You need the game pad to do many other things with with your WiiU like surf the web, Netflix, Hulu etc etc so they are doing what you are doing for and much more not to mention free online and the best library of games currently

  • getagrip

    nintendo sets the standard, wii u is a example of gaming evolving the average joe doesnt get it

    the industry dispise it,this is the issue wii was successful because the basic nature of wii was explainable to MORONS wii u isnt explainable to morons BUT IS JUST AS REVOLUTIONARY….

    NINTENDO TRYS TO TAKE GAMING FORWARD its the DNA of nintendo, iwata resently said before his death gaming is what matters even at the expence of profits

    nintendos industry leading design is bing ignored BY THE INDUSTRY this is 100% evidence this industry is nt gaming ITS INSANE WANT TO BE HOLLYWOOD DIRECTORS ad publishing companys trying to force there PHILLIPS CDi bussiness model on to us

    nintendo is the compleat oppersite,there about the GAMES

    • D.M.T


    • Bernadet Gnuyen

      Preach it! Too many dumbed down gamers now days by the media lies it will go away soon though the zwiiUs sales are not showing any signs of slowing down too many awesome games on it its library of games is currently dominating.

  • *NormalGamer*

    Risk taking is one of the reasons why Nintendo thrives in the video gaming business; it’s why they exist today to take the video game industry to brand new levels.

  • SoccerStar9001

    Can’t wait for GameFaq’s response.

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    I love different, which is why I hope the NX doesn’t become a triplet. We got twins, and that’s too much already.

  • hawkssuns08

    And that’s how we like Nintendo. :)