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Face To Face: Zen Gamer & TwilightBytes


And here it is, the first official episode of Face To Face. On the premier we have a conversation/debate with Yours Truly and TwilightBytes. We will be covering a number of topics in a hopefully civil manner followed by viewer questions/comments

Source: Zen Gamer

The Zen Garden: Zen’s Nintendo NX/9th Generation Hitlist - Zen Gamer


Nintendo has stated numerous times that they will be revealing the true form of “Codename NX” in 2016, presumably at E3. However there are a number of things that I’d personally like to see them do to improve their systems, services and overall experience.

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The Project C.A.R.S Wii U Version Debacle: Zen’s Thoughts

Zen Gamer Zone

“Zen lays down what he believes is the real reasoning behind Slightly Mad Studios Wii U related announcement today. It’s an unpopular opinion, but that’s no reason to remain silent on the issue entirely.”

Zen Gamer Plays - The Master Chief Collection (Halo 3) Online


“Some more Halo: MCC game play with my local friends/clan. Wrecking some fools in Halo 3 Swat Mode! Yet another good game with some hilarious but epic moments along the way.” Subscribe to LogiK Gaming for more awesome videos!

Killer Instinct Ranked Match Gameplay - LogiK Gaming

Killer Instinct OR

“Watch the Zen Gamer fight a promotion match in the Ranked Leagues in Killer Instinct (2013). Can he get to the Gold ranked tier and become a Master?”

Channel Update: Massive Changes Incoming! - LogiK Gaming

Zen Gamer Zone

“So, stuff has happened recently that has forced my hand in fast tracking my channel expansion plans. There will be massive changes made to the programming and schedule on this channel which will result in more streamlined content. But, for any of it to work out as planned I need your help!”

Source: LogiK Gaming

Zen In Ten (Or Less): Greatness Awaits Forever? (Humor)


“Waiting…and waiting…and waiting… On Greatness that may never come. The patience is STRONG with this fan-base.”

ZG Comedy: BREAKING NEWS: Mushroom City Murder!!

Zen Gamer Zone

BREAKING NEWS!! An act of terrorism has left Mushroom City shaken! Citizens of the city fear for their lives as one of Gaming’s greatest is gunned down in cold blood in the streets!

Source: Zen Gamer

Z’s Analysis S2: Are Gamers Complacent?

Wii U PS4 Xbox One

Finally! Season 2 of Z’s Analysis is here and on this opening episode The King of Logic himself makes a return to form by analyzing the mystery behind Gamer Complacency and discovering the truth.

Source: Zen Gamer

A Look Back At Nintendo In 2014 (Pure Gold) - Zen Gamer

Zen Gamer Zone

A retrospective look at Nintendo’s best releases in 2014. Herein you’ll find that calendar year 2014 was littered with Pure Gold throughout. Rock out to this EMV as we bid farewell to the year that the Wii U owned and begin looking forward to the continued greatness that 2015 will bring.

CTB: Broken Game? Just Fix It In Post! (Halo:MCC) - Zen Gamer


Stumbling and fumbling their way through a disaster of a launch 343i have finally worn through my patience. Enough of this shit! There is no excuse for this to STILL be occurring - at least to this degree. I have no hope whatsoever for a smooth Halo 5 launch Beta and all. Subscribe to PE Nintendo here! 

ZG Comedy: Don’t Do Drugs Shawn, It Isn’t Worth It…

Zen Gamer Zone

What happens when an out of touch CEO does drugs and then blatantly lies? Well, dumb statements happen… And the results aren’t pretty…

Promotion: Special Smash Bros. Wii U Live Reaction Podcast


The Zen Gamer is hosting a live reaction podcast for the Super Smash Bros for Wii U livestream, get all the details below!

ZG Comedy: Bayonetta, Jelly & Lots of Salt - PE Network


What’s the best recipe for humor? Well, add some Bayonetta, then stir in large dollops of Jelly and then the Master Ingredient: SALT. Lots of freaking Salt!! As a side note, this is one of the funniest videos I’ve ever seen…. lol, bravo Zen, bravo. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer here!

Z’s Analysis: From A Gaming Misogynist’s Point of View


In the season 2 premiere of the Zen Gamer Zone’s flagship show, Z’s Analysis, The King of Logic himself dissects and discusses the “GamerGate” situation and everything involved from an apparently misogynistic stance. Moronic generalizations aside, sound off below and me know what your opinion and stance on this is.

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LogiKast: The Vitriolic Nature of Gamers Today - Recapture The “Spirit” of Gaming!

Gamers @ Large
This time The Zen Gamer and other members of The Gamers @ Large Network sit down to have an overdue, serious and down-to-earth discussion about the state of affairs in the Gaming-verse. We’ll also be covering the week’s news thus far and will answer viewer questions! Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more awesome content.

ZG Unboxing: 101 Wonderful & Legendary Reasons To Get X-Boned!

Zen Gamer Zone

The Zen Gamer has a fantastic unboxing of all sorts of Wii U and Xbox Goodness? Subscribe to The Zen Gamer for more awesome content.

LogiKast: Entire Super Smash Wii U/3DS Roster Leaked?


The guys from the LogiKast discuss the rumored entire Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS roster leak.

Special Announcement! Gamers @ Large Network/ Feedback Live Introduction

Zen Gamer Zone

The Zen Gamer breaks down the new [email protected] Network, trailer, and special announcement!

Club Nintendo’s Platinum & Gold 2014 Rewards Failure! - PE Network


If there were ever a reason to come to the conclusion that the Club Nintendo needed better management - this is it. 2014’s P&G Club Nintendo rewards are extremely lackluster and entirely inconsiderate (Read: Worthless) to those who already own these games. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more great content.

ZG Comedy: Zen & The Internet React To The Character Reveals


“With Zelda and Sheik in, I was already a very happy man. But Sakurai decided to do me one better and put in another of my highly wished for characters, Lucina! Whom by the way I thought wouldn’t make it due to Marth’s return to the battle.” Subscribe to The Zen Gamer for more awesome videos.

ZG Unboxing: Two Terabyte Goodness + Twin Karts


The Zen Gamer has a brand new video unboxing one of the best Mario Kart games ever and some serious space for the Wii U. Subscribe to the Zen Gamer for more awesome content.