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PE X Nintendo #87 | Unvalued Wants for Nintendo NX

PE X NIntendo 87 MS

Many outlets have posted their wants for the Nintendo NX, but a lot of them haven’t mentioned some of the stuff I’m going to list here. Subscribe to PlayerEssence to get the latest videos first!

Author: Francis@PE (19502 Posts)

  • Guymelef

    I agree with pretty much everything you mentioned. A complete Pokemon experience in a home console would really be great! More RPGs, open-world experiences and a dudebro shooter here and there would be nice. However we have to note that Nintendo can only do so much. While we can only wish fof Nintendo to come out with 1st/2nd party games as often as we want, but it is also evident that they simply can’t, knowing their strict quality standards. Sadly Nintendo will have to rely on 3rd parties for those other genres, and we all know where they went to. It’s a good thing though that Nintendo decided to partner up with other 3rd parties for exclusives, it has improved their situation; without those it could’ve been much worse.
    As for targeting a specific audience, well it may just be wishful thinking given their partnership with DeNA and QOL coming in. I believe they will always look into targeting a wide variety of audience. Whether that’s good or bad for Nintendo is out of our hands.

    • GreysonTetsuya

      A home console Fire Emblem would be awesome too! I’m very interested in the franchise so I might pick up Awakening on Amazon and I’m definitely going to get Fates when it comes out. I think Wii U would have been a great fit for the series with the GamePad, but sadly it’s probably too late for that console if NX really is a home console and really is coming out in 2016. If they made it on both or even just the NX that would be awesome!
      Also I agree Nintendo can’t go around making huge RPG’s and Open World games left and right, a little bit more would be nice though. Hopefully Xenoblade Chronicles X and Zelda U sell exceptionally well to encourage them to make more RPG’s and Open World games. And hopefully given the sadly low sales of the Wii U Nintendo tries to appeal primarily to hardcore gamers with the NX. They can appeal to a wide audience without making casual games, their games are always fun for all ages.

  • FierceGauge82

    It all make sense for the platform Francis, definitely.

    And in terms of first-party software, it’s obvious we want a new 3D Mario,
    Metroid, F-Zero, etc. but I’d really like to see specifically an all new,
    top-down Zelda game for the NX that we can actually experience on an
    HD TV, and the reasons I say this is, first of all, I would of loved to have
    played A Link Between Worlds on the TV, but that was limited to the
    handheld screen.

    Second, Zelda U is being toted by Aonuma himself as striving to be the
    ultimate Zelda experience, and it’s evident from the little footage we’ve seen
    that it may just be that, but how does Nintendo then top Zelda U by making
    another mainline 3D Zelda game for the NX? They don’t. I think it would be
    the right time to actually skip 3D Zelda, especially when you consider development time, and bring out an all new, top-down Zelda game w/ an all new art style that is maybe 2X the size of A Link to the Past/Between Worlds,
    featuring an all new Hylian map that is so big that you’d need to scroll across it
    in every direction on the TV screen just to view it entirely.

    And third, we haven’t experienced top-down Zelda on a TV since A Link to the Past on the SNES. This makes even more sense if the NX is a hybrid and top-down Zelda will not take as long to develop compared to a 3D Zelda.
    But I just don’t see Nintendo making back to back open-world 3D Zelda games
    as it is. They take too long. Plus, a new top-down Zelda in full HD to play on the TV would sell just as good as any Zelda game, maybe even better!

  • getagrip

    loved mario striker charged

    loved pes wii (most hardcore and revolutionary third party use of a wii remote)

    loved ideas found in wii sports resort like the basket ball passing and dunking DO THAT IN A FULL SPORTS TITLE.

    snes and nes had that SPORTS gaming thing N64 had the best soccer game that gen SUPER STAR SOCCER 64 it destroyed ps1s pes

  • getagrip

    i trully feel nintendo are in stop gap mode,there new building there newly joined handheld console dev teams

    there big push into second party there new os and getting the timing right to hurt the near dead sony and loss making xbox

    it takes time to change,im not wishing my life away waiting for nx but look forward to seeing whats going on

    agreed a big pokimon game for console and a strong TRULLY NINTENDO push into fps

    metroid prime 3 and splatoon are both class leading shooters NINTENDO COULD OWN FPS if they wanted to

    id love nintendo to do something with sports gaming again NEW WAYS TO PLAY abd more core addictive aggressive games things to get into and be competetive

    the kind of games that have tourements built around them I THINK NINTENDO WANTS THIS TO

  • Shannon Cork

    Agreed, this generation Nintendo had the chance to shine, but it rusted…bad. I believe for them to “up-the-ante” with the WIiU AND Project NX, they will have not only make at least ONE of each of their IPs, also jump into the FPS genre, the WRPG open-world genre, I was disappointed that a sequel to The Last Story or Pandora’s Tower has not been thought of yet for this console. A console “core” Pokemon game would be a novel choice, another thing is to make is cross-play with the 3DS/New 3DS/3DS successor version of Pokemon. As much as I love platformers, variety is what make people play games. Most westerners like COD, GTA, Halo, GOW, Bloodborne, not only because it is M-rated, it’s what sells.

    Another thing I believe you forgot, was…Nintendo fans in the west are REALLY livid that there is NOT any sports games on the WiiU or 3DS. We like sports what can I say. An internal Ethernet port would be novel for online gaming, but also add in Wireless as well.

    There’s a lot Nintendo is doing good with, but there is also a whole lot Nintendo could be doing for their fans not only in Japan but also in the west as well.

    • GreysonTetsuya

      I would love if they made another Mario Strikers game, I remember absolutely loving the GameCube one. And not only should Nintendo do more for their fans in the West, but they need to stop treating us like second class Nintendo fans by stopping the delays between regions.

  • GreysonTetsuya

    Excellent video I agree all of your suggestions would be great. As a huge Pokemon fan I have been very disappointed that we haven’t gotten a real home console Pokemon game in a very long time. I also would play Smash Bros way more if I had an Ethernet connection. More RPG’s and open world games would also be a huge improvement, those are my favorite genres. And they should definitely give up on the casual market, they are unreliable.
    However you missed one huge thing. Backwards compatibility. The Wii U library is fantastic and I would love to be able to bring it with me into the next generation of Nintendo.