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Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem Analysis - E3 Gameplay Part 3 (Gameplay)

Shin Megami Tensei X Fire EMblem

GameXplain has uploaded part 3 of their E3 analysis on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem.

Author: Francis@PE (19502 Posts)

  • Danfordun

    I would make a comment on why #FE still sucks based on this video, but I can never get passed watching a few minutes of any of Gamexplain’s videos. I swear, every time I do feel the need to watch it, I get really bored and uninterested enough to click off.

    • Travis Touchdown

      >This game sucks!

      >Although I haven’t seen any gameplay footage, discussion videos, or anything related to the game past that first trailer.

      The game really won me over this E3.

      • alex9234

        Same here. I’m still not sure about some things like the character designs as they look a little generic, but yeah, looking forward to it. All I need is a Wii U to play it which I have yet to own…

      • Danfordun

        Considering how much I’ve been thrashing this game, you’d think people would assume that I’ve been watching these videos to strengthen my argument. I guess not.

        However, there’s really no point in watching anything other than what was shown on the Treehouse demo. The whole Mirage thing about stealing Performas and making people fall into depression makes the game pretentious because of how flamboyant the game’s presentation is. To put it simply, adding dark/serious themes does not work in a cheerful-looking game/story. If a game wants to be flamboyant, that’s fine. Just as long as the game recognize itself as being what it is through honesty can the story be enjoyed. If it tries to add some story elements that isn’t part of the central image of the story, then it will only take away from the overall story. Something like Akame ga Kill has dark and interesting ideas that could have made the series good. But then the story is boggled down with fanservice that only ridicules the dark themes. Considering how the plot is about a group of people fighting a corrupted government, there shouldn’t be any fanservice to begin with. It’s just there to make it easily digestible to the lowest common denominator.

        It’s not to say that making a series based on fanservice or J-Pop is bad, but it has to understand that those are its central themes. The Miku Hatsune games recognized itself as being based on a voice synthesizer application for music, so it centered around music and thus became a music-rhythm J-Pop game. It didn’t need any dark themes or even a deep, philosophical story because those are unnecessary baggage that would only boggle down the theme of the game. Because of all of this, these games have their fans and are even good games.

        The same can’t be said about #FE, though. Both of these trailers presented itself as superficially as possible, with J-Pop, dancing- and dress-up as being central focuses. I mean, even with the dark themes presented already, I’m pretty sure that it won’t go as deep as an SMT title, but at the same time having dark themes like depression and sadness in a game about said J-Pop, dancing, and dress-up already boggles down the story and would make the game pretentious. I mean, how can I take the dark themes seriously when there’s a lot of focus on fanservice and Pop music? Maybe if this game presented itself realistically with actual J-Pop trends and people may it be taken seriously. But instead, it decided to use the style of modern anime, which are filled with nothing but escapist elements and tropes/cliches. There’s nothing humanistic about modern anime anymore and nothing to gain from them other than fantasy empowerment. None of these characters come across as human, and in terms of depth, they are no different from Smurfs. Whatever character development or morals presented in modern anime is bad because these 1-dimensional characters are nothing more than puppets for the puppeteer (author) to control. This is what I’m expecting #FE to be and I’m aware that even then will people still praise this game the same way the praised Persona 4.

        Of course, the biggest reason for my discontent with this game is that it was advertised as a crossover between SMT and FE. Regardless of what you think, J-Pop and the idol industry has nothing to do with either of the series. SMT and FE were able to gain its identity by doing different things and telling good stories. And with this game, Atlus threw everything that made these games special away just to appease to the lowest common denominator. They saw how successful both Persona 4 and Fire Emblem: Awakening became and decided to appeal to them. It seems like they only care about money now and this “crossover” is nothing more than a cash-grab.

    • alex9234

      I ought to have a drinking game for how many times your comments pop up on articles related to this game.


  • hawkssuns08

    Don’t understand the hate for this game. Looks hella fun.

    • Danfordun

      As its own game, it does look well-made and fun. However, the teaser trailer for this game gave everyone the impression that this was going to be a mainline Shin Megami Tensei title crossed over with Fire Emblem. I can’t speak for the Fire Emblem side, but as a Shin Megami Tensei fan, I can definitely tell you that this game looks nothing like Shin Megami Tensei. Those games had dark and serious elements such as death, futility, law and chaos, religious dogma, etc., as well as having characters who were much more realistic and human. With #FE, it felt as if Atlus threw all of what they’ve worked on with their SMT series out the window and made the game like it is with the J-Pop fanservice thing just for the sake of appealing to the lowest common denominator. It has nothing that made SMT special and a lot of fans are pissed about it because they felt lied to.

      At this point, I stopped caring about this game altogether and would rather save my money on other things than this piece of crap.

      • hawkssuns08

        Yeah I loved SMT Nocturne and 4 (Playing Nocturne right now actually). it definitely does have a more persona feel to it and if that’s not your thing, its not your thing. I would say wait for the final product, but it seems your mind is made up. It didn’t help that the first trailer was quite confusing too.

  • Bernadet Gnuyen

    cant wait for this game Fire Emblem has always been so good love love it.