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Dont Expect a new Elder Scrolls game Anytime soon


Bethesda VP of sales and marketing has stated there won’t be a new Elder Scrolls game anytime soon. The team is 100% focused on Fallout 4, and has DLC planned for The Elder Scrolls online throughout next year. Via: VGChartz, Source: Dualshockers

Author: Francis@PE (19503 Posts)

  • Ryuken13

    Now they are totally focused on Fallout 4.. When that has a GOTY Edition and the DLC packs have all been sold they might go to another big project like the Elder Scrolls..

  • Agt_Pendergast

    Hooray! I won’t have to hear about it being ‘game of the century’ for a little while longer.

  • GreysonTetsuya

    Good they should take their time with their games, it’s better than getting a slightly different version of the same thing every year. I want developers to take as long as they need to ensure the highest level of quality possible.