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Z’s Analysis: From A Gaming Misogynist’s Point of View


In the season 2 premiere of the Zen Gamer Zone’s flagship show, Z’s Analysis, The King of Logic himself dissects and discusses the “GamerGate” situation and everything involved from an apparently misogynistic stance. Moronic generalizations aside, sound off below and me know what your opinion and stance on this is.

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  • titangamecube

    My thoughts: Look at all the fucks I give. No, I don't care who this Zoe Quinn person is or what does it mean but holy shit do I give zero fucks. I just want to play games, screw everything else.

    • Ryuken13

      Thank you Titan I totally agree.. Have heard nothing positive about Zoe Quinn.

      Do either of us want to abuse others or condone that behavior in any way? I don't think so..

      Do we (or at lest I do) consider this the flavor of the month and blown way out of proportion? Yes!!

      America has crazy immigration issues, Russia is trying to take over Ukraine, and innocent tourists are getting beheaded on Youtube..

      Gamers should focus on games and having fun. If you want to start a movement and bring real change to the world quit being smokescreened, open your eyes and focus on truly important topics that will change the world. Here is a great hashtag #DangerFlyingToMiddleEast.. That hashtag is one people should take seriously!!

  • android138

    i've been following the event since the begining. It's definitely a hive mind.centralized at the top. take note people. it's hard not to see it now, the media used politics and influence in the industry and basicly used gamers to push their agenda. we are fractured, broken. this really is the worth generation of gaming ever. the people we intrusted our indusrty too are the ones that are going to take it down. our industry is tainted, so now gamers are.gotta be honest this one hurts. why do i feel so betrayed?