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E3 2015 Showcase | PS Vita


Sony has put together a E3 2015 sizzle reel of upcoming games for the PS Vita. See all the action below.

  • koopzilla

    Theres a small handful of games I want for the Vita. Not nearly enough to jsutify buying one. When I can find one really cheap used or something I probably will get it. I’d say it’s in serious trouble though. Sony has all but given up on it, and even recently labled it a legacy platform. I’m surprised it even showed up at E3. The Vita TV thing was a bigger flop than the Vita itself. I was at 2 Wal-Marts yesterday, and just happened to look at the Vita games, and each place only had ONE game (Minecraft), and only one of them had one system left. Gamestop had maybe 10 not counting a very small row of used games. I can say that is the only time I’ve ever seen that. Even the Virtual Boy had more shelf space for it’s short life as I remember. It really surprises me when developers announce new games exclusive to the system at this point when theres virtually no chance of getting a store to even carry it, and they won’t even touch the Wii U which is in much better shape. I definitely want to get one because theres a few games that look great, but they need a major price cut for me to buy one. I knew it wouldn’t beat the 3DS, but I never saw it doing this terribly.

  • Ryuken13

    Most of this stuff can be purchased on other consoles.. Not impressed..

  • ednice

    Lost Dimension looks cool and I wish they’d bring Tokyo Xanadu over but outside of that….things are looking pretty dry, the video even has quite a few dislikes.

  • 7thlevel JR

    (outside of xenoblade) this line up is much better then the wii u line up

    • abINC4l

      Uh no, the Wii U still has several major titles coming as well as a bevvy of awesome Indie games.

    • Matthew Wesley

      Your trolling… but your trolling is so shitty though… you need to step up your game.