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Comcept KickStarter “Red Ash” is a Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends, Action Adventure RPG


Comcept KickStarter Red Ash: The Indelibale Legend, has been revealed as a Spiritual Successor to Mega Man Legends. It will be a story driven action RPG with 3rd person shooter elements. The team is looking for $800,000. More details below.

The World of Red Ash

On a planet not unlike Earth…

As a result of the Robot World War, humanity is driven to the brink of extinction. Humanity has managed to persevere and survive, battling now feral robotic weapons at every turn in a world of nothing but wasteland and ruins…

With the advent of Lost Technology, precious legacies of a forgotten era, they have managed to rebuild their society. A wealthy class has emerged, helping to expand these newly formed cities and settlements and living in opulence as a result.

However, their livelihoods are supported by the brave fools who hunt the dangerous ruins and wastelands for Lost Technology. These people are known simply as Delvers.

The Story So Far

Danger looms over hundreds of thousands who make the city of Great Slope their home. The Mobile Citadel “KalKanon” is currently on a crash course with this city. At this rate, a major disaster is all but unavoidable.

Gecko Company, one of the organizations central to Great Slope, has prepared a massive electromagnetic cannon christened “the Peacemaker” to combat this catastrophe. They announced their plan to destroy the massive Mobile Citadel before it reaches the settlement. Great Slope quickly switches from a city enveloped in panic, to one ready to sit back and enjoy the fireworks of the special, once-in-a-lifetime Burning Cannon Festival.

However, not everyone welcomes this announcement; particularly the young owner of the Bones Agency, Call C. Bones. All Delvers have heard the famous folktale… that inside the belly of KalKanon rests the Legendary Legacy…

“I think we should grab the treasure for ourselves, before those rich blowhards blow the whole dang place sky-high!”

“We have about 14 hours left until KalKanon is within firing range of the Peacemaker.”

“Hop on over there, grab anything you can get your grubby little hands on, and hurry on back! Simple, huh?”

“This is an official offer from the Bones Agency. You got 3 minutes before we head out!”

Of course, she sends the request for this crazy job to her favorite stooges: partners Beck and Tyger.

Game Type

Red Ash is an action adventure game with third person shooter elements. One of the main goals behind the project is to inject more modern design elements into the classic action adventure RPG formula.

The main character, Beck, is tasked with infiltrating the interior of the Mobile Citadel KalKanon, exploring it’s village, castle, and hidden dungeons. His goal is to stop KalKanon before the Peacemakers make piecemeal of the whole thing!

  • How are Beck and crew going to stop KalKanon? Is it even possible?
  • What is the “Legendary Legacy” that is rumored to be hidden there? Can Beck get his hands on it, if it truly exists?
  • Who exactly is this so-called witch that lurks in KalKanon?

Solving these questions and more are the keys to uncovering the story of KalKanon.

That being said, we also want to include a myriad of elements to set this game apart from your typical RPG–specifically, bargaining between partners, interaction with NPCs, an almost mischievous sense of freedom, and dungeons built with elements of horror.

Of course, a key part of the game will be delving into dungeons to earn money in order to have Call develop parts and upgrade Beck’s abilities (in true action RPG fashion).

We have more plans and concepts we would like to implement, and we’ve integrated those ideas into our stretch goals. This includes making Tyger a playable character, special challenge dungeons, a village reconstruction system and more! The more stretch goals we clear, the closer we can take this game towards its original concept!

Red Ash: The Animation – Magicicada(Anime)

Kickstarter Campaign: Here
Funding Goal: $150,000 for pre-production and 5-minute episode. Stretch goals for more.

An “treasure-hunting animation” project produced by Studio 4°C. The company will create progressive stages of the animation designed to incorporate different worldviews by bringing together creators of diverse talents to develop each new stage of the adventure.

At its initial funding goal, Studio 4°C will be able to create a 5-minute episode. At its highest stretch goal of $2.48 million, Studio 4°C will be able to produce a feature-length anime movie.

Get some story details below. For more, visit the anime’s Kickstarter page.

Key Word: Cicada

Key Numbers: 13 & 17

They say that pushing the wrong button will cause “it” to awaken and emerge from underground.

Is the map grandpa gave to Beck a treasure map? Or a landmine map? Intrigued by the mysterious code, Beck and his best friend Deny continue to dig caves in search of hidden treasure. But the friends end up parting ways and competing for the treasure.

Pictures drawn by Automata
A mysterious Japanese clock
The meaning of a cue from a spring-driven computer …?
As the action-filled treasure hunt evolves, Call and Tyger befriend Beck.

Different mysteries and items appear at each new stage of the saga. The imaginations of the creators behind the stories run wild!

Read more at http://gematsu.com/2015/07/comcept-kickstarting-mega-man-legends-spiritual-successor-red-ash-game-anime#xh9hKMRykr8a26yU.99

  • Hardin Twentyfive

    The first 15 seconds of the first video speaks so much about this industry

    • Hidden Flare

      they were named that in mighty number 9, its kinda like the rockman and roll thing with there being alternate universe characters.

  • Hidden Flare

    Ok i’m confused, is this a game or a 3d anime because the way the stretch goal are lined out it confuses me…

    • CapableTie

      They are separate

      • Hidden Flare

        So the kickstarter is for the 3d anime right?

  • SoccerStar9001

    Let’s wait till the other one release first.

  • Travis Touchdown

    After the disaster that was Mighty Number 09? No thank you.

    After Shenmue 3, I really feel like people should stop supporting Kickstarters entirely.

    • SoccerStar9001

      No kidding! The kickstarter system is way too easy to abuse.

    • Hidden Flare

      What disaster you talking about?

      • Travis Touchdown

        The development of the game has been plagued with issues. The game itself doesn’t seem that great either.

        • Hidden Flare

          I’m still waiting to see how it goes. Kickstarter isn’t too bad you know.

        • Hardin Twentyfive

          Well… At least the game is almost here, coming to all promised systems, unlike that one we shall never be slightly mad about again.
          I do agree on your stance with Kickstarter now.

          • Hidden Flare

            Really I only plagued to one game, Shantae half genre hero, its coming out but we do not know when. There was e3 footage tho.

  • Jon Turner

    Hopefully this hits WiiU as well.

    • CapableTie

      NX might be out by the time this releases, I’m hoping it gets a port there.

  • Jon Turner

    Hopefully this hits WiiU as well.